Rules for us and rules for them...

A while back we shared the “Go Home Or Go To Jail” video featuring Fullerton Police Department’s downtown wrecking crew assaulting and falsely arresting a bystander who had the temerity to document FPD violence. This happened last fall.

Nobody seemed to know the story about what happened to the man in question. Until now.

Here is a youtube clip featuring KFI’s Bill Carrol and attorney David Borsari who says he represents the guy in question. Please listen to the full interview.

There are two key points here: cooking up a completely implausible story in a police report, and then repeating it to a jury. Of course the video itself shows that the description of events by FPD officers was ludicrous.

This is stoopid, although apparently par for FPD’s course. Creating false reports and making up stories told to a jury has got to be a crime even for a cop, right? Isn’t that what they call perjury? So can we assume our intrepid DA, Tony Rackauckas and his law ‘n order crew are hard at work building a case against everyone associated with this disgrace? Hmm. And of course I have to wonder what the civil suit is going to cost us taxpayers.

And don’t forget that we are asked to wait for an investigation of the Kelly Thomas killing, the official reports about which were orchestrated by some of the same thugs who fabricated the story above, a tale contradicted by the facts and rejected by the jury.

Jeez, is this story of corruption ever going to end?

Yes. With a recall.

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  1. I really have to wonder what the chuckleheads on the city council think about all this. Bankhead and Jones have been on there for decades. McKinley was the architect of this culture of corruption.

    I think we really need to get a list of payouts due to FPD crimes. Whitaker?

    1. It is too late to shake the tree, you have to uproot the entire police department and it protectors. McKinly, Bankhead, Jones, and the powerful Polices Union behind them with close friends at Orange County District Attorney Office.
      Learn painful lessons from Orange County Sheriffs Dept. Corruption and Brutality will never change unless dramatic actions or even revolution from the People. It is the only way.
      Are you ready to do this? We are.

  2. the recent revelation through videos and eyewitness accounts of other incidents of FPD excessive to deadly force that was unwarranrted by the precipating events shows a dangerous pattern in the FPD and reveals a culture of overly aggressive use of force when it is clearly shown to be unnecessary in the arrest of a person.

    1. Agreed.
      This wasn’t something that suddenly happened, it’s been building up to this for years.
      Intimidation, harassment, beatings -they’ve happened here before. This sense of cultural entitlement makes its way into a behaviors ranging from strange and menacing, to deadly. It ranges from the harassment of kids on bikes and skateboards being told to “get out of town and never come back,” the drawing of guns on kids playing with toy guns (with orange caps), a cop stealing iPads in airports, cops stealing funds meant for a youth program, cops sexually assaulting young women in the back of a vehicle to the penultimate act of violence: the killing of a schizophrenic homeless man.

      Not sure if you saw the fey entry in “Fullerton Stories.” The photographer chose to claim the slogans yelled at Saturday’s rally as “violent.” Yet, he chose not to engage with any of those who showed up. If he had, he would have found young and old alike, utterly fed up. He would have found people who over the years have been deeply offended by not only the small, mean attitude, but some outright racism too. The snobbery in this town can be overwhelming, to the degree that people stop paying attention because to do so means putting up with all this shit glossed over by people who want to distribute socks to the mentally ill, or a city council member who is on instant rewind talking an imaginary land called Kharakastan.

      Their anger is palpable, but what do you expect when you’ve taken it time and again?

      Boo on Fullerton Stories. Change has never come easily. It has always involved some huge event to knock people out of their comfort zone and question the status quo. That’s what has happened here. There’s no going back. Things will get better. We’re just sorry someone had to die to push for this change.

      1. One of Fullerton Stories front page sponsors is Fullerton Chamber of Commerce, #1 cheerleaders for the status quo.

      2. OSMS, I agree. fullertonstories is the website for the weak, the milk toast, the cops, city staff and alike. They’re all in it for money.

        Those $50.00 per month chamber banner adds keep’s them alive. They re-tell stories that people like joe feltz and andy goodwrich tell them. They have zero chance of success.

  3. Nazi’s. So, what do you animals in uniform and their butt kissin supporters have to say about this? huh? curious and this is not a one time occurance-so dont even try to defend it with that horsecrap….thats why we are doing what were doing and hitting the streets-you obviously are positive and are reinforced to have a “free” card to do what you want…SOB’s no you dont!

