The Fullerton Collaborative hosted a candidate forum, which featured some good questions and some not so good. It featured 5 out of 6 City Council candidates running in Districts 3 and 5 this year. Shana Charles received a hall pass and did not stay for the forum.

Ahmad Zahra was his usual full of himself self. The notorious man who never wasted a selfie opportunity was untruthful, effortlessly deceived the audience, remaining true to his duplicitous self.


Here’s a list of the many, oh, so many lies.

LIE #1: “The district I’ve called home for the last 21 years.”

TRUTH: Zahra’s voter registration record doesn’t agree.

LIE #2: “As a medical doctor.”

TRUTH: Zahra is not a licensed medical doctor or a medical professional of any kind.

LIE #3: “The budget needs to be reflective of the needs of our community.”

TRUTH: Zahra wasted a million dollars of the people’s money frivolously suing a local blog and its authors, and were it not for the new Council, that bill would still be accumulating. A million dollars would have paid for a fire engine and more than a handful of Parks and Recs, Police, or Firefighter, or Maintenance employees.

LIE #4: “We have a shortage of staff and we need to invest in those areas.”

TRUTH: Zahra had an opportunity to pass a budget with a 1% cut and $1 million dollars to the City Manager to fill staffing concerns. He voted no, not once, but on three different City Council meetings. 

LIE #5: “I would love to see more drug programs and engaging our school district on drug prevention programs.”

TRUTH: Zahra advocated for publicly and voted for on four separate occasions to have weed sold in Fullerton with only a 100 foot buffer zones to schools or homes or churches or parks.

LIE #6: “Supportive housing is crucial, but we need to make sure we are also outreaching and creating transparency.”

TRUTH: 1600 Commonwealth is an affordable housing development and so little transparency and outreach was done that the neighbors protested en masse and killed the deal with Pathways of Hope because of lack of outreach and transparency.

LIE #7: “We need to make sure our parks are maintained and cleaned.”

TRUTH: Zahra voted to give away Union Pacific Park in the heart of his district to a for-profit event planner for weddings.

LIE #8: “I have been one of the most engaged Council members. Everybody knows I’m out there.”

TRUTH: Woodcrest neighborhood mothers and residents have come to one Council meeting after another in the past 2 years complaining about Zahra’s lack of accessibility and lack of engagement with them. But then again, they are not kissing his ass and stroking his giant ego. He works with the Center for Healthy Neighborhoods. Why? Because their director donates to his campaign and their employee Egleth Nuncci is his permanent tag-a-long. No other non-profit or community group gets any engagement from Zahra.

LIE #9: “We also need to expand our ability to do corporate partnerships.”

TRUTH: Zahra strong armed Republic Services, the City’s trash hauler to give his pet project city in a foreign country a trash truck and then promptly took a selfie and credit for saving democracy. That’s not a corporate partner. That is a quid pro quo.

LIE #10: “I have worked with this Council, despite sometimes the hard times and differences we’ve had.”

TRUTH: Zahra only works for and with Zahra. He has no contact with his Council colleagues. So how are you working with this Council, Ahmad?

LIE #11: “Be faithful with my votes.”

TRUTH: Zahra made an impassioned speech about how important voting was in his country of Syria and that the at large Council seat vacated by Jesus Quirk-Silva should be determined in a special election to betray the people and his faith in democracy the very next meeting and appoint the elderly disaster Jan Flory, who in turn voted to appoint him to the Orange County Water District and its healthy stipend, one he took without objection and then donated to his campaign.

LIE #12: “We see so many Councilmembers come and then they make backroom deals.”


The truth is Ahmad Zahra is nothing more than a serial liar. Things come apart so easily when they are held together by lies. It’s always the ones with dirty hands doing all the finger pointing isn’t it?

19 Replies to “LEADERS NOT LIARS”

  1. Lie #2: I am a medical doctor.

    Ahmad, there are rules in this country.

    You cannot call yourself a Medical Doctor if you are not licensed to practice medicine.

    If you can’t follow the rules, step aside and let someone else do the work of representing the good people of Fullerton.

    1. He said he was exonerated at a council meeting. Later he said there was no case. And no arrest. It was a citizen’s…arrest.

  2. “Medical doctor” Zahra who lives in a dive apartment off Highland Avenue near the 91 freeway.

    “Medical doctor” Zahra whose take home income is comparable to working at McDonald’s.

    “Medical doctor” Zahra who has never worked in the medical field in the United States. He hasn’t even been a hospital janitor.

    The cat is out of the bag, Zahra never was a doctor of any kind, just a perpetual LOSER.

  3. I was very disappointed in Shana Charles’ failure to participate in the forum. She must not have anything to say that productive people (that excludes all Zahra’s supporters with their hands out) want to hear. She doesn’t deserve any further consideration by this voter.

  4. What about the time Zahra tried to muscle himself onto a leadership role at Orange County Water District and failed. and then tried to pass himself off as a water expert by plagiarizing a water district staff member’s work as his own words and the Fullerton Observer being stupid enough to publish it with his byline. another big fat lie from a big fat liar exposed by ffff!

  5. Zahra is a liar but his primary trade is prostitute. He sells his integrity and anything else someone will pay for. He is the epitome of corruption and moral decay.

  6. Speaking of forums, why did the notice of the school board forum only get mailed out after the forum? Were they fearful of awkward questions about curriculum issues, like those happening all over the country?

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