Rusty’s Trombone

Brazenly hypocritical? Check. Shiningly self-righteous? Check. Slavishly sycophantic? Check.

Here is the Director of  the OC Human Relations Council, Fullerton’s own Rusty Kennedy (in a letter to his sister’s Fullerton Observer)  simultaneously congratulating himself and his fellow professional do-gooders,  boot-licking the County Supervisors who will soon reflect upon the merits of Kennedy’s operation, and of course, denigrating all the citizens who are rightfully concerned that having several hundred homeless people imported into the vicinity of their homes, schools and businesses are misguided, etc., etc.

Of course none of this semi-literate screed is surprising. In fact it’s all old stuff – particularly the nauseating part about the death of Kelly Thomas being some sort of wake up call. From the very beginning of that saga, Fullerton’s old guard liberals were determined to make the death of Thomas at the hands of six FPD goons a homeless issue, instead of what it really was – the worst example of a police department mired in corruption, incompetence and denial.

For Rusty Kennedy in particular, this distraction was essential and based on his own self-interest. Kennedy’s crew collects income from local police departments who “partner” with him in the aftermath of one of their outrages, ostensibly to calm troubled waters, until the next crisis. He relies upon police chiefs to recommend him and his “council” to be the County’s operator of another useless organization: the OC Human Relations Commission. And that contract is reviewed periodically as part of the County’s frugality theater kabuki.

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  1. He’s got a “sentence” in there that doesn’t have a verb. He should be writing FOR the Observer.

  2. Kennedy was acting as an informant to the Anaheim PD chief after the Anna Drive police-caused riot. Pure shit.

  3. Rusty’s intentional entanglement of the county board (OC Human Relations Commission) and his non-profit (Orange County Human Relations Council) is finally starting to cause problems for him.

    Rusty has been running a non-profit while acting like a government agency, paying himself handsomely with donations via a stacked 501(c)(3) board. The finances of his non-profit are opaque, but there have been accusations by a commissioner of excessive compensation. Bad stuff.

    1. Yeah. Kennedy is putting it out that he resigned as Director of the Commission as some sort of reform. What really happened is that he retired as a public employee, took a big pension and then kept taking a salary as Director of the Council when it has handed the no-bid job of staffing the Commission.

      That squalid deal was cooked up in 2012 by the ever-crooked Bill Campbell to protect Kennedy and his stupid council. So the council chugs along making tempests in teapots, supporting police brutality, and, not incidentally, giving Kennedy two incomes.

      1. I remember when Bill Campbell tried to put a pedo-priest protector on the Human Relations Commission. That would have been appropriate.

    2. Read this article, the council and commission so entertwined it is impossible to have a true OC human relations commission. Decades of Rusty Kennedy’s control of the non-profit council and simultaneous control of the commission have formed an amorphous entity that seems to serve Rusty a nice salary. I pray OC supervisors wise up to this scam.

  4. Kelly Thomas was homeless and Kelly Thomas is dead. Therefore Kelly Thomas died because he was homeless. If only there was a homeless shelter. One cantilevered nonsense after another.

    People with any intelligence or honesty interject the agent of death: Ramos, Wolfe, Cicinelli, etc.

  5. Who ever said rust(y) never sleeps?

    This man’s conscience has been asleep at the wheel forever.

    Funny how he fakes the mock indignation whenever he gets called on it.

    Must be a genetic trait, as his sister Sharon does the same schtick for years with the Fullerton Observer.

    1. They learned it from their father, Ralph Kennedy, who claimed to have fought in World War 2 to polish his image with voters when he ran for Fullerton city council in the 1970’s. The problem with Ralph’s story is World War 2 was not fought in 1946.

  6. The little kid stealing the FedEx package has more integrity than Rusty Kennedy. That grovelling for the supervisors is just grotesque.

  7. “When Kelly Thomas died,mew were shocked out of our stupor.” So, Rusty Kennedy was not shocked out of his stupor when Fullerton Police Officer Rincon was molesting drunk , female detainees in his squad car. I guess Rusty boytie didn’t know about it . Just because Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley served as a member of law enforcement on Rusty’s Orange County Human Relations Commission during Officer Rincon’s molest fest, why should Rusty know about this horrific breach of public trust between Fullerton’s community and Fullerton Police Department. But why did Rusty award Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley for his police force’s exemplary community-police relations the same year Officer Rincon was sexually molesting female detainees in his squad car?

