Local Highschool Girl Shot and Killed by Officer Who is Yet to be Questioned

Hannah Linn Williams

A Fullerton police officer shot a 17yo female. A girl and minor by all objective standards considering she wasn’t of legal drinking, smoking, firearm purchasing or consenting age amongst other things. She was a teenager despite early reports claiming that she was a 17yo woman.

Woman. Which by definition means an adult female.

You just need to look at the Fullerton Observer’s link on the story to see they ran with the “Woman” bait before changing the headline.

17yo Woman

Anything to mitigate the damage and obscure the facts until people complain I guess.

This is where Police Cover-up culture hurts the reputation of police departments. If we take the District Attorney’s report at face value, that a replica Beretta was found “in the vehicle next to the victim”, even though witness statements say she outside of the vehicle, we could be looking at a terrible situation of suicide by cop.

But we don’t know the facts because the officer is legally entitled to not talk to investigators and when the officer does finally get interviewed the investigators will be constrained by what they can ask and how they can ask it thanks to laws putting officers above the rest of us.

I understand that the terrible laws protecting police exist, POBAR specifically, but the idea that an officer can take a life at 7pm on Friday and on the following Tuesday still isn’t been required to give a statement is just asinine. Memories change and fade and if a civilian had been the shooter in this situation there is no way they would have let the suspect walk away and not talk to investigators for 4 days. Police would be threatening walk-outs at the injustice because they’re hypocrites.

The officer might be justified in the actions of Friday night, the officer might not be but the idea that the Department and District Attorney can besmirch the victim with the release of the replica information while hiding everything else behind an “ongoing investigation” stinks to high hell. We don’t know where the shooting took place (inside or outside the vehicle), if the “replica” was next to, near or around the suspect or what led to the Officer’s vehicle colliding with the suspects. We don’t know the officer’s name even. Imagine if somebody shot her on school grounds – do you think 72 hours later we still wouldn’t know the name of the shooter, justified or not? Hell, the little we do know is about the replica and we didn’t know it was a BB gun for days.

17yo Shot on Freeway

It doesn’t help the situation that Fullerton PD doesn’t deserve our trust. There are too many cases of lying cops, cheating cops, cops stealing and cops committing terrible acts being ignored, buried or outright covered up. And all of it is typically hidden behind a Blue Wall of Silence because “the brotherhood” trumps ethics, morality and doing the right thing nearly every time in every situation. Hero and Deserve is the ethos of City Hall and City Council regardless of the situation.

Fullerton PD, until the law required the release of documents, was happy to not tell you that one of their officers was fired for making a female suspect strip so he could shine a flashlight at her crotch and then later asking her on a date.

They were happy to not tell parents what a school resource officer might have been doing with lewd photos of their sons and daughters.

They were happy to hide Officer DUIs and worse.

This department settled with a Lieutenant in a way to specifically avoid disclosure laws.

They’re happy to bury evidence, delete videos and lie to the public. Remember the officer’s “broken bones” that Andrew Goodrich proclaimed after the Kelly Thomas incident? No bones were broken but that statement was never publicly retracted once it was in the wild.

And again, the Officer has yet to talk to investigators now 4 days out from the fatal shooting. Half a week later and the one person personally involved in the events leading up to the intentional killing of a 17yo girl has not even said anything to authorities.

I don’t believe in the Eric Holder idea of never letting a crises go to waste but if anything good comes out of this death than maybe changing POBAR, the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights, can be that change.

POBAR is nothing but a law that obstructs justice, delays investigations and puts the safety of an officer’s job above the truth and facts. It gives officers rights and privileges they would never accept for anybody else under investigation. The police would complain endlessly about being handcuffed by such legislation if it applied to all people equally and thus it needs to land in the dustbin of history next to all other terrible laws which pervert justice.

Justice is supposed to be blind, not blind, deaf, and dumb for one protected class of heroes.

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      1. Witness statements are also tainted by time.

        In your experience, how long should an officer have before making a statement?

        1. What difference does it make? If he screwed up he’s going to lie – or be coached into lying.

  1. “If we take the District Attorney’s report at face value, that a replica Beretta was found “in the vehicle next to the victim”, even though witness statements say she outside of the vehicle, we could be looking at a terrible situation of suicide by cop.”