    1. It’s not about taking sides, it’s about what’s right. That’s what you cop defenders dont understand. You defend law enforcement no matter what, i call it like I see it, there are some times when police cannot be defended.

    2. Some stories are self evident, what could the other side possibly be? what could possibly vindicate that brutal murder? please enlighten me with your brilliant hypothesis which explains the necessary murder of a homeless man by six bigger and armed officers.

      1. For one you are falling for the rumor and hype that 6 big fat officers beat him to death. A witness already said two of them pulled up after it was over. So they aren’t even guilty of anything. At most four now and who knows when each of them got there. Exactly what happened before that no one knows. Trial will tell us. Jury will decide. Let’s say cops have injuries with pictures and they say Kelly ran and then fought like a nut. They fought with him. Jury decides appropriate level of force. Facts will come out. Too much reliance on media rumors and haters at this point. I agree. Doesn’t look good but I also don’t know what actually happened.

        1. In the end ‘Respect’ is correct. The jury gets to decide. With all the energy driving this, the perception is that prosecution will be minimal and the change needed in FPD’s ‘culture’ will remain unchanged. This is not a political issue and it goes without saying that FFFF has a political axe to grind. This matter goes beyond politics. I hope Acting Chief Hamilton takes the first steps to quickly start cleaning up his department. It’s not Joe Felz job, its not the Council’s job (they wouldn’t know what to do anyway). Hamilton’s first steps will set the tone for the big changes that will have to come. If Hamilton’s been on the force since 1979, he’s probably been minding his p’s and q’s and stayed out of the spotlight. I hope he’s ready to shine, because we really need a person who knows the people, the culture, and have the moral compass to do what’s right.

  4. are you nuts? do you need glasses with high powered magnifying glass? The video shows exactly what happened and the man was found not guilty oh, you’re one of those trolls, huh? never mind

  5. If you have a video of your “favorite FPD moment”, or a payoff you would like to share… submit it and let us know.

    Great Job on this post!

  6. How about forming a task force of citizens to video tape Fullerton PD at the bar scene and elsewhere? Nothing changes behavior more than a camera. You want to do a protest that they will feel? VIDEO. 24/7.

    1. Why not just make the surveillance cameras open to the public?

      They watch us we should be able to watch them!

      1. # 22 it should also be available to any citizen at any time and any place in reel time
        that the little piggies go these bottom feeders are like roaches doing there filth ever were.

  7. I am now convinced that the entire police department needs to be shut down. If there are two violent videos showing uncontrollable brutality at the hands of the police officers for the FPD then how many acts of brutality haven’t we seen? Why is it that these officers were allowed to get away with assault, battery and perjury without being charged? Oh yea… Close friends with the D.A. So if the D. A. is this corrupt with regards to FPD how much deeper does Orange County corruption go? Lets see if the FBI has the smarts to begin an investigation with the entire D. A,’s office.

    1. Fullerton will have to pay a lot of money to the entire police department for the next 20 years.
      These crooks making a lot of money, generous pension, overtime and nice health insurance.
      The laws are on their side. Prison is perfect for these cops.

    2. Convinced? Based on what? That grainy I-Phone video that shows nothing but a couple of police cars? The only other video is the city cam that hasn’t been released yet. The fight went on for close to 7 minutes. If the cops beat him for that amount of time and he wasn’t fighting back, he’d have looked a whole bunch worse than that hospital photo. Take away the gauze from his nose and mouth and you have a guy with two swollen black eyes and a few cuts on his face. I’ve seen worse in an MMA fight that’s stopped in the first round. “Uncontrollable brutality”, give me a break.

  8. Jones, Bankhead, and McKinley need to do everyone a favor and actually retire…FOR GOOD. They can step down now or fight the citizens and their inevitable recall.

    1. Will you be running, Greg? I hope you can sit through and entire council meeting if you get elected. Storming off like you did the other night was just not good business. Just because you didn’t like listening someone saying that we should keep our heads. looked pretty lame..

  9. I have a feeling the crockery doesn’t stop at the police chief… where IN THE HELL was the judge when this cop made this testimony on the stand? Why no action taken? If it was that same officer that beat KT, I say we go after the judge as well.

