Hendricks Already Up for a New Gig

Former Fullerton Police Chief David Hendricks is already up for a new gig at Mt. Sac. He’s apparently a finalist for the job of Mt. Sac Police Chief.


You have to love that description and what it omits.

“A long history at the Long Beach Police Department.”

And a short history in Fullerton. That ended in disgrace.

Lest we forget, Hendricks is being charged with Battery on EMTs and resisting and obstructing an officer. No wonder that was omitted.

This is where the lack of accountability owing to POBAR (Police Officer’s Bill of Rights) and other such legislation and professional favoritism becomes a problem.

People at Mt. Sac and in the local community would need to go out of their way to get honest information about Hendricks because the college is lying by omission about his record or he lied about his current problems when applying and nobody bothered to check. Adding to that problem is the fact that Fullerton, thanks to his terrible contract, couldn’t (and wouldn’t) tell the real story. Fullerton’s Public Information Officer Stephen Hale would have us believe that Hendrick’s retirement was a separate incident not related to his criminal behavior. Whether this is a contractual and legal position the city got itself into or a deliberate misdirection is academic to the problem.

That Mt. Sac vetted him and moved him forward as a finalist despite an ongoing investigation and now criminal battery charges shows you how the culture of coverup really works with law enforcement.

There are good officers, there is no denying that. I know some. I’m related to others. But this is a man who thinks he’s above the law and seems to have a chip in his shoulder. He should probably take a break from law enforcement and not just transition to another position of authority with a currently ongoing indictment. Especially considering that he’s never even so much as offered a mea culpa.

In fact, if you watch the Mt. Sac interview forum video he seems to blame his current woes on one-sided story telling which means he wants you to believe that the officers in Irvine are liars.


Normally I would say that I don’t wish him personal ill and hope him the best in his endeavors, just not in law enforcement. But he has no remorse and that goes a long way in assessing a person’s values and ethics. He was being paid over $300,000/year to be a leader in Fullerton and his response while being confronted over his actions at the Lady Antebellum concert were to say:

“I’m a fucking cop” and “Don’t fuck with me”.

You can watch his interview at Mt. Sac here:

It’s time that people were given facts and that police were held to account for their actions both on duty and off. He was allowed to retire and now we know that Captain Oliveras has been allowed to retire as well. Fullerton just turns a blind eye and offers no punishments for bad behavior if an officer is involved. Hell, the city’s hands had to be forced into action over the Kelly Thomas affair and it looks like little beyond platitudes has really changed in all of these years.

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    1. I’m sure you’re correct. Actually, I’m surprised he was on the short list at all. He was formerly charged yesterday but his disgusting behavior in the incident has been well known for a while. If he was on the short list, I’d love to see who the other candidates are.

  1. Not wishing someone well is different than wishing them ill.

    I’m not so generous. Hendricks can take his phony degree from “Andrew Jackson University” and shove it up his well-compensated/pensioned ass.

  2. Wren is a pretty unusual last name. I wonder if that guy is related to the Fullerton cop who kidnapped some kid in Riverside County. Any help?

  3. Knock, knock.
    Who’se there?
    Al who?
    Al choke you to death if you don’t stop performing CPR on my wife.

  4. Hi. I’m from Mt. SAC’s communication office. The public materials that were posted needed to follow strict HR requirements to ensure a fair and legal search. The screening committee received training and are carefully vetting candidates to ensure the right person is offered the chief of police position at Mt. SAC. Unfortunately, we cannot share much more information beyond this.

    1. What’s the strict HR Requirement pretending he didn’t work in Fullerton?

      Your little blurb on the Mt. SAC recruitment site states he worked in Long Beach as though he was never Police Chief (a higher position) in Fullerton (his last place of employment). I’d be fascinated to know the legal reasons for such an omission.

    2. Fair to whom?

      Your students don’t have a right to know if this guy assaulted a female EMT or if he obstructed a cop from doing his job?

    3. Hi. I’m Walter Sobchak from Sobchak Security. The Mt. Sac Police Chief candidate in question Mr. Hughes, has been charged with assault on an EMT. He was, according to police reports, intoxicated and extremely unprofessional in his demeanor toward responding Irvine Police officers. He has no business being chief of police for any agency, nor a sworn officer of the law in any agency with this level of unprofessionalism, nor does he deserve the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars a year such a job pays. He may, however, find employment in a private agency such as ours, provided he keeps the Sabbath holy.

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