Florentine Mob At it Again

The family goes way back

What is it about the Florentine Family and public right-of-way. We are all familiar with the theft of a public sidewalk back in 2003. Now the clan seems to think they are entitled to remove public parking in order to accommodate the people unlucky enough to order take-out.

First the sidewalk, now the parking. What’s next?

Sure, it’s more convenient to expropriate the on-street parking, but there’s plenty of room in the back parking lot for the comings and goings of their customers. Oh well. We can chalk it up to more self-entitled behavior from the folks who refuse to adhere to the City Code, and who forged a City document to try to push through an illegal CUP.

An even better question is who at City hall is responsible for this nonsense?

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  1. Besides blocking the on-street parking, notice that they’re now blocking the rest of the sidewalk with their shelter with attached banner and what looks like a small table and chair.

  2. Any guesses as to whether good old Joe bothered to get permission to put traffic cones in the street? That requires a permit, of course, and the Florentines aren’t known for their attachment to such legal formalities.

  3. Kills trees. Ask Florentine, he knows.

    He also knows street encroachment permits aren’t free.

    The city requires the applicant to attach a temporary sign to each cone with the pertinent encroachment language on a sign that’s attached to the cones. I don’t see any signage on the street cones, so my guess its another illegal blockage of the public right-of-way. As anyone can see in the photo, the cones are not posted with temporary signage, hence the street closure is illegal.

    All bets are on the Flo mob is flipping city hall, the residents, and all concerned passersby the royal bird.

    Hey, its the Florentine way.nothing with change as long as there’s a Fitzflory combo on the city council!

  4. In two months we all will be ‘sniff-sniff… what’s that? OH, fire down town!’

    Well, we can hope.

  5. When city staff and council are paid off, you can get away with almost anything in DTF. Stolen sidewalks, forged docs, and now the street as well. ( whats this about arson??)

  6. If you want to be able to park your car on the street and walk on the sidewalk, you should move to Podunk.

  7. The Florentine family motto: Never miss an opportunity to be a douchebag! I guess it sounds more impressive in Italian.

  8. I still do not understand why the city did not have Florentine remove the illegal encroachment.
    That should certainly have been done !
    Code enforcement,… where are you ?
    Oh……. Florentine’s

  9. Are you sure the city didn’t put those cones there? Just 150 yards west behind burbon street there are cones set up for monday for underground electrical work. Which is in the same line where underground electrical work was done west of there underground by the tracks in front the spaghetty factory.

    1. Those aren’t construction “cones” and legal work ALWAYS has information on the cones about times and days.

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