12 Replies to “Vote NO on J & K Signs Available”

  1. I would be an island of NO in a sea of YES in a neighborhood where we like our neighbors and they like us. I do wish I would see more NO signs, but, alas, I will just vote No and forego the sign.

    No new taxes disguised as bonds.

    1. Afraid to voice your opinion because of what your boohoo neighbors might think? That’s sort of depressing.

      1. I can’t think of anything worse than living in a neighborhood where your neighbors hate you (not that they would hate us for that, but still). There’s a time to make my political views known and there’s a time to keep them to myself. This falls under the category of not worth making an issue of it vs. potential downsides of making it an issue. I will just vote and leave it at that. Yard signs aren’t going to change anybody’s mind on this issue.

        1. And maybe you’re selling your neighbors short. They would hate you because of your position on a shitty and dishonest school bond that was sneaked in at the last minute so no one could submit an opposition statement?

          Who cares if people who support that kind of shit hate you?

          1. They’re not bad people….just the opposite. I just consider them misinformed on this issue. They’ve got kids in school so they support it. I get it. Yard signs will not change the opinion of anybody with children on these measures.

            I will save the yard signs for the presidential election. I have no problem making my views known, just don’t feel the need on this one.

        2. “There’s a time to make my political views known and there’s a time to keep them to myself.”

          God, I’ve heard that a million times from people who NEVER make their views known. That is depressing.

          1. As an aside….I’ve never shied away from conversations about politics. The only times I’ve ever had a political yard sign was every election where Rackauckas and/or Corona was/were running. God, how I hated both of them. Took the public WAY too long to figure them both out.

        3. If they hate you for having a different opinion than them, well, they’re not the sort of neighbors you truly want to have. That’s petty and childish.

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