No Country for Old Men

UPDATE: I just re-read this wonderful post from my good friend Joe Sipowicz that he published last November. Damn. Read it. Savor it. When you are done ask yourself whether or not, in good conscience, anyone can fail to endorse, help and vote to recall the Three Dim Bulbs. – Grover Cleveland There is a […]


From mid-February 2012. Always good for a repeat. – Joe Sipowicz Yesterday FFFF shared some Fullerton crime statistics that were really pretty damn shocking. Contrary to what council candidate and now beleaguered councilman Pat McKinley claimed and claims, crime not only did not decrease every year in Fullerton, but in the years 2005-2009, it skyrocketed […]

The Cover-Up Club

Yesterday, the OC Register did a story about the Fullerton jail house death of Dean Francis Gochenour, and the role played by Vincent Mater, who smashed his DAR against a steel door in order to destroy the evidence it contained. Our Acting Chief, Dan Hughes, was unusually chatty. For instance, he shares with trusted police […]

Here’s Your Line Up

At 5:00 PM today the filing period to run in the Fullerton Recall Election came to a close. These are your candidates: F “Dick” Jones: Travis Kiger Glenn Georgieff Roberta Reid Dorothy Birsic Matthew Hakim Don Bankhead: Greg Sebourn Paula Williams Jane Rands Rick Alvarez Pat McKinley: Barry Levinson Doug Chaffee Matthew Rowe Sean Paden […]

We Get Mail: Take Him Out of The Ball Game…

Here’s an irate e-mail we received from a Golden Hills Little League parent explaining that despite his political troubles, Fullerton FPD Culture of Corruption architect Pat McPension just couldn’t be denied his place as a speaker  at opening day ceremonies. Strings were pulled, leverage was exerted. But what’s this? Subject: McKinley – Little League Opening […]

Joe Felz Sighs

Poor, put upon Fullerton City Manger Joe Felz is getting frustrated. And so he sighs to a reporter. He’s frustrated that people are holding him accountable for his promises. Last year he stalled the Howard Jarvis Tax folks by clamming that the illegal 10% water tax would be addressed by March; well, March is here […]

The Fullerton Crime Wave

Yesterday Grover Cleveland posted on how the Fullerton City Council’s creation of a boozy mess downtown that led to the emergence of an FPD goon squad to quell the crime wave that the council, including Recall targets Jones, Bankhead and McKinley, had created. The only problem was that the FPD goon squad didn’t solve anything; […]