    You put quotes around the statement “in the vehicle next to the victim”, but what are you quoting? The DA release stated “a replica Beretta 92 FS handgun was recovered at the scene next to the female”.

    No where does it say in the vehicle.

    1. “The gun was found in the vehicle next to Williams, according to the Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer.”

      — CBS Los Angeles

    1. Really? You can’t compare this to KT! You morons that live in your moms basements need to realize that this absolutely is in no way compared to KT! Unfortunately that’s all you idiots on this blog have is the history of KT! Get the F over it! Ron Thomas did with his millions! Oh by the way, how is that homeless shelter and homeless outreach working out that he said he was going to build and donate his money to? Oh that’s right he didn’t! You realize about 4 people Read this stupid ass blog anyway ways!

      1. Says a tool who tried to sweep the Kelly Thomas murder under Fullerton’s rug.

        FFFF broke that story wide open – that’s why you hate them so much. They might do it here too.

      2. Agree or disagree I don’t care, but to say nobody reads this is patently absurd. This post had 37 comments on it when I wrote this. I find the VAST majority of people who read any post/blog/article DO NOT take the time to comment, not counting likes and dislikes or ‘1 click answers’.

  2. The Fullerton PD DOES NOT get the benefit of the doubt. Not any more. We are justified in believing the worst. Does FFFF have to re-post a list of all the FPD culprits in the Culture of Corruption?

  3. Sean, thank you for writing this impassioned argument of how the police are manipulating information to justify this killing and the need to change or end the “Police Officers’ Bill of Rights” in California.

    And if I may respectfully respond “tit for tat” to your critique of poor word choices, such as the one you noted by the Fullerton Oberever, I take issue with referring to the murder of Kelly Thomas as an “incident.”

  4. We can only hope for transparency but don’t hold your breath as we have Anaheim PD (same department that cleared the LAPD racist who fired his gun while wrestling a little high school kid that stepped on his lawn) investigating possible wrong doing by their brothers at FPD with Spitzy overseeing it all
    God help us

      1. Yes. He was the Andrew Goodrich of Anaheim. What does that tell you? And as a useless tool he will be promoted by Dumber and FitzPringle.

        1. So his old buddies are investigating his new buddies?

          Right. This is going to be the most transparent and unbiased investigation ever.

  5. Listening to the witnesses tell the story on KFI, this case is closed. Strongest case of suicide by cop I’ve ever heard or seen. If the cop is over 50, they should just give him his full retirement and let him run off into the sunset. That kid had issues, everyone knew it, and she found this cop to end her issues forever, which is sad. Of course the family will want millions for their kids mental issues. I hope they get nothing.

    1. Are fingerprints on the fake gun? Where did she get a replica bereta. It seems more like a plant to me. If she really had a gun instead of a cellphone this information would have be made known imeadiatly. The fact that all the witnesses had to be interviewed first allows for misconduct from the FPD. Good chance the Digital body cam will show nothing.

  6. Funny how FPD has no problem releasing statements, video cam footage when they’ve gotten it right. Case in point March 01 when they responded to a call that resulted in a in custody death. FPD has zero hesitation releasing a detailed statement, body cam footage, even encouraged the public to go to YouTube and view their released footage. It’s been how many days now? And, the officer involved still hasn’t been interviewed, no detailed statement…. just a short detailed that really explains nothing and doesn’t give any kind of clear picture, no body cam footage from the officer involved or the responding officers … even Anaheim PD whose the lead agency investigating alongside the DAs office hasn’t said peep. They haven’t even posted anything to their social media addressing the occurrence at all. Boys in blue in full force getting their story straight ? Officers involved didn’t follow proper protocol? Body cam not activated on a on duty officer? Deleted footage? Or, the footage doesn’t match FOD and Anaheim PDs narrative? We can only be left to wonder ……

    1. Agreed. It’s common for the cops or the DA to release footage from a body cam or dash cam if it supports police actions in controversial shootings, and not to release it if was a bad shoot or questionable. If the kid had a firearm (or replica) in her raised hand documented by the footage it would put this incident to bed forever. The fact that it hasn’t been released leaves the matter open for speculation. Let’s see the evidence. One way or another, it should be there.

      1. My guess is that an off duty K9 cop bringing his K9 to the vet isn’t wearing a bodycam. Policy says for on duty citizen contacts. Just a guess at this point.