  8. Hate crimes spike 17% in OC! Go from six to seven. Call in the Human Relations Commission!

  9. Continued: July, 2011, Three Fullerton police officers, in full uniform, in full view of the public, beat a disabled, homeless man to death.His name was Kelly Thomas. Then retired Fullerton Police Chief and current Fullerton city councilman, Pat McKinley, quickly called in Rusty Kennedy to do damage control.mRusty’s response was to publish a letter in his sister’s very local newspaper,mthe Fullerton Observer, saying it was the indifference of Fullerton’s community to the homeless that killed Kelly Thomas. No, that is propaganda Rusty as the cameras and witnesses clearly saw three Fullerton police officers show indifference to protecting life when they beat Kelly Thomas to death. Rusty likes to romp and stomp his annual OC hate crimes to the media and OC Board of Supervisors so they will continue to fund his “do what” human relations commission. After cursory analysis of Rusty’s hate crime propaganda it is found to be less than five hate crimes out of Orange County’s population of three million plus. No, Rusty the dearth of hate crimes is not “the tip of the iceberg”, a more accurate metaphor is it is just a drop in the bucket. The worst hate crime in Orange County was never labeled a hate crime by Rusty, the beating death of Kelly Thomas because he was disabled and homeless.
    Rusty Kennedy is the executive director for the Orange County Human Relations Commission that holds itself out as the go to place for persons whose civil rights abused by Orange County’s law enforcement. And the burning question is how many people went to Rusty to complaining their civil rights were violated by Orange County’s law enforcement only to have these abuses ignored by Rusty Kennedy. Which may explain why Rusty Kennedy gave Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley an award for his police force’s exemplary relations between Fullerton PD and Fullerton’s community while Fullerton Police Officer Rincon was in the throes of molest fest of female detainees in his squad car.

    1. Right you are. Kelly was killed by the cops not by his homelessness. Any other portrayal is just a goddamned lie.

      When you look at the video it’s hard to label that as anything other than a hate crime.

    2. According to Duane Roberts, Kennedy went around Anna Drive after the 2012 riots and collected information that he turned over to Police Chief Welter, a dues paying contributor to the Human Relations apparatus.

      Rusty Kennedy: police informant. Snitch.

  10. Kennedy’s blather is not only self-serving it is also wrong. The County’s efforts on addressing the homeless issue have been laughable, lame, protracted, ineffective and in the case of a permanent shelter, fat-headed and delusional.

    But they had their big party and all the suits attended. See any dirty homeless people under the big party tent? No, they’re going inside the chain link cage. If they show up at all. When they don’t, the County will pay them to take a bus to the shelter.

  11. Kennedy is giving credit to all his people. It was the pressure of the people of a disgraced /disgusted town that caused Shawn Nelson” to get the ball rolling.” on this project. After the unrest at the city hall it was decided there would be a series of meetings at surrounding churches. The resolution of these efforts recomended permanent housing solution for the homeless.Kennedy only shows his face now and then to pretend he is a part of it all. He has no/ little repore with the disadvantaged people he claims to help.

    1. Rusty thrusts his face into a moment if it gives him a humanitarian spin. Rusty’s leadership of the OC Human Relations Commission has reduced it to his propaganda device. History taught us propaganda plays on the decency of the populace by lying about threats to decent society from others (insert hate crime). Perversely, the real threat to the populace is the propagandist who lies about threats to society to gain public support via politicians and beguiled ” grass roots” movements.

  12. Taking credit for other peoples’ work is half of the non-profit sector. One kind person delivers socks to a homeless person and ten interlinked agencies take credit for it. Five of them throw a thank you gala.

    Rusty is pretty good at it.

    1. How right you are. Pam Keller was the absolute best at wandering around town getting her mug in every picture an taking credit for stuff that she put no effort into – even as she was being paid to be a teacher. The fact that Newman gave her some sort of award is cause enough to recall him.

      1. What? Only three people lauding Rusty the “always does what is right” as Orange County’s humanitarian who saves its residents from injustice, unless your name is Kelly Thomas. Where was Rusty’s old friend , Pat McKinley who proudly served on Rusty’s OC Human Relations Commission as a member of law enforcement, who as Fullerton city councilman quickly called in Rusty’ to do damage control after his city’s police force beat a disabled, homeless man to death. Where was recalled Fullerton city council person, Dick Jones, in this testimonial. He liked Rusty’s efforts to deflect murder from his city’s police. Where was the protect pedophile priest priest who once belonged or aspired to belong to Rusty’s commission.
        Where was the OC Board of Supervisors testimonials who fund Rusty’s commission. Their absence is conspicuous. The consistent source of praise for Rusty and his commission is “Fullerton’s only independent newspaper” The Fullerton Observer owned, and poorly edited by Rusty’s sister, Sharon Kennedy.

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