  10. FPD has clearly proven they have no respect for the law or the citizens they “serve.” The gestapo needs to be such down for good, with Sellers being the first pig to be sent to the slaughter house

    1. Fullerton Police Dept. and Justice System in Orange County will make China and Gestapo look very good.

  11. Recall and prosecution are the only hope.
    We strongly believe “investigation” is a gov’t euphemism for cover-up and whitewash. Investigation is only a show to buy time. The case is shut before it is even open.
    The past start to catch up with Fullerton Police Dept., Police Officers Associations, and the rest of the gang.
    Orange County District Attorney Office is snakes guarding the hen house and never trust them with powerful Police Unions behind. Untouchable Orange County District Attorney Office and Police Associations a laughing stocks and disgrace to our Justice System. They are protecting each others. The most disturbing story is corruption is everywhere in Orange County.
    It is a serious crime and atrocity of the century.

  12. All cops are liars, the reason they lie is because they can get away with it and it is encouraged all the way up the chain. This how the system works

    1. Contact with public
    2. Arrest public
    3. False charges
    4. False Report
    5. DA buys report wants conviction
    6. Conviction based on lies

    The DA and the Cops get promoted, more money for budgets, more officers and more control, which repeats the cycle. Contact-Arrest-Conviction-Control We need to put some heat on the DA’s Office we need a strategy, to go after these fucks that are destroying our cities / citizens based on their job security and promotions

    1. All cops. You are as bad as the few cops then. Most cops are honest and don their jobs very well. A few are bad and always will be. Those need to be rooted out, just like bad judges, doctors, lawyers, and garbage men. It’s reality. If you think ALL cops are bad then you have no hope in this world and you can keep preachin to the heavens.

      1. # 33 get a clue > any cop is bad cop if he upholds the code of silence.good cops need to oust the bad in other words shit in shit out clean up your own garbage.

    2. Thats exactly right. Its happened to me. And people dont believe it until it happens to them. You can be doing absolutely nothing and a lot of pigs will provoke a guy into something so they can feel “justified” in attacking that individual. I once got pulled over for a roll through stop at a stop sign while on my motorcycle. (Newport Beach….complete psychotic asshole pigs there.) The fucking pile of shit pig actually tried to spit on my shoe while telling me to “not be a loser”. He had the look of a serial killer in his eyes….TOTAL PSYCHOPATHIC ASSHOLE. We have a lot of gullible, stupid people in this country who think cops are “good guys”.

  13. I was jailed when I called out a Los Angeles Superior court judge Aviva K. Bobb who IS responsible for the death of Lee Peters and a child of her court. Bobb has destroyed hundreds of families with fraudulent court hearings where she ignored rights, laws and cries from victims who later died as a result. This monster’s story can be found at avivakbobb.com victims are uniting at facebook http://www.facebook.com/robertagettinger I suggest all victims find each other for all counties and states. See fulldisclosure.net for videos and info on how almost ALL our judges have been accepting bribes so they can not rule fairly. Judicial corruption is ramp-it and out of control. Many judges have been found to be corrupt, dish-honest and committing fraud. Problem is NO ONE IS doing anything, the bar, police, FBI, DOJ and other authorities refuse to act due the that its a judge. Same as the Kelly Thomas murder, BECAUSE A COP murdered him it is OK? Its NOT, stop the hiding, games, lies and manipulations by government. My story when I was jailed is at http://tolucantimes.info/section/inside-this-issue/police-involvement-in-conservatorship-issues/

    1. Great point Robert “”NO ONE IS doing anything, the bar, police, FBI, DOJ and other authorities refuse to act due the that it’s a judge” This is a system wide problem they all understand that there is not that many arrests out there to around, that is why they make shit up to feed the monster. Case in point you have at least 10+ cops rolling up on Kelly to arrest him for looking for some old cigarettes and Kelly was not having it that night…..so it cost him his life

      1. And you know he was looking for old cigs how? Stick to the facts. He was looking in cars for an open door and a shot at some change or items.

        1. # 37 GetAClue and how many reports of auto brea ins were there/get your facts straight you dumb ass wipe

          0000000000000000 auto break ins .that nigth no reports either your maggot bottom feeders were more worried about redoing there murder reports.communism was taken down now it’s your turn to squirm cops are communists with a badge.