        1. The DAs office released a short statement. FPD shared this statement via their Instagram account. The FPD officer involved was on duty. If you are following proper training and protocol as a on duty officer your body cam is activated and on immediately when a exchange within members of the community occurs. Period. If he was on duty and exited his vehicle to engage with a member of the community his body cam was on. If there was a additional officer that officers body cam was on. All responding officers to the scene body cams were on. FPD , Anaheim PD , and DAs office need to release all video footage per the public’s outcry and to be transparent and follow protocol. Unless, protocol was not followed….and covering up in full force.

        2. Per Dept Policy the officer was required to wear the bodycam (on duty, in uniform) and was required to record the event.

          Uniformed personnel assigned to field and enforcement duties during regular and extra duty assignments shall wear the BWC on their person in a forward facing position that facilitates comprehensive recording of the contact and/or incident.

          The following are situations that require the use of the body camera to obtain a recording:
          (a) All field contacts and calls for service. Recordings shall remain in the record position throughout the entire contact or until otherwise directed by a supervisor.
          (b) All self-initiated activity in which an officer would normally notify dispatch.
          (c) Any other contact that becomes adversarial after the initial contact in a situation that would not otherwise require recording.
          (d) Officers shall activate their body worn camera immediately upon being dispatched Code Three or being dispatched to any call for service that may be perceived as a Major Event.
          Once the body worn camera is activated, it shall remain on and shall not be turned off until the incident has concluded.

          1. For the purpose of this policy, any officer contacting an individual suspected of violating any law or during the course of any official law enforcement related activity shall be presumed to be engaged in a criminal investigation. This presumption shall not apply to contacts with other employees conducted solely for administrative purposes.

          1. “On duty” does not automatically mean in uniform and definitely doesn’t equate to absolutely having a body camera, much less turning it on.

  7. The witnesses speak volumes about this. Google the female witness and listen to her. Case closed.

    1. Police can manipulate witnesses no doubt. Witnesses see things in from a distance in the heat of a confrontation that may not be there. Wintesses from the KT incident saw Cicinnelli hitting KT with a “flashlight”. the light made them come to a false conclusion. It was really a tazer. It seems more logical she had a cell phone in her hand. Cell phone records may shed light on this.

    2. One person told NBC4 she saw Williams standing on the freeway outside her vehicle, approach the officer and raise both arms while holding a gun. However, a separate witness who described the altercation to the Williams family told them she had a cell phone in her hands, rather than a firearm, Maupin said.

    3. The body cam footage of the involved officer and responding officers should confirm all that then. Easy peasy. Case closed. Release the videos!

    4. The body cam footage from the officer involved and responding officers should confirm all that. Easy peasy. Release the videos. Case closed.

    5. I remember when the cops had that tool Davis Barber parade around Richard Frische, saying that he saw Kelly Thomas attack the police before they murdered him. What a load a horse shit. Lol.

      1. The “itinerant” jewelry peddler! Yeah, that was vintage Goodrich, and of course Barber was the biggest tool in the City Hall shed.

  8. So many holes and contradicting statements from all agencies and different released statements from the DAs office, FPD , and Anaheim PD. She plowed into a police officer who was stopped on the side of the road ? Driving ? exited her car and was holding a gun? She was driving at a high rate of speed, pulled over and gun was found inside her car next to her? Which contradicts her exiting her car and waving the gun. She exited the car with her hands up with a cell phone in her hand…. which contradicts waving a gun around…. which contradicts being in the car with a gun found inside the vehicle. Also, was the officer behind her when he witnessed her driving at a high speed of rate? Or, did he witness her high speed of rate driving through his rear view mirror? What led to the actual stop ? Was there even a stop ? How did she plow into his car when there was only minor to little damage to both cars? Is your heads spinning too trying to keep up with all the different / contradictory released statements?! Just release the body cam video from all involved agencies!

