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In a previous post I alluded to Jan Flory’s alleged investments in the weed industry. Today I’m confirming it (as others have) and shedding light on a possible reason for her willingness to vote for an ordinance to put weed in neighborhoods despite HER OWN expectations that a buffer be added later.

A buffer that cannot be added until AFTER the ordinance goes into effect.

So not only did Jan Flory open us up to litigation by expecting a future council to take away zoning rights from landowners, playing along with The Other Dick Jones as he gave terrible legal advice which pushes Fullerton closer to being sued (all under the negligent eye of City Manager Ken Domer), but she ALSO voted to possibly enrich herself in the process.

HERE is Jan Flory’s 700 form as she filed it per election law. In it you’ll find this nugget:

Flory700 Cannabis Sativa

So she owns stock valued somewhere between $2-$10k in a Marijuana/hemp Marketing company. But who is Cannabis Sativa actually?

They largely seem to be a CBD company, however they own several other companies in their “family of brands“. This is from a press release of theirs:

“Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (“CBDS”) is engaged in the licensing of cannabis-related intellectual property, marketing and branding for cannabis-based products and services, operation of cannabis-related technology services, and ancillary business activities. CBDS licenses the “hi” and “White Rabbit” brands, holds a U.S. patent on the Ecuadorian Sativa strain of Cannabis, a U.S. Patent for a marijuana lozenge, and operates subsidiaries including: PrestoDoctor® (https://prestodoctor.com), GK Manufacturing and Packaging, Inc. (http://gkmanufacturinginc.com ), Wild Earth Naturals® (https://wildearthnaturals.com), and iBudtender (https://ibudtender.com). The Company is the official licensee for Virgin Mary Jane Brand (https://virginmaryjanebrand.com). In addition, CBDS seeks strategic partners for acquisition of operating companies, intellectual property and other assets which fit within the CBDS corporate vision.”

The most interesting one there to my eyes was GK Manufacturing for their “white label” services. What that means from a practical standpoint is that they make generic products that people can buy and re-sell under their own labels. If a local dispensary wants to sell a store brand product without having to actually create it, they call up a company like GK Manufacturing who then makes it and brands it for them. You see this all the time in the beauty industry because no, the local instagram influencer didn’t really create her own makeup line. Sorry fellas.

As more dispensaries & marijuana businesses open up, especially closer to home as GK is headquartered in Placentia with a 16,000sqft facility in Anaheim, it makes sense that a company such as Cannabis Sativa, who by their own PR has interest in buying out weed companies, would want an ordinance such as Fullerton’s to pass – the less restrictive the better.

Did this influence Jan Flory’s decision making process? Well logic and the law certainly didn’t by her own admissions and her useless request of the current council to fix her vote so it’s as solid of a reason as I can come up with presently.

A company Jan invests in has the chance to make money, Fullerton’s City Attorney gets to offer bad advice and then get to bill us again to fight the lawsuits he created, the City Manager gets to look the other way all while you get stuck with the legal bills for all of this reckless nonsense – it’s a win-win-win for the ruling government class.

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  1. A bunch of speakers showed up at the meeting who worked for a dope peddler in Downey, I think it was. Anybody remember the name of that employer?

  2. Flory has done so much harm to the City over the decades and years. You could always see her arrogance and hatred for the real people of Fullerton at meetings. She lived to attack honest citizens and defend incompetent bureaucrats.

    1. GC, after last night’s council meeting, it’s crystal clear that Ahmad Zahra now carries Flory’s torch as a pimp/slut for Staff incompetence. Thankfully we now have 3 Councilmen who are putting an end to the Staff apologist domination that has infected Fullerton for way too long. Power to the people not bureaucrat stooges.

  3. 6 degrees of hemp?

    You’re conflating cannabidiol marketing with marijuana dispensaries / “weed”.

    Par for the course here. Not remotely the same line of business. I guess you nod to the reality in the article. But it’s still yellow journalism a la Fox News.