      2. Ten cops rolling up on Kelly? You’re right, Kelly wasn’t having it and he fought for 7 minutes with 4-6 of them. I thought he wasn’t doing anything? Just minding his own business, right? Please

    2. Mr. Gettinger,

      I cannot even believe this happened to you. What is this, North Korea, where the judges in your case were analogous to Kim Jung Ill? Bomb should be removed from the bench… what a sick thing to do. Who do these people think they are?

  14. I would like to see where in this vid was the “uncontrollable brutality” that some of you see??? I see one suspect (who was found guilty) fighting with an Officer, the 2nd suspect was interfering with police (as witnessed by how close he was filming). He was then told to put the camera away and back up which he did not do…..did the camera need to be smacked out of his hand (no), but you can then see him fighting with the officer until he is tossed to the ground. This type of stuff is what Fullerton gets for having so many bars in one area. The best thing to do would be to close down the bar scene, as this is what contributes to this type of situation.

    1. Crockofun has got to be on drugs or a member of the FPD. The intent of this story, if he bothered to listen to it, is about the perjury committed by all the officers on the scene. They all testified that the suspect jumped the officer from behind and began choking him. This was brutality in the fact that the arrest was false. At no time was he asked to put the camera down and he did step back when asked to do so. The cop had to take several steps to reach him and slap him. Listen up CROCK…. Your friends will have a day of reckoning and you need to pick a side.

    2. No, you can’t see him fighting with anyone. See anybody jump on big cops back? No, of course not that way just a really stupid lie. Perjury, in fact. And that’s the point of the post. Now go crawl back into your filthy hole.

    3. I agree Crock’ofun. Have you seen the vermin that frequent the bars in DTF? The normal people go to dinner, get out by 10:00 pm and afterward it’s nothing but Raider/Dodger/Laker fans looking for some whore to bang for the night. Nothing but drunk smelly turds and turdettes.

  15. Murders Will Meets His Equals and FBI is our only hope. You can dry clean your police uniforms or even wiped off from your city officials faces: Blood stain has memory and the truth shall remains.

  16. This monster is a big one… remember the DA wants convictions that is how they keep score and gain more control-promotion-money even if the conviction is based on a lie from the arresting cops report. That person is sent to jail or prison, now has a record. The jails and prisons are hungry too for more bodies, again more prisons, more guards, more money more control. Let’s get real here, there is some law breakers among us that need to go to jail; I just have a problem with a guy doing 25 to life for stealing a candy bar. Again it goes back to the score card from the cops-da-judge-jail

  17. The whole justice system monstrosity is build on the ARREST and that is why the cops ALWAYS get a pass or are encouraged to LIE about the arrest, there are so many mouths to feed here… Cops-DA-Judge-Courts-lawyers-Jails-Prisons-Gaurds-Unions-Mayors-Councils-Commissions-Probation-Parol..This whole system comes to a halt without the arrest. This is not about Right and Wrong this is self serving and the public gets the bill and the shaft in the process

  18. Everybody here better get smart and STF up! Have you all forgotten FPD is still fully armed… and not just with Tasers… they have handguns, rifles, shotguns… and who knows what else. Do you guys think they are all of a sudden going to be nicey nice? I used to live in Ghost Town… the section of Venice where we had something like 24 killings in a four block radius in just two months time. V-13 and the Shoreline Crips weren’t armed 1% as well as FPD. And they weren’t trained either. FPD is HIGHLY trained in how to use their weapons… AND they are trained to kill without weapons. That knee drop to the neck is a leathal technique banned in most MMA competitions because it is ONLY used to kill. If you people keep mouthing off… FPD is going to get madder and madder… and there isn’t any 911 we can call when they decide to go full out and teach all of Fullerton a “lesson” like they taught Kelly. One of the biggest killing sprees in history was a single cop who went house to house (can’t remember if this was Korea or the Philipines) and whacked more people than Ted Bundy did in his whole life. If you guys don’t stop messing with FPD… they could come after us all. Don’t forget:

    1. They are a gang
    2. They are ruthless
    3. They are armed to the teeth (even Kelly’s killers probably still have all their weapons)
    4. They are trained to kill


    5. There are NO police to protect you in Fullerton. You call 911 if bad goes down and you are calling some of the most dangerous people in the world to the scene

    1. Come on. Fullerton is wussies in policing. Go to LAPD or Sheriffs area and hang out looking into cars. The run. See what happens.

