The Bald Ambition of Ahmad Zahra

It must be real hard when you have to spend all your time brandishing you brand, especially when you’ve been in office three years and accomplished nothing. What to do? Run for higher office!

Zahra OC Register Battery
The smile betrayed an ulterior motive…

And so Fullerton’s own Ahmad Zahra is said to be setting his sights on our old friend, lackluster 4th District County Supervisor Doug Chaffee, whose accomplishments down on the County Farm are as threadbare as Zahra’s on our City Council.

Word has trickled up to our Political Snooping Unit that Zahra has been actively seeking support and endorsements for such a quixotic effort. How this will work out will remain to be seen, but it is rumored that the Democratic Party of OC isn’t real happy with Chaffee, who gives every appearance of being the abject and senile OC Board of Supervisor Chair, Andrew Do.

I can see all sorts of amusement value in this sort of thing and maybe it will come to pass. It seems like an effort designed to promote his name for the Fall 2020 Fullerton council election. Chaffee has money and can always get lot’s more from County lobbyists and other assorted bagmen. And he, like the other Supervisors abuse the law about using public money for political outreach.

Zahra, on the other hand, has no money, no job in which to earn any, and except for his few hundred social media dupes, no following. Not much hope there, but hope proverbially springs eternal.

Chaffee has accomplished as little at the County as he did on the Fullerton City Council, which is to say, nothing. But at least his record with law enforcement is more or less unimpeachable – if you don’t count helping his wife stash stolen campaign signs. Zahra has a bigger problem.

Arrested and charged with battery and vandalism in September, 2020, Zahra says the case was dropped. But a leak out of the DAs office presents the story of a guilty plea, community service and a record wiped clean and/or sealed. That last part can be disputed, but the first part is undeniable even thought the Fullerton cops and City Attorney Dick Jones have suppressed evidence of the arrest and booking – just like they did with the case of former drunk driving City Manager, Joe Felz.

Well, on the positive side one or more Democrat challengers to Chaffee’s shaky throne might induce a decent conservative (if such a creature hasn’t disappeared with the unicorns and the hippogriffs) into the mix and keep Chaffee from getting 50% of the primary vote, causing a General Election runoff.

13 Replies to “The Bald Ambition of Ahmad Zahra”

  1. You hit the nail on the head. He just wants to promote his name in advance of the council election while pretending he’s on some sort of righteous crusade.

  2. Ahmad Zahra is a fine, upstanding and sensitive representative of the social justice movement. He is well aware of the plight of our underserved communities of color and interest and has done so much to make Fullerton a better place. We need experts like Ahmad in water, housing, infrastructure, you name it. As a card-carrying member of the do-good community he would be a wonderful asset at the County level, but we also need him so badly here, to fix Fullerton’s problems.

  3. Run, Achmad, run! Make Chafffee waste some lobbyist money. Somebody in office can’t afford to lose an election and we’ve got plans for real representation in our district – not a dope peddling wife beater.

  4. Who knew Zahra was this shameless and this much of a narcissist…apparently everyone on this blog that doesn’t buy Ahmad’s holier than thou bullshit.

    My vote’s with the sign thief’s husband.

  5. Well, Chaffee heads up the county homeless task force, so I assume he has all kinds of money to grant to his supporters. That’s not nothing. Got him elected in Fullerton.

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