Jaramillo High on Retail Pot

Green means green. One way or another…

You heard right, Friends. Very high.

Wanna ganj?

Earlier today, one of our Friends shared a couple Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo posts from the Next Door site sharing her views on the subject of marijuana tax revenue. Jaramillo says she’s running for the Fullerton City Council, and has big plans for solving the budget problem.

I don’t know when the lightbulb will go on for our current council majority that our city is dying. We have been pinching penny’s for much too long and our city’s infrastructure shows it. If they would put on their thinking caps and allow legal dispensaries they could be the super heroes of Fullerton. Vote only candidates in favor of legalizing

Responding to something called Legalize Fullerton Dispensaries, Jaramillo shared:

Thank you for your continued interest in legalizing marijuana dispensaries in Fullerton. Unfortunately we still have the same 3 councilman, Whitaker, Jung & Dunlap, who voted against this issue. So let’s be sure when any of these 3 are up for re-election to show up and vote them OUT! Our city is losing millions of dollars each year that dispensaries are not allowed. We all know how desperate we are for a stronger budget……

I can’t guarantee that these are genuine comments made by Jaramillo, but when you consider the poor grammar and punctuation, they have the ring of genuineness. And of course, Jaramillo’s world view, “pinching penny’s” (sic) is the problem, not excessive pay and pensions to thousands of employees over the years.

Her stake-out makes sense if she she believes the Long Beach Cannabis Cartel can be a source of political fundraising; and, of course her political soulmate, Ahmad Zahra, has long been known a wannabe player in the legal dope store game. Zahra supported the proposed ordinance that could have resulted in legalized dispensaries within 100 of your house. Zahra has also been associated with the “consulting” work of one Melahat Rafiei who recently pleaded guilty for conning a would-be dispensary operator in Anaheim out of hundreds of thousands that were meant as payouts to officials, and to trying to bribe Irvine City Council members.

Now, it could be that Jaramillo really believes that dispensaries are an economic salvation for Fullerton, and the more the better, and any negative impacts are worth the price of happy public employees and timely CalPERS payments This may put her at odds with the Fullerton Police Department that has a long-standing opposition to this sort of thing; she must be counting on the cop union to paver her way to office.

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  1. Ironically, if it wasn’t for Ahmed’s insistence on allowing dispensaries within 100 feet of a school (which he said was designed to ensure they weren’t all in “his” district) and his refusal to vote for a compromise measure that included that limitation, Fullerton would have authorized dispensaries five years ago.

    1. That’s true. His dedication to the broadest zoning was meant to create more opportunities for the Cannabis Cartel and more lobbying him to get permits.

      I received word of Zahra’s ties to Melahat Rafiei through the dope vine – I believe he was trying to push business her way. Obviously, this was before her troubles with the FBI, but the skunky bud stink sticks around for a while. Too bad this wasn’t brought up during his re-election.

  2. Not sure why you said “I can’t guarantee that these are genuine comments made by Jaramillo, ”
    Easily verified by simply going on Nextdoor and clicking on her name. You can see all posts she’s made. Maybe look now before someone figures out how to delete them.

  3. There used to be some really good ones about measure S that look like they have been deleted.
    She was in favor of it, obviously.
    I can’t believe they all haven’t been deleted.

  4. Ahmad wants some of Sharon’s sweet weed lobbying dinero. Weed lobbying juice had quietly funded her campaigns for years. Kitty is just another calf who wants some of that milk. It is too bad Fullerton doesn’t have a local newspaper that would research this kind of government tit for tat.

  5. Zahra lied in his campaign about his dope history, too. Not that that’s surprising. The guy’s whole life is a lie.

  6. Kitty and Ahmad’s Excellent Adventure will include lots of cannabis consumption (on their part) and spending OPM on their pet projects!

    1. Closer? Fullerton has been in the grave for several years. The snakes are all that is left.

      You don’t have to dig very deep to see it, just drive around the city and take a look.

  7. So the City’s infrastructure is the fault of the current council majority?

    Hey “Kitty” what about Zahra? What about Jesus Quirk-Silva? What about Chaffey? What about Jan Flory (3 fucking times)? What about Sharon Quirk-Silva? What about Pam Kellar?