    2. KS you sound like a cop Your mouth and heart are full of FEAR and you are trying to sell that shit here SHUT YOUR MOUTH I googled 24 Killings Venice 2 months NOTHING your full of SHIT turn your tv off and put down your crime novals…. we have work to do here stay put and stay out of Fullerton we got this one

    3. God what a coward you are. Ok lets all roll over for the fucking nazi scum….what a bitch you are. You probably give cop blowjobs so they wont hurt you. COWARDLY PILE OF SHIT.


  20. Mark Thompson :No, you can’t see him fighting with anyone. See anybody jump on big cops back? No, of course not that way just a really stupid lie. Perjury, in fact. And that’s the point of the post. Now go crawl back into your filthy hole.

    Hopefully, Tony can get a copy of the arrest report (of course, with the acquited “suspect’s” name blacked out) from Mr. Borsari and we can see what the cop wrote for ourselves.

    1. Sounds like another great idea… does anyone know a good source that explains in plain English “How to use the Freedom of Information Act?” I want to dig up as much as I can on all of this. Three days off and a lot of time to kill… a lot of crooked cops, judges, and district attorneys to expose.

        1. Thanks a lot guys! Ill see what I can dig up tomorrow… Normally a shovel would work but I have a feeling Im going to need a Caterpillar for all this corruption!

    1. The difference is Fullerton is white. White people don’t riot and go wild breaking windows and stealing everything. It would be nice but people would die and get jail time. Whites don’t dig on that.

  21. Vote the new city council in, close the police dept. contract with another and allow no previous officer to patrol the city ever. Then after a year reopen and hire a brand new dept.

  22. Comes down to the childhood basics. Respect the law, respect the cops, don’t talk shit to them, and don’t run from them. Then no one has any problems. Simple. I’ve never known one person that had a single issue with cops that didn’t do one of the above. It’s just a new era where everyone wants to push the limits, push the law, and push their rights. Cops don’t get paid to be disrespected and assaulted. Every one of us would do the same thing if someone did any of the above to us. Human nature. Look at reality.

    1. Unadulterated horseshit. You work for us.

      BTW, respect is earned, not given. The ‘reality” is you have been given a free rein. But that’s over now, big boy. Suck it up.

      1. Your dreams for reality will never come true. Keep dreaming. One day you will see your dreams are nothing but a pipe dream.

      2. Don’t worry, Respect. Mark will realize soon that all his views are BS. This whole thing will be in the rear view mirror soon. The media is moving on and focusing on bigger ratings from bigger stories. By Christmas, most everyone, except for the 15 people on this blog, will have moved on.

        1. Why do you care so much then? If the story is going away, then why don’t you just speed up the process by not commenting on anything anymore?

    2. This may have escaped your GED notice, but cops aren’t the law as much as you FPD thieves, perverts, perjurors and murderers believe.

      The “law” inheres in us, the people, not you.

      1. Same as the other moron. Keep dreaming. Until you die if you keep talking smack or doing the things I said, you will be chased down or taken to jail. No matter what city you are in. To think otherwise is the same pipe dream as ur lover.

    3. HAHAHAHAHA! (Please note the sarcasm) I know we’re talking about Fullerton PD here, but I think this story applies.

      I was driving down Rosecrans to the 105 freeway and got stopped by LA County Sheriff’s in Norwalk. I’m just driving down Rosecrans in broad daylight and out of the corner of my eye I see a police car beside me. So, I look over, and this woman sheriff is staring back. I think oh crap, was I speeding, so I slow down. She’s still next to me, staring at me and finally gets over in the next lane and pulls me over. So, I pull over and get out my information and she walks to the window and screams, “WHY ARE YOU NERVOUS? WHERE IS THE GUN???” HUH????? Number one, I’m a white girl from middle class Orange County, and number two, you have GOT to be kidding me! So, she takes my license and registration and finds nothing to give me a ticket for and tells me before I drive off (after making sure I have her info to report her sorry ass), “I pulled you over because you looked nervous.” So she didn’t pull me over because I was drunk driving, or because I had a burnt out tail light, but because I’m white and driving on Rosecrans in Norwalk to get on the 105 to pick someone up at LAX!
      I will respect the cops if you don’t pull me over for stupid bullshit or to fill your quota for the day!
      And I’m sorry because I know I’m ranting here, but I’m going to make another comment too about something else cop related. They actually laugh about really horrible shit that happens on the job. A FB friend of mine is a former police reservist, and he told me the story that some cops were laughing about the fact that they pulled this car over for speeding and they ran the plates and thought it was a stolen car. It was a man and woman passenger and the woman was pregnant. Of course they make the pregnant woman lie face down on the ground and then realize OOPS! you didn’t steal the car after all! And they LAUGHED about it! If that were me who pulled them over, I’d be worried about a lawsuit and not laughing my ass off!
      It’s not just Fullerton police. It’s all over.

