Rusty’s Bank Account

A while back some anonymous Friend dropped off what appears to be leaked financial statements from Rusty Kennedy’s non-profit, the Orange County Human Relations Council. The files didn’t receive much attention from FFFF at the time, but this week one of our readers recently pointed out Rusty has been down at the county begging for a new $250,000 infusion to fund additional employees for his private non-profit.

We have a small problem.

OK, let’s take a look at his financial statements. If you believe that this leaked budget is authentic (I do), an additional $250,000 per year from the county taxpayers would conveniently cover the Council’s projected loss for 2016.

Now that’s not very good, is it? Running a non-profit at a 20% annual loss is cause for concern. But of course this is a private 501(c)(3), so that’s normally a problem for Rusty’s private board members to worry about.

Or is it? What if Rusty is groveling for cash at the county just pay for existing expenses, rather than hiring the three new people as promised? The group already receives substantial funding from the county and local cities. Why should the county give more money to a group that can’t balance its budget? Furthermore, it’s hard to tell if there’s any real value in Rusty’s services, or if his organization offers any sort of efficiency. Program expenses aren’t identified in this budget at all. Why not?

Here’s one clue hidden within the documents: Salaries, Benefits, and Payroll Taxes account for 98.1% of their budgeted revenue. With salaries eating up the entire budget, one might wonder if this whole operation isn’t just some make-work project for Rusty and his friends.

There’s one more concern. Rusty has collected a lot of donations over the years by pretending that his non-profit is actually an empowered county agency. Many of his donors are misinformed, which is why the county recently insisted he stop using the county logo and misappropriating  the name of the similarly-named Orange County Human Relations Commission. Furthermore, there is at least one board member who hold seats in both organizations – a glaring conflict of interest that the county has yet to resolve.

Altogether, these documents paint a pretty dim picture for Rusty’s personally lucrative public/private amalgamation. Will county supervisors continue to dump money into Kennedy’s opaque and unaccountable mess of an organization? And how much are individual OC cities paying into Rusty’s perpetual self-employment apparatus? Do Orange County residents receive any real value from this public/private partnership, or is it time to scrape this useless barnacle off the county barge?

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22 thoughts on “Rusty’s Bank Account

  1. Rustyleaks! Nice job. This guy is nothing but a blowhard fundraising junkie. How much is he making on his government pension?

    1. Yes, and on top of that he gets paid as the Executive Director of the Council, a nice little double-dip arranged to make it look like the work of the Commission was being privatized and the taxpayers were going to be saving something. Now we pay his pension AND his salary.

  2. Of course the real swindle is that neither Council or Commission actually do anything except make their participants feel good about themselves. Some get paid to feel good about themselves.

    1. Rusty can also be called upon to burn up a smoke screen for the police when they murder his clientele. See Kelly Thomas.

    2. The essence of the human relations is to run interference between the police and the people who complain of civil rights abuses committed upon them by OC law enforcement. This explains why OC law enforcement endorses him year after year. The OC human relations facade is grandstanding skewed stats showing tip,of the iceberg hate crimes, awarding human relations awards to their ilk( if I was a true blue good person performing good deeds for society, I would not want my name in Rusty’s mouth.) and showing up for photo ops.

  3. Kennedy must have a disgruntled insider spilling the beans. That’s one sign of a poorly-run charity.

    1. I don’t think Ralphie, the not WW2 veteran, would be ashamed of his son’s duplicitous behavior. After all, the Apple didn’t fall from the tree

  4. $5435 for “conference registration?” What the hell kind of conference charges five grand for registration. What is CAHRO?

  5. Rusty is a saint, toiling tirelessly in the vineyard of the Lord.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. Can anyone explain why a charity with $1.5 million in the bank would go asking the county for more money?

  7. With the exception of a short documentary done by our local PBS station on “the life and murder of Kelly Thomas” art exhibit i organized, were Rusty was part of a group discussion, I do not believe he has addressed the darkest moment in Fullerton’s history. And even then he tried to make it about Kelly being homeless not what the police did to this homeless person. I’ve never heard him address the role of the police in this. They are the ones who killed Kelly. He did not die of hunger or exposure, this was not about the him being homeless, this was, as Christ Thompson said on film, ” about having 500 pounds of cop on him” ( actually he had 1,200 pounds of cops on him). Around minute 5, you will hear jan Flory make a harsh statement about the police. This was before she we elected the last time on the council. Once on the council she was wearing her blue “I Love FPD” shirt. Don’t believe me, check it out

    1. …Flory appears @4:48 in your clip Bax.

      …Rusty Kennedy’s right next to you @4:22.

      The sole reason they were there was to provide intel to the McKinley camp.

      If you research the Firm 460’s on the city of Fullerton’s web site, you’ll be able to verify that 95% of Jan Flory’s political donations are from the very same campaign donors that ex-Fullrrton PD Chief of Police turned Fullerton city councilman, Pat McKinley.

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