Fitzgerald’s Empty Promise


That was then…

We’re all used to politicians who can lie on demand. Then there’s our own councilcreature/lobbyist Jennifer Fitzgerald who has turned lying into a virtual cottage industry. Here’s a repost from 2017 telling a story that I promise is going to haunt our ethically devoid Mayor come election time, this fall.

She probably hopes that Fullerton citizen have either forgotten or are unaware of this issue. If either is the case, some of us will work to rectify that.

In March of this year our lobbyist-council person Jennifer Fitzgerald began to receive the typical council pay check, plus 100 bucks a month to not enroll in the City’s health insurance plan.

“So what?” you may be saying to yourself. Well, here’s the problem. In her self-promotion for political office in 2012 Fitzgerald got way up on her high horse about refusing compensation for “public service.” She even made a promise!

And that’s not all. Enjoy this lecture on the high moral ground Fitzgerald stakes out for herself in 2013. She made a big deal about her refusing compensation when she first joined the council. Could the moralizing get any thicker?

Between 2013 and now a lot has changed for Ms. Fitzgerald, most notably a vice presidency at Curt Pringle and Associates, the notorious lobby shop where no public asset is too valuable for cheap disposal. It may very well be that Fitzgerald now has a completely different attitude toward “public service” than she did five years ago.

42 thoughts on “Fitzgerald’s Empty Promise

  1. Fullerton Old Timer

    It’s very clear what happened. After Young Kim announced for Supervisor in January and got all the repuglican endorsements SparkyFitz was done and she knew it. No point in leaving that money on the table anymore. promise? What promise? No one was going to remember that. Except FFFF, of course.

    And here we see the true moral fiber of this despicable;e creature.

    1. Pastor John

      Another blatant lie. Jesus is NOT going to be pleased about this, and I don’t mean Jesus Silva.

    2. Joe Sipowicz

      I think you have it exactly right. The door closed on her political future when Royce got behind Kim. There was no longer any reason to fake upstanding virtue.

  2. Pieces of Silver

    Well, she sure doesn’t want to reform public employee unions. At the last meeting she openly shilled for them.

    She sure doesn’t want to prioritize the budget. She claimed we we’re balanced when we really had a multi-million dollar structural deficit.

    Since she’s not interested in those, I guess there’s nothing to ring hollow. Might as well collect a check.

    1. Anonymous

      Actually, she poked the fire union goons right in the eye that last meeting. Can we get her to do the same to the cop union?

  3. Johnny Donut

    Her husband left his cushy job at the non-profit to start his own lobbying firm, Agendum something. Maybe things aren’t looking so good and they need the money more than they need the virtue signals.

  4. Mr. Peabody

    Okay, she’s a shameless liar. We already knew that. What’s really disturbing is the secret lobbying for for who knows who without any way to check up on what interests she is working for (hint: it ain’t us).

    But Flory trusts her completely, so she’s got that going for her.

  5. Jack Daniels

    Jennifer Fitzgerald is the most opportunistic, two-faced counciperson in the history of Fullerton.

    1. Fullerton First

      Who else is gonna tell you. Gretchen Cox?


    2. The truth shall set you free

      The city won’t change their website. Because no one at the city reads his blog.

  6. Facts is Facts

    The nutjob Imbriano just passed along this story – stole it verbatim from FFFF – and then spun off onto one of his kooky lunacy rants. Why do he and the Levinson big-mouth take credit for everybody else’s work?

  7. Hypocrisy is Okay. Jesus Said So.

    I don’t see the problem. Sure she campaigned on not taking anything, and sure she claimed she was all for transparency, and sure she lectured us all on the virtue of “service” being a commitment beyond recompense; but that was then and this is now.

  8. Anonymous

    I will never understand why anyone respects this woman. The only thing that changes more than her principles is her hair.

    1. Cheryl

      She will always be known (by me) as FutzPringle. That horrible (then) Republican assembly candidate that hired uniformed security officers to intimidate and suppress the democratic voters in the old 72nd . It worked and Curt the Callous won in a very close recount. He was a deplorable way back when trump was a pro life democrat

  9. NO Fitzgerald / LIAR

    I hope she runs for city council next year. It’ll be fun to see the signs plastered all over the city.

    How do you explain that to your kids?

    1. NO Fitzgerald / LIAR LIAR

      RTL, I agree with you 100%, she’s as bad as they come and has has to go. But who would replace her with, Harry Bennett?

            1. Anonymous

              That would be a young Repuglican by the name of Chis Gaarder. He was living in his parent’s house in District 2 as I recall. Watch for Pringle support and Grace International backing for this weenie.

              1. Anonymous²

                Watch also for this possible scenario: Chris Gaarder and Nick Dunlap splitting votes and Sonia Carvalho sliding in to home plate for the win.

                Will be a fun race to watch regardless the winner. Much will be at stake next election.

                1. Anonymous

                  Sonia has presided over the most corruptand incompetent city in California. Expect folks to remind the voters.

  10. The Fullerton Harpoon

    I remember that. She thought she could get away with it. Crooked, greedy and arrogant. Bad combination.

    1. Jaded As Fuck

      She did get away with it.

      Lie, rinse, repeat.

      Maybe we’ll get lucky and her aspirations of grandeur will expel her out of Fullerton. I’m sure she can lobby in Sacramento and make three times what she makes leveraging her title of Mayor in Fullerton for as a VP for Curt Pringle and Associates.

      1. Our Budget is Balanced!

        November 2020 is fast approaching and a little bird told me that her lies will be EXPOSED in a big way, a very BIG way.

        1. Amerige Heights

          Sure thing little birdie. Jenifer Fitzgerald is bright, honest and intelligent and I will be voting for her as I always do!

          1. Anonymous

            Because your definition of “bright, honest and intelligent” really means “greedy, dishonest and bent.”

            Bring on your best game FitzFlory. You’re going down. And not in the usual way.

          2. Facts is Facts

            If she’s so honest how come she lied about the budget being balanced? How come she lied about not taking a council salary? How come she endorsed the thief Paulette Marshall for OC BOE? So many how comes.

  11. D J Trumpone

    I will be voting for Fitzy because she is a perfect politician who cares nothing about lying, just like me.


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