    1. likely sompthing caught the officers attention while she was driving down the free probably texting and driving but he couldn’t tell because the windows where tinted so he motioned for her to pull over. in his haste to get behind her he accidently bumped the rear of her car causing her to spin out.( see video) https://onscene.tv/anaheim-girl-shot-to-death-by-police-on-busy-freeway/?fbclid=IwAR3G_ajnW1YSUuxdKKnU8o0DPbd_wz9mmqLj1PfkGLVnGKaJJLtG2QVuqB8
      after she lost control he pulled around the left side and stopped his car not behind but to the side facing car.( see dash cam if there is one ) her feeling greatly unsafe with an angry man with a pistol approaching began to call her mom on her cell phone and got out so she would’nt be a sitting duck with approaching officer and put her hands in the air with phone in her hand (KFI ) witness statement one of the witnesses said it was a cell phone she was holding. He immeadiatly overeacted because thats how hes trainded to react fires not one but several rounds because they are trained to shoot to kill at even the semblance of a threat.

  9. What is protocol in releasing the name of officer involved in shooting resulting in death? Also, per law enforcements own protocol statement , interview is a critical component. What is proper protocol of timeframe within both need to be conducted ?

    1. I believe it becomes public record by law 160 days after the incident. They can keep it quiet until then owing to the “ongoing investigation” argument.

  10. Inspector clouseau you are not! If you actually watch the video an I witness says the driver produced a handgun and pointed it at the officer! Not a cell phone! It’s morons like you that just make sh!t up with no facts! You assume what you want so it fits what you want it to be! Fake new! You idiots just can’t wait until the investigation is complete or they put out more information! Unbelievable! You ffffers just can’t believe that someone else was wrong and want to believe so bad that all cops are bad and rogue just killing people for no reason! Actually pretty sad and pathetic I feel sorry for your mom who had to listen to you talk to the voices in your head and scream at her to get you your meatloaf!

    1. There are two known witness statements and both witness statements conflict one another . One witness who supposedly saw a gun and another witness who saw a cell phone. Inspectator Clouseau you are not either. The community wants facts and unfortunately FACTS may not come even by witness statements if there are already conflicting statements from witnesses. FPD, OC D.A. Todd Spitzer, Anaheim PD need to release the the body cam footage from the officer involved and the responding officers and release the officer involved dash cam footage since its law as of July 01 that body cam footage be released within 45 days of a incident and department policy that requires body cams to be on each and every time a on duty officer engages with a member of the community for a stop, call, etc. All agencies need to release the videos so that FACTS can be seen and not speculation since not even the involved agencies can keep to one story.

      1. PD says it will release body-worn-camera video ….. but said nothing about dash cam video. doesnt the dashcam always run while on duty?

  11. Bodycam coming out tomorrow. It will make all the idiotic posters above look like the idiots they are. All the conspiracy theories will die a quick death. It will make the whole case, as I said above, a closed case and clearly suicide by cop. The family won’t even be able to file a lawsuit it will be so clear. All you cop haters will run off with your tails between your legs.

    Also, the cop never has to talk. This is a criminal case. He can tell the criminal investigators to F off, just like you can tell criminal investigators to F off. That’s your right. That’s his right. I’m sure he will talk in this case because the video and the witnesses tell the whole story. Now, administratively he can be ordered to talk. But this interview can’t be used for the criminal case. It’s just for the politics review internally. Learn the process. By the posts above, a bunch of clueless guesses and speculation.

    This case was suicide by cop. Move onto something else in Fullerton. You ain’t gonna find nothing here you morons.

    Micky “Danny” Mouse

      1. Any shooting is criminally investigated. Yes, the DA will write the final letter clearing the cop of a crime.

  12. Video footage just played on channel 7 – televised press conference scheduled for 5 pm. Unfortunately, the young lady pointed the replica weapon at the officer in a shooting stance. It looks like a suicide by cop 🙁

  13. Yup. Body cam footage is all over the internet. Call me crazy, but when a person gets in a shooting stance, holding both hands on what absolutely looks like a gun, and points the gun directly at me, I’m firing my weapon, regardless of the age and gender of the person pointing the gun.

  14. Video is here:


    I hope the officer is doing well. Even in a “good” shooting your mind (and the PD) will fuck with you. He did a good job and did the right thing based upon the totality of circumstances known to him at the time. My thoughts are with him.

    1. My thoughts are also with the family. Suicide by a family member is very traumatic and sad. My heart goes out to them as well.

    2. +1

      And fuck ambulance chasing attorney, S. Lee Merritt & the rest of the lying shit bags. Take your empty pockets back to Philly, dickhead.

