If You Really Loved Fullerton…

…you’d help clean out its rotten, criminally-inclined police department instead of lathering up its nether regions.

What am I talking about? Officers Rincon, Mejia, Major, Hampton, Ramos, Wolfe, Cicinelli, Mater, Baughman, SellersTong, Nguyen, Craig, Blatney, Coffman, Kirk, Basham, Goodrich, Cross, Nowling, Wren, McKinleySiliceo, Gibert and Bair.

44 Replies to “If You Really Loved Fullerton…”

  1. Loving Fullerton (the people, the community, whatever) has nothing to do with worshiping its government. I don’t understand these people.

  2. Love Fullerton…or any other city is meant to help Fullerton not the Fpd who regularly take their cars to the local car wash. Really? What’s next? Maybe we have them mow the lawn in front of City Hall?
    A true love Fullerton event would be helping our neighbors. The older couple who need help with clean up around the house or yard or a ride to the grocery store with help carrying the groceries. There are some who go to the senior centers but shouldn’t that be all year not just once a year? I could go on but you get the point.

  3. FPD vehicles get washed professionally every week or so. All these people did was take a day of wages from a few of the workers down at Commonwealth Car Wash. Sad.

  4. This is a little short sided don’t you think? The Love Fullerton event had volunteers helping throughout the community. This is 1 out of 20+ projects people signed up for and you choose to focus on this one?
    I don’t disagree about corruption in our law enforcement, but this post comes off petty. You can serve your community and fight it at the same time.

    1. It’s sort of sad that ANYBODY thought washing a car so some dude making $200,000 in wages and benefits can drive around a clean car conveys some sort of community benefit. That’s short sided.

  5. This movement has a very distorted view on the meaning of love.

    Last year, a long-time friend of mine died after a very painful battle with bladder cancer and then a series of strokes while hospitalized. I hated that cancer. I hated the fact that because of his strokes and resulting aphasia, he lost the ability to speak. I hated finding out from the nursing staff day after day after day that he passed more blood via catheter than he did urine. I hated that his only family lived a 1000 miles away and was not involved with his care. I hated that in the end, it was me who had to make the decision to disconnect life support and move him to hospice. I hated it all with a passion, but stuck with him until the very end. Why? Because I loved him as a friend.

    You can’t love Fullerton unless you hate everything that is wrong with it. You just can’t.

    Our poor infrastructure, unfunded liabilities, and overall lack of accountability will come back to hurt future generations in very cruel ways, yet “Love Fullerton” does not seem to care, not one bit.

    1. I’m reminded of those banners that when up in 2012 or so. So lame and cheesy. So obvious and oblivious. The City was in the worst throes of denial about what happened to Kelly Thomas and how it happened.

      “Let’s love ourselves to death” the Establishment said.

    2. Love Fullerton was a PR campaign that was started shortly after a violent detainment of a homless man turned sadistic & gone fatal. It was a slap in the face of the citizens who protested to bring attention to somepthing the city was essentially denying had happened. This campaign is a slap in the face because it implies that our assertive & somtimes loud efforts to bring attention to this misdeed was simply merely “hate” directed at the city of Fullerton as a whole. So Love Fullerton is really a deceptive campaign diversion to skirt responceablity for what our elected officials where seemingly denying responceability for. But now sompthing good can result out of this unsettling movement as other citys have taken on this same slogan to help care and spruce up thier cities in the spring for serve days.

    3. Good analogy. I would liken it to someone who has unwittingly harbored a virus for decades and decades – maybe even from birth – to finally have it erupt in a virulent attack. That’s where we are now, finally, after the sickness being dormant all these years. But anyone who was really paying attention knew it was there all along.

      Now the host is almost dead, but still in denial.

      A wretchedly useless City Council, a corrupt and unreformed police department, a drunk city manager given a pass by a degenerate police chief, a crumbling infrastructure, a city bureaucracy that has become lazy, self-serving and untouchable. The patient is moribund but still loves itself.

      1. Yeah, I hear you on this.

        I would wholeheartedly support this cause if its name was changed to “Love Fullerton Residents” and focused exclusively on helping those who are elderly, disabled, or poor — not local government agencies.

        These kinds of people need our help more than anybody because departments like Code Enforcement love to target them for overgrown weeds, peeling paint, inoperable vehicles, rotting fascia, you name it. Due to their frail state and/or low-income status, they are unable to deal with these problems on their own.

        Jennifer said at a recent council meeting that Love Fullerton has saved Fullerton taxpayers northwards of $600,000. I’d love to see the math on that because no City or School District employee has ever been furloughed or given unpaid time off as a result of Love Fullerton volunteers doing their jobs for them.

        1. Jan Flory ALWAYS treated the city staff like a sort of charity case – endless giving and no accountability.

          Fitzgerald has an alarming (and not charming) ability to make up things. And you have immediately proved her a liar – again. How can a volunteer program save anything if it doesn’t result in identifiable savings? One would have to believe these services were being performed by public employees on overtime. Just more nonsense from our professional government lobbyist.

          1. The Love Fullerton nonsense is a wholly owned subsidiary of EV Free Church, and as such is another link in the incestuous chain that ties the church to Fullerton’s government. And the person who forged that incestuous chain? Jennifer Fitzgerald.

  6. This reminds me of when the famous Mike Erre first came to EV Free Fullerton. He immediately made his church buy lunch for the entire City of Fullerton staff.

    What was the benefit to the community? A bunch of well-compensated government employees got fatter on granny’s dime.

