Complaint Filed With DA Over More Pro Measure K Shenanigans

Always game day in Fullerton…

Anti Measure K activist Tony Bushala has lodged a formal request to OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer to investigate whether Fullerton Joint Union High School personnel illegally campaigned for the March 3rd bond effort.

Okay, do something…we dare ya.

According to State law, it is impermissible to expend public resources on behalf of an election. It’s a crime. Public agencies do it all the time, of course, and generally do it with impunity. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s flagrant. Yet rarely does anybody challenge the behavior. But Mr. Bushala has. Below is a facsimile of an e-mail he sent to Spitzer today.

FFFF has already noted the school district personnel intimately involved in the K scam, and the idea that no district resources were used in the campaign is laughable. The District has already been caught using graduation tickets to bribe kids into “volunteering” for the campaign. Likewise school fences were used for pro-K banners. It’s easily conceivable that the people listed in the campaign reports used District communication networks and even physical space to try to foist K on the taxpayers.

Well, good luck Tony in your endeavor. You’ve already helped save home owners hundreds of million on the K and J grabs.

6 Replies to “Complaint Filed With DA Over More Pro Measure K Shenanigans”

  1. So you know, I’m a seasoned political and election strategist, attorney and an expert communications navigator, with significant experience engaging and leading complex, diverse, must-win projects in the public arena. I enjoy working on thorny political issues for state and local governments. I’ve worked with public agencies across the state to gain voter approval of difficult measures, including measures that have lost before with a different consulting team.

    I’ll be back!

    Fuck you, Bushala

    1. Ahahaha! TC for the win. And by win I mean loss. Maybe the real TC will pop in and bring his Marathi with him.

    2. I understand your credentials… but am unclear your grievance … please explain more if you feel the complaint is unfounded.

  2. You FFFFers just don’t get it> Everyone knows that if teachers got paid more then the children will get better grades and graduation rates will go up!

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