  23. From the FPD website:
    “The Fullerton Police Department is charged with the enforcement of local, state, and federal laws, and with providing around-the-clock protection of the lives and property of the public. The Police Department functions both as an instrument of public service and as a tool for the distribution of information, guidance and direction.

    It is the mission of the Police Department to facilitate and administer the laws of governing bodies, the orders of the courts, and to direct all energies and resources toward maintaining the health, welfare and safety of citizens.”

    What a load of crap!

    1. Reminds me of the time I violated a Nevada court order and a Santa Ana cop told me that they enforce other states and federal laws. I asked him if they enforced Federal immigration laws. He said that they “don’t have that in the budget.” I laughed my ass off in his face.

      Cops are so full of shit.

  24. LA 1992
    London NOW

    @#55 – Fullerton may be white but so is much of London. You must be a Fullerton cop and you don’t belong here!

    1. You are lost. The London riots are the biggest ghetto in the world. Worse poverty than LA. Site of the biggest riots in history. May be white, but poorer than any ghetto anyone here has ever seen. Big difference.

      1. I hate to agree with an obvious jack-ass like “respect,” but the riots in England are all about race and class. I’m sure more than a few white people have joined the collective mob mentality, but the place it began, Tottenham, has the highest concentration of black residents than anywhere in London.

  25. Sad reality is these cops will likely walk, the mayor and all his cronies will still get awesome pensions and the public will forget this story…unless we stay angry and focused.

    Don’t be a “typical” American and forget that smashed in face and cries for his Dad.

    When animals attack we euthanize them.
    Death penalty for crooked Fullerton cops. Recall all of city hall if that’s what it takes. Make sure they are ruined financially and humiliated whenever they go out in public.
    Force them to leave SoCal and go crawl under some rock like the reptiles they are.

    You reading this Fullerton?

    1. You are right. They will all get pensions forever. Most will all get off with nothing. At the most, two might get found guilty but will be tough. They don’t pay their legal bills. So yes, they might lose their jobs and move away but no one will even recognize them and they will live happily ever after. Most are probably close to retirement anyways. So you are right on most counts. Even if two are charged, they will not get death for sure. They won’t even get life. Good dreams though.

      1. Respect is correct on this one. I am from Colorado and followed a very similar case in Denver last year. Same issue with the secret video tape. Ultimately, 8 months later, the Denver DA released a report declinging to file charges and the video. The report went frame by frame through the video justifying each violent step by each of the 5-6 cops along the way.

        From what I’ve seen of your DA, he is even worse. The time being spent and that will be spent on the DA “investigation” is nothing more than to take time to put a one-sided defense of the cops case together.

        We need a whole new system where some sort of permanent state special prosecutor gets involved in police abuse cases. Even a DA from another district will be reluctant to prosecute cops, because he knows his own cops in his own district will punish him with missed court appearances, screwed up testimony, etc.

        I am really impressed with what you all have going to fight this in Fullerton, and this website is excellent and crosses ideological lines. But please see the Marvin Booker case in Denver. Probably not much will come of this one even if the Justice Department prosecutes based on the FBI civil rights investigation.

        But maybe you can change the future if you shake things up enough. It’s going to take getting rid of that stupid POBAR law at the state level the ludicrously-titled Police Officers Bill of Rights. Nothing can be achieved without transparency and accountability.

    2. @Respect… cops all say they have a tough job. Lame excuse. I drive a cab and prob deal with more bullshit than you do in one night than you do in an entire month. The difference is, I HAVE to solve all of my problems peacefully, because there isnt a judge on the other side watching my back. The point is, we all have tough jobs… only you get your cute little pension, benefits, benefits for your family, etc and all the other crap that goes unseen. THE POLICE: biggest PR firm in the country. Putting out this nonsense about it being tough. Why don’t you cops work for yourself for a little and see what real work is all about?