    1. Here’s your local fact check.

      GK Manufacturing makes creams, topicals and beverages amongst other things per their own press releases. Industrial Hemp based CBD is illegal to add to edibles and beverages (thanks Feds and the Farm Bill) while in CA, Cannabis based CBD is legal to add to edibles. So either GK is breaking the law by selling beverages infused with Industrial Hemp based CBD (Cannabis Sativa L w/ a THC level below 0.3%) OR they’re selling legal beverages with CBD derived from Cannabis which can only be sold in licensed dispensaries.

      I’m choosing to believe that they’re following the law and therefore my post stands. If you want to argue that they’re breaking the law, so be it. Make your case.

      1. “I’m choosing to believe that they’re following the law”

        I know you want to really go out on a limb and assume everyone is doing everything legally especially Jan Flory because, you know, that’s your MO right?

        CBD is a legal mess, and plenty of business is being done right now. You would have no problem going out today and buying CBD products sold outside of a dispensary in California. And CBD is not weed. People aren’t getting it just through dispensaries. Are they getting it primarily through dispensaries in California? You tell me. It’s your argument. Since you’re arguing an interest by Flory in dispensary policy it seems like something you would have to show.

        What you’ve shown factually is that Flory owns stock in a marketing company. You have the disclosure document, that is factual. Google says it is a Nevada company. They don’t appear to manufacture or sell anything. They manage licensing / IP.

        Everything else is 6 degrees of CBD with questionable conclusion jumping littered throughout.

        What does Cannabis Sativa saying “GK Manuf” is in their “family of brands” legally or practically mean? The most I think one can assume is that there is some business relationship. That could be as tenuous as GK Manuf is a customer of Cannabis Sativa for some services they provide. What GK Manuf does isn’t all that interesting unless you can show what that relationship is and that their ability to operate or sales are impacted by Fullerton ordinances.

        Is GK Manuf operating legally? I don’t know. But it’s in Placentia not Fullerton. Although from what I can tell from Google the director appears to be a Fullerton resident.

        But if they’re a white label manufacturing facility they do that work for other companies probably nationwide, shipping to wherever and whomever. What does that have to do with Fullerton?

        It’s like when Hunt Wesson made a lot of ketchup here. If Fullerton had cracked down or not cracked down on ketchup dealers, it wouldn’t have had any noticeable impact on Hunt Wesson at all. And if a Fullerton councilwoman had an interest in some marketing company that Hunt Wesson did business with… so what? Fullerton is a market for ketchup but it’s a tiny tiny part of it.

          1. Try again what? You’re adding information.

            That new info shows ownership, I agree.

            Still doesn’t show any relevance to Fullerton dispensary regulation.

            In that press release for example it says that GK Manuf intends to expand operations into LA County. How much of their product would they be selling in dispensaries in Fullerton? And to what degree would it impact GK Manuf bottom line, if at all.

            I know you really want to let her off the hook, but I’m just not seeing anything dispositive.

            You’re going to have to dig some more. Maybe not in public? Dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s before you excite us with what activities we couldn’t possibly assume that she may or may not be engaged in. ?

          1. “I make sure people actually broke the law in a real way before I make wild accusations.”

            That’s good. But engaging in Infowars style dot connecting in public is a close second to wild accusations. I feel dirtied up even engaging to this degree.

            There’s always the possibility of waiting to publish until you have some serious case to make.

            1. “There’s always the possibility of waiting to publish until you have some serious case to make.”

              Please, for the love of God, take your own advice.

            2. Our head is stuck up my rectum so far this sort of makes sense. Or not. Dr. Schwarztman says we are confused but I am not sure he even exists. So many pieces to reassemble.

  4. Ready ,shoot, aim… described the chaos of how Flory brought this canibis measure to our city. Yung Sensibilitys finally won out over loyalties Zharas hurt feelings after saying ” I think Zhara is right on this” with some persuasion from city manager and Whittaker quietly voted to hold off on application fees for now.. as to piecemeal this thing together as described by Dunn..and put the cart be fore the horse was really stalling the process that Zhara denied to be hastily pushing through.

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