Rusty’s Flatulence

The other day FFFF noted the eerie silence of the offspring of former Fullerton activist Ralph Kennedy when it came to the bludgeoning murder of the homeless man, Kelly Thomas at the hands of the Fullerton Police Department. We cynically noted that Rusty Kennedy’s OC Human Relations Commission relies upon the goodwill of police departments to lobby County government to continue funding this useless organization. Sharon Kennedy, who continues to publish the moribund and yellowing Fullerton Observer seems to have lost her moral compass, too.

The Kennedy siblings are not important themselves except that they are representative of Old Liberalism in Fullerton, and its total disregard for the killing of a completely helpless human being by the cops.

Here is Rusty expending three minutes of verbal gas saying absolutely nothing and trying as hard as he can to avoid speaking the truth: that the Fullerton Police deliberately killed a harmless, mentally ill man. Enjoy the end where Mr. Kennedy offers the services of his impotent operation, as if the cops who committed this crime against Kelly Thomas simply needed some sensitivity training courtesy of the Human Relations Commission.

Rusty, like his Collaboratin’ pals, obviously have been bought and paid for. But I promise one thing. When Kennedy comes hat in hand to the Board of Supervisors next spring I will be there to help pull the financial plug on this worthless hypocrite.

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  1. what the hell is this guy on?? talking gibberish about a whole lot of nothing and insignificant blabberings for 3 mins. why did he even bother showing up? what was the freakin point? omg the stupidity….

  2. The darkness hides from the light. The cowards try to hide in the dark. The truth will stand on its own. Please stand for the truth. Murder is the most abominable act that can be performed on another human being. We are going down a slippery slope when those that have the most power and influence are covering up a murder.

    1. our public servants are covering up murder because it was committed by one of their own. When the retired fullerton police chief and current fullerton council member , Mckinley, pulls in rusty kennedy’s civil rights commission to support further obfuscation of the truth by hiring Gennaco, it is a cover-up. rusty kennedy’s orange county human relations commission that is responsible to the county board of supervisors for mitigating hate crimes, refuses to label the fullerton police murder of kelly thomas because he was mentally disabled and homeless as a hate crime, when it clearly meets legal criteria as a hate crime, this is a cover-up, and we the people are the only ones who have the personal integrity and courage to uncover this travesty of justice.

  3. And, do you notice how Mayor HeeHaw allows him extra time without making it a big deal, like he did with Ron Thomas.

    “They” also turned his mike back on very quickly. Another example of corrupt government favoritism!

    1. Agree that America is a police state. On the other hand…

      I saw the mayor do that with several people at the council meeting after Ron Thomas spoke. If you don’t know what your talking about don’t post here. We don’t need people using comments like yours to discredit everyone here. You make us all look stupid.

  4. Why are you attacking this guy?

    He didnt say one negative thing about Kelly Thomas …I don’t get why you posted this.

    Maybe I’m missing something.


    1. Yes, Bushala wants to take over Rusty Kennedy’s useless commission. The first step is posting a video. You’re on to his evil plan!

  5. That was three minutes of self-serving gibberish….he is against discrimination as long as it doesnt interfere with his agenda or damage his relationship with his other self serving non-profits. As as person who has lived in low-income housing for 12 years, I can tell you, discrimination based on, anything is rampant, and the non profits like his and the Fair Housing Council turn a blind eye as long as the property owner agrees to take “manger training” Discriminate away as long as you pay should be their motto.

    1. does the property manager have to pay for this sensitivity training or is he or she fined and this fine goes where? to the rusty’s commission or fair housing

  6. He is worse than worthless, Rusty colludes with his colleague and once member of the Orange County Human Relations Commission, retired Fullerton police chief and current Fullerton city council member Pat McKinley. With feigned humility, this slick operator, Rusty, highly recommends to Pat McKinley et al the “independent “investigation by Michael Gennaco . Mr. Slade has revealed some interesting info on Gennaco’s civil rights record, not very impressive to most people. With the tacit approval of McKinley and rusty kennedy, I’m sure Gennaco and his $70,000 of fullerton tax dollars will “independently” twist testimony and facts into reasonable doubt and fullerton will quietly monetarily settle with ron thomas, and civic leadership in fullerton will return to status quo thanks to the peace making efforts of rusty Kennedy

  7. What just happened?

    Did he not know what he was saying was being recorded?