    What selective, misplaced outrage. The decrepit infrastructure took 30 years to achieve.

    1. Just being on council doesn’t make you responsible for the infrastructure backlog.

      Blame depends on what their policies / votes were while on council.

      1. Better tell that to Ms. Kitty. She’s the with the big mouth. And the very short memory.

  8. Didn’t jaramillo sue the city ?
    Yes, the one she worked for ?
    Now, With the people backing her, I wonder if it was a set up for the libs.
    Fullerton’s Trifecta
    Sharon Quirk Silva
    Jesus Silva

    (Add zahra and charles to that).


  9. BREAKING NEWS: Zahra’s huge bulbus ego has been blocked by Kitty’s big, venomous mouth today in Fullerton’s eclipse. Not look directly at either or risk permanent damage.

  10. The amount of money the politicians think can be gained from weed sales is not there. There’s already too much competition from nearby Santa Ana as well as delivery services who tend not to pay taxes. There are many failing weed retail businesses: https://www.sfgate.com/cannabis/article/failed-california-cannabis-distributor-18496585.php I have a vacation house in the Coachella Valley….there are more weed stores than Starbucks (really)….and there is a definite correlation between homeless density and weed store proximity. In the cities where warehouse growing is licensed….the smell of weed permeates the air and intrudes into residential neighborhoods for days at a time….homes that are a mile or more away from the warehouse. That retail weed also finds its way into the hands of younger kids from older siblings and friends, further dumbing down our increasingly dumb society (and politicians). I’m not some teetotaling anti-weed zealot…I enjoy the occasional half a gummy purchased in the desert from a licensed retailer….but that doesn’t mean I want it sold in the city I live in. Vote against any politician in favor of weed sales in Fullerton.

    1. Johnny, play nice! I’d like you to get and keep just one friend before you die.

  11. “None but ourselves can free our minds.” Bob Marley

    And Kitty and Ahmad know that cannabis helps “ourselves” do just that.

  12. She looks like the Austin Powers character in Goldmember. “Get in my belly!” A surefire winner or wiener for Fullerton.

  13. The only money to be made in the weed business is growing it and selling it wholesale along with the clippings, leaves, stems, etc., that is used for biomass for vape juice. Lower quality bud is cheap and good for biomass too, but 2,000 pounds of it can net you $500k. That stuff you can grow outside cutting your production costs by 75% versus indoor grows (legal ones). Good luck turning a profit or subsisting on razor thin margins on the retail or delivery side.

  14. Would there be a way to set up a post to respond to Observer posts here?
    That fair and unbiased new outlet just banned me for having a difference of opinion.
    And they had the nerve to call me a troll while doing so!

    1. Never mind,
      I guess The Observer has never heard of VPNs.
      Has anyone else here ever been banned by this rubbish publication?

      1. I haven’t been banned per se but when I try to post respectful and polite posts which disagree with their point of view or point out errors in an article, sometimes the posts don’t ever show up, sometimes they take a day or two.. Everything is moderated these days.

      2. So they’ve told you you’re not allowed to post but you’re going to anyway by hiding your IP… that might not be computer trespass but it ought to be.

        Not saying you’re worth banning but when I’m told I’m not allowed to use someone else’s computer, I don’t.

        1. Well that’s about the stupidest thing I’ve heard from in a long, long time. Computer trespass? Using someone else’s computer? Jesus H.

          1. Just ignore him. Everyone else does.

            It is cute that he has leapt to the defense of the incompetent “Fullerton’s Only Independent Newspaper.”

          2. Yes when you use a website you are using someone else’s computer.

            It’s that simple.

            If you connected to it through an ssh port left open it would just be a different port than for http/https.

        2. I remember when the city of Fullerton made some idiotic claim of “computer tresspass” against this very blog. Then the city ended up paying them a lot of money.

          1. Yes. Zahra and Fitzgerald and Flory and the idiot Quirk-Silva were the people behind that – pushed and prodded by Dick Jones and Ken Domer.