    1. “Shane Newell joined the Register as a community reporter covering Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel. He graduated from Stanford University in 2016 with a M.A. in communication.”

      A Master’s Degree from Stanford and he’s writing this schlock? I’m not sure why but this makes me feel a bit sad.

        1. Somebody spent a lot of money putting this person through school. What for? To write powder puff fluffers for the GED FPD?

    2. …love the last post in the comments section where the writer is lambasting the residents of Fullerton for being so stupid for washing police cars after the police cost the residents of Fullerton $10 million dollars in legal costs.

      According to tbe writer, it’s the police officers in Fullerton that should be washing the residents cars in order to make up for all of the money that we’ve had to spend on the police department to keep them out of trouble.

  7. It’s really sad to hear you guys complain about something you know nothing about. How about you all volunteer for a project next year and see what this is really about? Last year I led a project where we helped paint and clean the house of a pack rat who had code enforcement knocking on her door regularly. This year I led the project for the Boys and Girls Club brightening up their learning center with paint and lettering making it not look so much like a sterile hospital. This movement had nothing to do with the city. Sure they have supported it and joined in but it actually started with Modesto. Modesto had the highest crime rate in the country at one time until someone stood up and started to bring the community together with Love Modesto. OC United is the non-profit behind the Fullerton movement – it’s now called “Unite for Cities”. ANYONE can create and lead a project. All you have to do is submit your project and lead it or get someone to lead it. It starts with you. YOU can take this and make it into what you want it to be. If you think there is too many projects “helping” the City then submit and lead projects that do what YOU think the city needs. No one person or organization can possibly know all the needs in a community. It’s not a big conspiracy – OC United exists to just be the framework out there for us to take advantage of. They want it to not just be an annual thing you do once but something that happens throughout the year. If you tell them you want to plan a service project next month they would help you out the info on their website so people can sign up to help. I’ll be the first to sign up if you let me know about it. David Cutlee – sounds like you have many great ideas. OC United needs people like you.

    1. Joshua you may want to read Matthew 6-1&2 in the bible to understand why some of us choose not to trumpet our good deeds.

    2. It’s a good thought Josh. Unfortunately the majority of the people who comment on this forum aren’t willing to help in any sort of cause unless its about negativity.

      If a cop was driving by a burning orphanage and he or she rescued everyone inside they would find something to complain about regarding the incident.

      1. “Unfortunately the majority of the people who comment on this forum aren’t willing to help in any sort of cause unless its about negativity”

        You must be new around here.

        “If a cop was driving by a burning orphanage and he or she rescued everyone inside they would find something to complain about regarding the incident.”

        Please, this is Fullerton where even the fire department can’s rescue itself from a fire.

        1. Can’s?? Aren’t you a career student? Your better then this Nipsey. Your parents would be ashamed.

    3. Why are you washing cop cars? Let them wash their own. Cops don’t need charity – they need pension reform.

    4. I’m starting to get sick of the incestuous relationship EV Free & Grace Ministries have with the City of Fullerton’s politicians an bureaucrats. It’s crystal clear to me that this relationship is not only non-biblical, but anti-scriptural.

      EV Free has a money-lender on its steps, and her name is Jennifer Fitzgerald. Intertwining “love offerings” between church and state is not what Jesus had in mind. Or the framers of the U.S. Constitution, either.

  8. I love Fullerton!
    Just a smidgen of why:
    Even with all the potholes I see this as a glass half full, that at least we have streets.
    I love the neighborhoods, even the Barrios.
    We have an excellent assortment of stores, restaurants.

    But…..a little butt.
    residents who have backyards facing Chapman/ along the concrete lined creek bed are cochinos.
    The city of Fullerton contracts tree trimmers or others to trim the homeowners crappy and bulbous Yuccas all manner of plants which are overgrown never trimmed by owners who let them run wild. The citizens of Fullerton are paying for the bums who are too lazy to pay for their responsibility of home ownership. all of their junko also falls into the creek clogging up and SURPRISE! yes we have to pay for their neglect.

  9. What if one of those wise ass kids is the child of someone who was abused by a cop? While doing all that loving to the pig-mobiles, don’t ya think he could cut the brake lines for fun?

  10. Joe Imbriano had a classic performance a couple years back at a council meeting where he called out thebullshit of this bootlicking program run by jay williams. Jay looked like he wanted to kick Joes ass. You can see it on YouTube you if you google Joe Imbriano Love Fullerton.

    1. Poor misunderstood police. We civilians just can’t possibly understand how hard it is to get those complicated stories straight and how easy it is to get the facts all wrong. Not deliberately of course, and it’s just a pure coincidence that the stories always seem to help the cops explain some apparent misdeed or other.

      Keep up the good work boys!

  11. As a Fullerton lifer, I,too, love the city of Fullerton. My first memories are of Fullerton’s orange grove lined streets, Valencia Park Elementary School, the Market Basket grocery store on Orangethorpe, and the orange groves that gave way to tract housing , shopping malls and CSU Fullerton. The “We Love Fullerton” propaganda campaign rings with hypocrisy thanks to the efforts of this blog revealing the truth about Fullerton’s corrupt city council members and police department. Sadly, the same names responsible for the denigration of Fullerton still swirl in civic and government circles. It took the slaughter of a tree on the front lawn of house in Fullerton to take down I don’t know what I am doing so I will rubber stamp every costly whim of my bosses city manager of Fullerton, Joe Felz, not public outcry fueled by fiscal decency. As mentioned in a prior post, it is good to hate what is wrong with Fullerton because it fuels action against those who choose to enter our local government for the purpose of merely feeding off of it.

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