    Note for everyone about to speak at a city council meeting or other public event, you can bring notes or write a prepared speech and read that. Just know if you speak like this asshole everyone will know you’re a tool!

  8. OMG!!!!!!…..I’m a friend of a friend………wake up!……If they get away with this it will be a riots in the streets!

  9. Hundreds of people just wasted 3 minutes of their precious lives waiting for this blowhard to finish self-congratulating himself. That ought to be some sort of human rights violation in itself.

  10. The reference to Stephen Connolly was the clincher. The OIR at the County is completely useless. Connolly is “embedded” (i.e. in bed) with the Sheriff’s Department. They love him because he gives them cover while doing nothing, and because he doesn’t cost them anything.

    Weak, useless waste of half a million bucks a year.


  11. Wow. The Aug 10 “on-line” extra edition lead story is all about how the Human Relations Commission (her brother) is going to “monitor” the situation.

    Ralphie must be turning over in his tomb.

  12. This right here demonstrates WHY it is important to NOT be co-opted by the establishment… The antiwar movement DEAD, now a part of the democrat party and not really antiwar. The TEA Party DEAD, now a part of the GOP. It happens all the time…

    1. then logically, we need a third party, titled “no longer an establishment cash cow”, for too long, we, taxpayers, have been herded by the proud and the powerful, our public servants, into their personal vision for a better place evidenced by the increasingly intrusive laws, statutes, oversight commissions, agencies. Every level of government loves to prod us into submitting to their benevolent authority. Yet, if we question their actions more of our tax dollars are used to buy more experts and officials to tell us we can’t think for ourselves. Instead, we, the tax payer, must submit to the experts “independent” thoughts. Inevitiably, the experts consistently absolve our masters, the proud and the powerful, our public servants, of any wrong doing. Law is the matrix of civilization and when it is corrupted our social contract with our representative government becomes null and void and we the people are left with the grotesque Pat McKinley, Rusty Kennedy, Michael Gennaco who use our tax dollars to cover up the murder of a disabled, homeless man. But , we the people, have the streets, we have protest, we have thoughts that we may express to passerbys on the streets of fullerton. As the street person, kelly thomas was killed on Fullerton’s streets, so justice only will be brought to his killers, the FPD, by protesting it in the streets. Push back! (sorry for the animal metaphor, I take it form Orwell’s Animal Farm)

  13. Fullerton politicans and their cronies trying to buy time with Ralph Kennedy and hiring consultant to quietly dragging away…As story unfold, Fullerton starts to expose the ugly truths and suffered people in the name of “Protect and Serve.”
    They keep telling us there are many so called “good cops” out there. They are the same kind. Like lawyers, 98% of bad cops make the rest look bad. Many thanks to the death of Thomas Kelly.

  14. The Kennedy Siblings are another disgrace like the rest of politicans and cops in Fullerton.
    Fullerton citizens need a revolution and new leaderships…It will take Fullerton years to fix their corrupted foundation.

  15. Blah blah blah, woof woof woof, quack quack quack.

    Give this hack a teleprompter.

    This is the guy I wrote to in 2008 complaining about anti-semitic hate speech at UCI. What I got back was a nasty gram lambasting me for criticizing the University for their inaction.

    This is the same guy who went to S Africa on the OC tax payers dime to attend the Durbin Conference and fete Yasser Arafat. This is the same guy who gave an award to Muzammil Siddiqi this year in spite of Siddiqi’s radical associations.

    Oh well, what is $300,000 a year for the OCHRC? Sensitivity sessions are worth that alone.

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