  15. In this situation he did what he is trained to do when a suspect has clear stance and gun in hand. Sad , traumatic, unfortunate situation for all involved. Just wondering though…. what is policy/protocol in where to shoot in this type situation? Is it shoot to kill or injure? He couldn’t know before he shot his gun that it was a young adult who was on medication, suffered depression, and clearly needed help. So, what training to they get to decipher there might be a range of circumstances and determination in who they are dealing with. The dads phone call is a nightmare for anyone with kids. So sad.

  16. Can’t the police use rubber bullets in their side arms and live ammo in their rifles? Do they make rubber 9mm or .40 cal ammo?

    1. Please tell me you’re just trolling. Please, dear God, tell me you’re trolling.

      1. Remember, there are people in the world who think a cop can target and hit someone in the leg from 50 yrds out.

        Fear of guns = ignorance = well intentioned, but silly suggestions like rubber bullets

  17. “I told you so”.

    Reality always knows.

    Case closed. Conspiracy theorists eat crow. Again.

    1. So the death of a disturbed young woman gives you reason to celebrate Patrick O’ Malley?

      Serving and protecting?

  18. This should set a precedent at the DA’s office. Whenever there’s an officer involved shooting all body cam videos should be made available for public viewing within one week of the incident, regardless of who is at fault.

  19. AgainFFFFErs are wrong! And again silence! All you morons living in your moms basement making judgments and BS comments behind your computer screens safe and sound because of officers like this! Just admit all of you idiots were wrong! You asked for the video and you got it, it showed the officer did nothing wrong, and was put in this situation and acted above and beyond even doing a great job providing medical attention! The family and all their BS attorneys owe this officer an apology! FPD went above and beyond and provided this video over a month earlier than needed! So please, go find some other BS to write about, maybe Ferguson can write about basically nothing of importance and ramble like a babbling idiot at every council meeting! I think it’s time to shut this blog down again! Just like before! No body gives a shi$ what ffff has to say!

    1. Lol they are always wrong. They just make shit up. Too bad bodycams shut their lies down now. Team clown. Epic day today by Fullerton PD. They waited for the activists to line up, fly into town, all the demands to be made, all the lies to be set, then threw this shit right in their face.

      1. An early report from the DA said ” a BB gun look like a Beretta 92 FS handgun was recovered at the scene next to Williams. ”
        What would be the purpose of withholding a crucial facts that occured for up to a week that the suspect was pointing a gun at officer at the same time saying that a gun was found at the scene . In the given climate of alleged police coverup a logical conclusion with the information given might be that the replica gun could have been placed at the scene as a cover up for a hasty police shooting. To say a replica gun was found at the scene but then not to say the suspect was pointing alleged weapon at the time of fire seems confusing and suspicious like it could be an attempt to right the situation. Reports of police cover up seem common i todays climate. Missing information and lack of early communication results in suscpicion and wrong conclusions, ” I told you so” isn’t the the right kind of responce for someone who has prior information that was witheld from the public. poor reporting leads to poor conclusions. Planting of evidence by police is not uncommon to make charges stick to cover for the loose ends in the police report.

        1. I heard they did it this way solely to let the police haters and FFFF form their own narrative. Let them write their own story. Their own conspiracy theories. Let everyone get all up in arms and then release the bodycam at the perfect time to make everyone look like the morons they are. I heard Spitzer worked with Anaheim and Fullerton to make it all play out perfectly. Get the activists rolling into town. Get Merritt and Sharpton and Jackson on the way. Get Josh and the boys at FFFF heated up. Well played boys.

          1. If that’s the case, that’s evil.

            Torturing parents of a dead girl for political sport is disgusting. I’m not at all surprised you heard and repeated this rumor

      2. “Epic day today by Fullerton PD.”

        Indeed. A girl is dead. Almost makes you want to forget Cicinelli, Ramos, Wolfe, Mater, Siliceo, Baughman, Power, Rincon, Wren, Asian Pussy Peeker, Mejia, Cross, Hampton, etc., etc., etc…

        1. Good attempt to change the narrative. Blame the cops. Typical. Too late. You look like an idiot already.

            1. Then why did you blame a good cop for bad behavior on this one? This is your MO 99% of the time. Hypocrites.

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