14 Years on Council and Jan Flory Still Couldn’t Figure Out Her Job


Jan Flory’s last full meeting on council sums up pretty much everything I hate about hack politicians. When the Marijuana map and ordinance came up for a vote she expressed dismay that the ordinance had been “turned upside down” at the second reading which she’d never seen in her 14 millennia on council for all the good it did.

The issues mostly related to zoning and where legal weed shops would and wouldn’t be allowed in Fullerton. Many people didn’t want the council to change our zoning laws to allow weed into neighborhoods, requesting a farther “buffer” between homes and pot.

Before voting, Flory lamented that she understood why voters might not like having pot shops in their neighborhoods and that the council should “amend the ordinance as soon as possible”.


She then, of course, voted for the ordinance with Jesus Silva & Ahmad Zahra giving it the third vote needed to become the law of the land.

Let’s go to the video evidence:

What the ever loving hell Jan. That was literally your job – to make sure the ordinance was good & respected the wishes of citizens BEFORE voting for it. That’s how this whole “representative democracy” thing is supposed to work. Oh. Wait. I forgot. She only represented Fitzgerald, Silva and Zahra this time around as they’re the only ones who actually voted to put her on council.

As for her bluster about the ordinance being turned “upside down”, it clearly wasn’t turned upside down enough in the second reading or it would have addressed the VERY citizen concerns that Flory herself thought needed to be addressed. I can’t decide if this was stupidity or just arrogant preening. Both. Both is probably it.

Why not just vote no? Or vote to leave it to the next council? Clearly by her own words, Jan Flory thought that the new council was capable of fixing her mistake but she just had to vote because… why?

The best part is that her vote actually changes zoning and therefore adds a vested property right in the properties that she voted to allow to sell weed. It’s not an easy fix to now take away that vested right and in fact opens the city of Fullerton up to possible litigation should somebody be able to show a loss (or taking) from the government action of removing their new right to sell weed in the future.

Not only does the new council have to vote to fix Flory’s arrogant/ignorant mistake, per her own wishes, they have to do it quickly before somebody can build a strong enough case to sue.

Way to go Jan, despite all of your years bragging about your law practice you managed to open the city up to yet another potential set of lawsuits because you just had to get the last vote in before leaving council once again. After 14 years on council I would expect you’d have learned a thing or two but alas I suppose not.

It should be noted that at no time did the City Manager, City Staff or City Attorney’s Office correct Mrs. Flory in order to let her know the complications of overturning her vote. That, of course, would have required them to proactively do their jobs and that’s just not how we do things in Fullerton.

9 Replies to “14 Years on Council and Jan Flory Still Couldn’t Figure Out Her Job”

  1. Typical Flory. Ass-backward to the end. Fortunately the fix is easy. Issue no permits and fix the problem – 1000 feet from houses.

    Jesus H. is in bed with the weed lobbyists. I’m sure his wife has something to do with this, and Zahra the Operator must have been promised something, too.

  2. Supposedly, it’ll take a 4/5th majority city council members to make changes to, or pull the plug on the new Marijuana Ordinance. Yes, Ordinance No. 3289 which only took three votes to pass.

  3. When she was sober she was confused. When she had a couple on board, she was mean. 14 years? That’s a lifetime of broom whacks.

    I’m happier in Doggie Heaven.

  4. I still want to know why any city anywhere would pass a pot ordinance with absolutely no separation from residential property. It just doesn’t make sense. I guess it’s due ti the great leadership of our City Manager Banjo-boy

  5. And she still has that iron rod shoved all the way up after all these years. And nothing but loathing for the people of Fullerton, a place where overpaid and over pensioned bureaucrats are the “heart of the city.”

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