            Looks like Hoogerbooger approved, too.

          2. First of all deliberately circumventing the system and posting when you’re blocked and banned is probably not a crime. It should be because you’re clearly trespassing on someone else’s property by the usual understanding of the term. But I doubt the text of computer trespass law or case law would support a conviction.

            In any event it’s nothing like the taking of files the bloggers knee they weren’t intended to have but was left accessible to the public unintentionally.

            Completely different scenario and no you will not find me having supported the city’s legal theory.

            1. Posts like these are why you don’t have any friends who will play with you Johnny!

            2. I’ve never been one of the people flaming you, JRH, even though I agree with little you say, but c’mon. “It should be because you’re clearly trespassing on someone else’s property by the usual understanding of the term.” That’s a ridiculous theory and statement. There are tools to block VPNs if FO is so inclined. It’s their responsibility. The poster has no duty to not use VPNs under any theory or law.

              1. You’re right it’s not illegal to use a VPN. It’s just typically illegal to trespass. Though I doubt it’s actually illegal “computer trespass” in this case because they’re not stealing information.

                My point isn’t they using a VPN is wrong or illegal.

                The point here is that the person was told they were banned from posting. In addition apparently their IP was banned.

                So they used a VPN to circumvent their protocols and post anyway even though they’ve been told they’re not allowed.

                The point isn’t the VPN. It’s the verbal and technical ban that they are circumventing.

                If you are at a gathering and gets kicked out of someone’s house for bad behavior you don’t have a right to sneak back in because they didn’t lock their back door.

  15. No one ever “told” me I was banned.
    I was just not able to post.

    Man, there is something wrong with you.

    1. “That fair and unbiased new outlet just banned me for having a difference of opinion.
      And they had the nerve to call me a troll while doing so!”

      Seems like you’re saying they fucking told you.

      Man there is something wrong with you.

      1. You know, I’m wondering if you serve any purpose in life at all. Let alone here among the Friends.

  16. John R. Hogerhuis,
    I have been a reader (and sometimes poster) here for several years. In all that time I have NEVER responded to one of your posts. I have seen you here be a counter viewpoint on many subjects. While I don’t often agree with you, I appreciate the fact that this site allows you to voice your opinions without the fear of having your viewpoint banned or deleted.
    This is obviously something you don’t agree with if you condone the banning or deleting of my thoughts from the Observer. To go as far as suggesting that it is trespassing to post an opinion on what should be a public, fair and unbiased news outlet is ludicrous, and I believe you know this. I do not find you to be a stupid person, and I don’t always agree with others on this site. The one thing I am sure of is that this post will be allowed and I won’t be banned for it.
    I know I have see you many times be told to get lost. Would you consider your continuing to return trespassing?
    I think not.

        1. The size of JRH’s ego is astonishing. He is a clinical egomaniac with an inferiority complex.

    1. “you condone the banning or deleting of my thoughts from the Observer.”

      Note: I didn’t say that and actually don’t think that.

      “To go as far as suggesting that it is trespassing to post an opinion”

      I don’t think it’s unlawful trespass in any actionable way. But I do think if someone explicitly bans you from their system you should respect their wishes based on respecting private property rights. That’s all.

      “I know I have see you many times be told to get lost. Would you consider your continuing to return trespassing?
      I think not.”

      We are in agreement. Being told to get lost and being banned are different things.

      I think FFFF want to believe they respect free speech… even though they don’t respect other opinions or the free respectful exchange of ideas.

      So I suppose that is why I haven’t been banned in any way. Instead they just harass me to try to get me to leave their opinions and tactics unchallenged of my own volition.

      1. Posts where JRH tries to back-peddle and explain himself are like a TV reality show — full of ego, bullshit, and fabricated drama.

          1. Everything. You are an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. In your tiny skull-sized kingdom, you believe everything is about you. In the real world where the rest of us live, nobody cares what you think or say. You’re irrelevant to all but yourself.

  17. Cannabis Kitty and Sh-ahmad always play off the public’s misplaced sympathy only to steal from them once in office. Victimology and claims of racism are thei
    r political capital.

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