The Quirk-Silvas Wish You Happy Holidays

Here’s a delightful season’s greeting from Fullerton power couple Sharon Quirk and Jesus Quirk-Silva.

We’re a team!

As far as these things go, it’s completely benign. Or banal. Especially compared with those tasteless cards mailed by the woman who financed the Quirk-Silva’s house, Loretta Sanchez.

Great minds think alike…

But there’s a bit of a problem here, and one I sure hope the “greeters” address.

The mailer was paid for by Ms. Quirk’s campaign committee, which is okay so far as that goes. But her husband, Jesus Quirk-Silva is the co-beneficiary of this epistle, since he too, is an elected official.

Now there’s nothing illegal about benefitting politically from your wife’s political ascendancy, unless, of course, there is fungible benefit therefrom.

And so, I hope that Mr. Quirk-Silva will be reporting this donation from his wife’s campaign coffers; and of course that the missus will be reporting the contribution.

28 Replies to “The Quirk-Silvas Wish You Happy Holidays”

  1. Good catch. We’ll have to check out the reporting forms. If this little gift isn’t reported I think we may have to tag Quirk with an FPPC complaint.

  2. A greasy little dodge. Cut rate scam from cut rate scammers.

    Plus, Jesus is now a dope lobbyist.

    Couldn’t get elected dogcatcher.

    1. She put up the cash, they signed a note. From a political standpoint there may be a reportable transaction there since they obviously couldn’t qualify for a loan or GoLo gav them better terms than they could get at a lender. Either way it’s a gift.

  3. The Quirks are the best people and in tune with the welfare of all Fullertonions. We in the do-good community are grateful every day for their presence and their dedication to fixing the housing crisis and the homeless crisis and the asphalt crisis.

      1. Without problems to solve we don’t have room to grow as successful human beings. The bigger the problem, the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the gesture.

        The Quirks are leading the way in this arena.

    1. “Do-good community”? That’s rich! Jesus and Sharon are liars, hypocrites and thieves. You must be dyslexic when it comes to “good”.

      1. Their goodness shines through every hour of every day as they spread hope to Fullerton’s underserved communities of interest. Sharon gets the money from Sacramento and Jesus makes sure it is spent wisely in the interests of all Fullertonions.

        1. A sewage processing plant is less full of shit than you are “Father”. Father of Lies would be a more accurate moniker.

          1. I think you need to dial it back a little. I think if you take the time to educate yourself you will come to find that that the Quirk-Sivas are two of Fullerton’s finest. You may not agree on what they do but you have to admit they want what’s best for you and everyone else. Why else would they get involved in the Political Arena? And they are a very effective team working in tandem to ensure that we have Big Ideas to solve our Big Problems!

            1. Every time you open your mouth, you reinforce how moronic you appear to normal people who haven’t succumbed to programming. You are clearly infected with the Woke Mind Virus. Politicians do not go into politics because they “want what’s best for you and everyone else”.

              I am a better arbiter or what is “best” for me, my family and my neighbors — not power-hungry, politicizes hacks like the Silvas who are nothing more than parasites sucking the lifeblood out of every institution, bank account and person they can sink their fangs into. The Quirk-Silvas are a malignant cancer on Fullerton and the surrounding area.

              1. I know you feel rage at some sort of felt “disenfranchisement” but really please take a step back from your anger and notice the unvarnished truth. People like Sharon and Jesus have their pulse on the heartbeat of Fullerton, and just as importantly know how to work with the experts they hire to jump into the big problems of our town and all of society. Big problems need big solutions and big picture vision.

              1. Many people share ideas and thought. It’s called Synergy, and we all the synergy we can get to solve problems like homelessness, inflation, and all the big problems that will never solve themselves. That’s why the Do-good Community is here.

                1. We in the do-good community are here to make sure that that light is shined on hypocrites, liars and buffoons like Father Chrism and the Quirk-Silvas. They are a disease bringing pain, harm and suffering to every Fullertonian; we are the cure.

  4. I hadn’t known Mr Silva added his wife’s surname to his own. Her ex husband was Shawn quirk a teacher at fjc. Well. Good for that couple to share a hyphenated name!

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