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  1. Thanks for giving me my opinion. Right, who needs schools. Let them crumble. Better yet, just shut them down! They indoctrinate our offspring into “science” and “ethics” and “morality” and “history” and crap like that. They give out free abortions and make everyone use the same bathroom. Schools are just set up to make guys like us look dumb.

    KASA (Keep America South America)!

    1. How lame. Let’s keep piling cash into a district that pays it’s boss $350,000 and it’s District Art Director over $200,000. Yeah, I trust them with more money.

  2. Well, here we are again so angry that our big, expensive, and largely mediocre machine is being challenged by anybody. We really have a problem, I guess, and I’ve been trying to get us to address it professionally but to no avail.

      1. Yes we knew it! We tried to trap us and we succeeded because everybody knows how dumb we write. Joy to the world! And now for our Cream of Wheat with a plastic spoon.

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