Why Are Idiots Commenting to ME at City Council Meetings?

Joshua by Spencer
Trying to look passed all of the bullshit the city has thrown at me

If you check the agenda for a City Council meeting you’ll often see options on how to leave a comment and the purpose of those comments. Here’s an example from last night’s Fullerton City Council meeting regarding eComments (emphasis added);

“Alternatively, the public may submit written public comments electronically for City Council consideration by clicking on the eComment link accompanying the agenda posted online at https://fullerton.legistar.com until the close of the public comment period for the item. Staff will read or summarize public comments during the meeting. All eComments received become part of the official record of the meeting and posted online with the supplemental materials for that meeting.”

You’re reading that correctly. The point of public comments is to talk to the City Council and bring concerns to your elected officials.

Somehow word got out to the commie BooHoos in the area that this is an appropriate forum to comment to ME as though 1) I give a damn and 2) I’m on council. I was told that last night no less than 3 idiots opted to aim their public comments at me for some unknown reasons. Idiots gonna idiot I suppose.

Quite obviously I’m not on council. While I ran in 2016 on a lark, I came in 9th out of 12 candidates. Even if I HAD won that race the term expired and I clearly wasn’t on the ballot in 2020.

I’ve made it clear I have no interest in running again so council will NEVER be an appropriate forum to address me with penny-ante nonsense.

Secondarily I didn’t even hear the comments addressed to me because, as stated above, I don’t really give a shit what you say there because you’re speaking to council, not me. If I happen to be at a meeting I may respond to comments I think are wrongheaded but largely I don’t spend my days listening to public comments in the hopes that you say something profound – let alone that you say something TO ME. I’ll tune in for people I respect but otherwise, hard pass.

As I didn’t hear the comments (It was taco Tuesday and I have priorities) and only know they exist secondhand (they haven’t been posted to the city’s website yet), I cannot respond and frankly I don’t think I will even after they’re made public because, again, I don’t give a shit what you say about or to me through an eComment in a forum not directly meant for my consumption.

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    1. From the comments supporting Ortega, it sounded like he was their union steward. I thought he was supposed to represent the rate payers, ie. the citizens of Fullerton.

      1. He was. Unfortunately, most Fullerton citizens don’t follow water politics or know what really happened last night. I was one of the Union “stooges” who spoke. The current chair of MWD (Gloria Gray) is working behind the scenes to get Directors recalled who disagree with her. So when Ortega openly challenged her on issues important to Fullerton, she retaliated by calling Whitaker and Jung to have him replaced. This is the second Director in a row. Personally, I could care less what happens in your city. But I do care about retaliation against politicians who force the government to follow the law. Ortega was half-way through his four-year term and just last month was nearly elected Chairman of the Board….he lost to Gloria Gray. Ortega, a guy who has been in the water industry for 30 years, will be replaced by someone with no experience. I’m not sure how this is a win for your city.

        1. By your own logic Ortega lost. She won. So deal with it and quit trying to force your LA water politics on our city. We have own crap to deal with. We don’t need to adopt any of yours.

          1. Sure no problem. I’ll tell that to the Fullerton resident who filed sexual harassment complaints against her manager and then was retaliated against. With facilities in Yorba Linda, Laverne, and Lake Mathews, we employ a lot of Fullerton residents. You seem to think that the MWD is so removed from your city. Let me illustrate the above example. A female from Fullerton is working for MWD at Laverne. Her manager grabs her ass and makes it clear what she needs to do to get a promotion. She files a complaint with HR who sweeps it under the rug. In the meantime, the manager retaliates. She calls the union who begins a grievance process on her behalf. Legal fights back because they don’t want to be on record of having these kinds of complaints. Legal answers to the Board. So if a Director happens to give a shit about exploiting employees, regardless of where they live, they will speak up and pressure management to investigate. Speaking up means they will be retaliated against, and that was what Ortega did wrong. He should have shut up, gone with the flow and let the employee fight it out in court. This is all part of the public record, and available online along with employe testimony for the record. Your city was more than happy to have Ortega as a representative up to the point that he supported an external investigation into these matters. Our common interest was limited to the protection of employees in the workforce. But I get it, Fullerton doesn’t want to be involved, you have your own issues to deal with, who cares about employees who are on administrative leave for their personal safety; that’s not your problem. It’s ours and we’ll deal with L.A. politics on our own.