      1. That’s why they have powers and you don’t. That’s why we all can’t just carry guns and take care of our own business. In this era of BS I would never want their jobs. Not worth it. You are falling for the Bs media hype about pay and pensions also. They work 30-35 years and get 90% of their base salary. If we want to change that then we have to change what is offered to them by the people that represent us. They approved the pay and benefits. But I know mine and your cab driving body has a much better future than a cops. Plus run their average number of years collecting the retirement. It’s not every long. Average life expectancy is 10 years after retirement. I’ll take the cab job.

  26. Respect talks out of his rear end. I just looked this up:

    According to CNN, which has earned my trust after fair and accurate reporting on the Kelly Thomas murder, these are the most dangerous jobs in America:


    Police work isnt even on the top ten list. Cab driver is #10 on the list.

    Average salary of cab driver (after working 90 hours a week) $30,000. Pension of cab driver (and most jobs in America): NONE; Benefits: NONE, insurance on driver: NONE (has to pay out of own pocket).

    Average Salary of Police Officer: (40 easy hours per week, prob 5 eight or 4 ten hour shifts right?) $60,000. Pension: 90% of salary, and most get promoted before leaving, giving higher pay scales; Benefits of policeman: EVERYTHING FOR him AND his FAMILY. All kinds of insurance coverage incl disability, vision, etc. Discounts… dont forget those!

    You bastards are overpaid and you know it. I hope this whole Kelly Thomas thing brings police pension reform to light. At least Ive never heard of any wacked out EMTs or Firemen. EMTs should be making what cops make. And cops should make what EMTs make. They save lives… you guys have a funny way of taking them.

    1. I would like to see the day though when the cops are getting paid $30k a year and no benefits. Gang banger cops, cops with felonies. Should be fun. LOL dreamer.

  27. You confirmed your hate for cops. It’s clear. Cops jobs are easy now. Wow. Screw that. If things were changed to your desire I can only imagine how this world would be. Good luck. I’m a fireman and we have the easiest job in the world. We get paid great wages, tons of overtime, and full retirement. Our lazy boys are great. I’ve seen the cops work. It’s not easy and it’s not fun. Screw that. You can have that job. I’m still laughing at your post. You think cops are rich and live the life of luxury. You are in a serious dream world.

    1. @ 92 here is another outstanding Fullerton cop!
      @ 88> how would you like your daughter to be picked up by this outstanding Fullerton cop what an ass you are
      if stupidity ruled you would be king shit!
      go to

      Officer Wan Cho is an undercover cop. He was there when I was arrested for “contmpt of cop.” During my arrest; I was beaten and sexually assulted. Cho watched as Warren Rivas exposed my breasts and penatrate my vagina with his fingers. I had to be rushed to the hospital because of head injurys. Cho lied under oath at my trial.

  28. Don’t hate all cops… but do think are overpaid. A fireman would have to stick up for the benefit packages of police officers because you are on the same political side. Union goons.

    1. Sometimes being jealous is a time pill to swallow. I see it clearly now. Jealous of how good and easy cops and firemen have it on your tax dollar. Sucks to be you.

  29. The best way a cop can avoid conflict is to do nothing. Get in your car drive behind the closest market and park. Don’t respond until they call you three times. At the end of the day park the car in the back lot and collect your pay. This was the way I was trained post Rodney King in LA, I have since moved out of the area and am in another line of work. After reading the comment on this blog it’s time for the North OC to go the way of LA. Good luck Fullerton PD these people hate you give them the PD they deserve…….

    1. I love all these feast or famine types that want to paint the picture that the police are under unfair pressure and scrutiny.

      Sure Ex-Cop, the best thing for a police officer to do is go hide. What is it about asking the police to not beat unarmed citizens to death; not to steal i-pads from the airport security area; not steal from the explorer scouts or use city debit cards for personal use; not to raid homes before making sure the address on the curb matches the one you are supposed to raid; not encouraging suicidal inmates to kill themselves and then try to destroy the recorded evidence when confronted by management; not to lie on the stand and invent facts to exonerate a fellow officer when the incident is on video; and please dont steal from or molest people in custody.

      Is that really too much to ask for Ex-Cop? Seriously, that is just over the top for the public to expect? Sad.

