Fullerton’s New Art Exhibit?

Board Up City Hall 2
Fullerton’s Newest Art Installation

Now that the Fullerton City Council has shuttered the museum for the rest of 2020 in order to pay the cops more… in the middle of a national discussion on police mind you… what are we to do for art & culture in Fullerton?

Is this why they boarded up City Hall this weekend? Are these simply new canvases to spread the messages to “Outsource the FPD” or to fight back against higher taxes with slogans like “One Cent = One Term”?

What clever art do you think the City is hoping will adorn these newly installed canvasses?

Boarded Up City Hall
It’s so nice to have this much room to work

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  1. So, this begs the question. Several questions, really.

    So the City of Fullerton decided today, June 6th, to board up the city hall. The city hall that’s directly across the street from the Fullerton Police Department.

    Does the city expect vandalism and looting of the city hall? Does the city assume that the FPD, with it’s headquarters across the street, won’t be able to protect the city hall? With most of the vandalism, looting, and general lawlessness abating around the country, why did the city decide to wait until today to start boarding up the city hall?

    Just curious

  2. I think we had it all. 2 weeks of marching yelling of young people with nothing better to do.
    I have a solution, get a job and then you can all pay for the trouble you caused
    Or you can let mom or dad pay for it all. I call it the lost generation.
    Send the bill to our governor he has lots of money, and he thought all this is so ok with him.
    It is a sad day in Fullerton have lived here over 40 years.

    1. What about us who agree with the protest and are actually responsible adults? Some us have been in the fight for a long time, don’t be an old angry hag. This blog has posted numerous times about Fullerton PD’s corruption and you don’t think those protesting are in the right?
      Some may move on to a new trend in a few weeks but some of us are here for the long hall.

  3. Speaking of our governor, any word on that $1bn shipment of masks that stupid dope ordered from the Chinese car manufacturer BYD?

    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

    1. sent them back probably the same as mercy ship which was never really needed for the DEMpanic. the plywood was the backdrop for a speech hosted by Sharron Quirk and Zhara and the billionare lottery senator. They were all pushing their agenda and pretending to support the black lives matter mass event. Zhara was proud that his flag was flying again along with our POW flag state flag and National Flag for the second year in a row and thanked Silva publicly . I would like to see a BLM flag to add to the many various colors. The defund the Police idea might not be bad idea to scalp any wasted money and put it into poor neighbor hood infrastructure. (streets)

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