Unemployed and Out of Touch, That’s Our Boy

Here’s something for Latino voters to contemplate: their current representative in District 5, Ahmad Zahra. Dope near schools. What a piss-poor idea. Well in Zahra’s orbit, marijuana money talks. Loudly. Zahra is always bleating some “progressive” platitude or other to manage his little social media coterie, but the fact is he is in deep with the weed lobby despite the Latina opposition that spurred a recall attempt.

Here’s the front of a mailer we just received:

And of course there’s a backside.

No, Zahra isn’t working for D5. In fact he isn’t working for anybody. He’s unemployed. But he is looking for work – with the Long Beach Cannabis Cartel that’s just dying to make inroads into Fullerton.

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  1. He also tried to give away a public park to an events planner with some sort of fish farm as a cover. AN NO PARKING

    1. That’s true. Him and Silva wanted to put a barrier and a gate around the park. Open to the public only wen okay with the operator.

  2. Aquaponics and Weddings at Union Pacific Park.

    Are you effing kidding me ?

    This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so damn tragic.

    Oscar needs to tear down that fence and let the kids shoot hoops.

    We don’t need any more stinking walls Zarha.

  3. We’re gonna get that park open for the residents whether the city likes it or not. There is always a way.

    Also: for whoever may believe the ground there at UP Park is still contaminated, it is not.

    It was cleaned up many years ago, and afterwards they just left the chain link fence up to give a huge middle finger to all those residents who live on Truslow, Malden and Valencia. No park for you!

    Demand your public park be restored!

    Ahmad- are you reading this? Don’t ever try to give away a public park to a private operator again.

  4. And then there’s that pesky record on trying to raise a sales tax on his peeps during Covid. Bad Zahra. Bad, bad Zahra.

  5. It’s not that Zahra only wants to give away zoning freebies to the Pot Cartels. He would give away anyone’s property or money in exchange for a few votes from the gullible who fall for his Gay/Muslim shtick . He has nothing to lose but a blow of hot air.

  6. Zahra is a prostitute but nobody wants to buy his body so he sells his integrity and anything else someone else deems of temporary value.

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