            1. Which is it? Is it about sexual harassment and retaliation? Or is it white people in power keeping the brown brothers down. Because the story you are telling is a different one than what your buddy Adan told. Adan should have spent more time on getting his story straight instead of lobbying all of you to call into a Fullerton meeting long distance.

            2. Cool story, now explain how ANY OF THAT exonerates his being a racist and an influence peddling lobbyist. If you watched the meeting he was removed so a council member, somebody who is directly answerable to the voters, could take his place in order to best represent the ratepayers of Fullerton.


  1. The anonymous comments aimed at Dunlap and Whitaker were orchestrated by the weenie Zahra. It was if they had a script.

    The attacks on Zahra were orchestrated, too, by his recallers. And were legit.

    1. The same words used over and over again to anonymously criticize the mayor and Dunlap #resign #FFD #pension. Sounds like 1 person to me. Probably our buddy Ahmad trying to prove his marketing skillz

  2. “However other people make you feel is always a reflection of how the world makes them feel”
    I wonder what person isbehind all those comments directed at the mayor…stating several times how infantile he was should resign… Non sense …Whoever wrote those comments must certainly be experiencing thoses very feelings…who fits the bill…

    1. Well, there was a significant element of truth. Whitaker does nothing and never has. Totally inert. He finally has an opportunity to effect change and is too lazy to do anything.

      1. Yes it’s not hard to see Infantile behavior,.. and in your case ignorance.(Ignore)ance inability..unwillingness to see the obvious.in favor of a more favorable script for your drama?

        1. Name a Whitaker accomplishment. Besides getting himself re-appointed to the water board. Why is the city manager still there? Why is Jones still there. Whitaker is riding the lazy wave to the shore – 4 more years of sleep.

  3. Jeff,

    If MWD is such a bad place, why do still work there? You know you don’t have to stay there right? There are lots of options out there for you buddy.

    1. Actually, there are very few employment options for government slugs right now. We’re all hoping for a federal bailout, which should come any day now.

  4. Does this mean I can submit comments to city council from Sydney Australia? Government works pretty well here, so it’s pretty boring. So I still tune in to the Fullerton dumpster fire. Fullerton will never be boring, you got that going for you.

      1. Hey Bax, this is Rafa from Max Blooms, mutual friend of Val, glad to hear you’re alive and well, I’ve become a recent homeless advocate and have been trying to get the City to cut their contract with the “Illumination Foundation” I’ve voiced my concerns 2 meetings in a row now and been on them with Jessie La Tour from the Fullerton Observer, your input would be most appreciated from the guy with a “hero complex”.

        1. Hey Rafa,

          I’ll get your contact info from Val. There are much better resources for you than Jesse that I can turn you on to. Jesse talks a good game but he would never risk upsetting anyone. It’s been my expieriance that one needs to be a little less polite than Jesse if one wants someone to change. lol

                1. Not true. I drank Joe Feltz under the table in 2016 and pointed him to his car outside of the Slidebar.

                2. Also, my gallery (thanks to local artists) raised over 10K for the Kelly Thomas memorial foundation so Ron Thomas could buy himself a bunch of remote control helicopters.

                  Alright, fair enough, I’ve not accomplished much, but it was not for a lack of trying.

    1. On the infamous night in 2016, there is a question that has burned in my head… When you filled him with spirits…Was he drunk because he was in ecstasy, or drunk out of sorrow?

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