      1. Actually, Ex-cop, the very best way a rage-a-holic with anger and esteem issues can avoid conflict is by not going into police work in the first place and not being issued a firearm, taser, baton, etc.

    2. Wow, you really made your case, Ex-cop. In other words, if the citizens dare criticize when one (or some) of our own behave in a vile, illegal manner, then we’re going to “take our ball and go home.” Are you folks really that thin-skinned?? Jeez. Can you imagine any other profession acting like such juveniles (do the emergency room staff tell you to go home and heal yourself when you dare complain about treatment, long wait times or the occasional malpractice??)

      In other words, not only are many of you goons, but you’re suggesting that all of you should be EXTORTIONISTS — only doing the job you signed up for if 100% of the citizenry kiss your ass and never question your abuses. What crap!

      I’m no legal scholar, but I would think a sworn officer intentionally not doing the job he/she was paid to do, trained to do, and commissioned to do would be just egregious as using excessive or unnecessary force.

    3. Ex-Cop, the “PD they deserve,” in my opinion, would be one that strives to uphold the law rather than brutally VIOLATE it!!

    4. The long list of felonies perpetrated by members of the FPD suggests that we already have the PD you think we deserve!

      Speaking of LAPD did you know our former police chief, now city councilman Pat McKinley hired a one-eyed cop who couldn’t cut it in LAPD? True story.

  30. They brought this on themselves. No amt of hiding is going to change anything. We’re not going to sit around and accept Tyranny and Nazi like behavior in any American City-so hide behind a donut shop, everyone will be safer if you do and look for a revolt and the citizens to be taking over rule not you Gestapo

  31. WHEN is this story going to hit the mainstream press? I cannot find it anywhere but here.

    WHERE is the media coverage?

    WHY isn’t the DA stepping forward and pressing charges for perjury?

    HOW is anything going to change if this isn’t exposed?

  32. I have sat by and read, watched and listened to this story roll through my home city of Fullerton for over 3 weeks now and have seen the best of it’s residents and the worst of it. I now feel it time to reach out to those of a thinking mind. I know I will see many of those whom still believe that this Democracy affords them the ability of free speech and opinion voice retribution to these ideas and truths. Today it does, but as we speak our beloved Constitution has been hijacked by a group of Terrorist that have gained control of what was once the most powerful government in the world. This issue that we as a city have found ourselves having to debate and rectify is exposing the very thing that has developed over the past 2 decades as a country. It will soon be evident that the case of Kelly Thomas is exactly the path that this “NEW WORLD” government is intending it to go. My friends & neighbors of this fine city, and those within the sound of this voice take heed. The Revolution may just have found a starting point, and that point is Fullerton, California in the Good Ole USA!!!!
    God guide us and give us strength to defeat the powerful forces at work.

  33. The city has a game plan, used in all courts, cities and states. THEY ARE IN CONTROL, they just want us to think we are. We’re told we have freedom, rights and protection by those who serve us. Its all a LIE and FRAUD. We pay taxes for a government that steals our tax dollars, gives itself raises and then has the nerve to tell us WE’RE broke. I was a police officer, I saw the problems, lies, games and monsters they employ. The issue is they don’t remove the problems. The biggest ones are those in management, mayors down to counsel folk who most often are in this for personal gain (their own). They reward dishonesty instead of honesty. I could not believe my eyes when a judge Candace Joan Beason of Pasadena Superior court ignored perjury, abuse and fraud of a senior. My own mother was being abused by a court system I used to protect. Its gotten so bad they even eat their own when it comes to profit. Greedy lawyers? You have got to look at probate court, its overrun with unethical, immoral, dishonest lawyers who will lie to your face and even file false police reports to use the police against you. WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. Yet when I went to police with cashed checks showing about a 1/4 of million dollars was stolen, missing and not reported they ignored it. The old “its a civil matter” excuse. Court won’t act until police do and police won’t act till the court tells them. So nothing is done. Judges are being paid millions by lawyers who get cases via the judge. Theirs a huge billion dollar legal theft going on in family, civil and probate courts. Its called bribery. Please do yourself a favor and see http://www.fulldisclosure.net/ and watch a few videos. Richard Fine was jailed for 18 months in an attempt to shut him up. It was done to me. POLICE are being used to control us, NOT protect us. Problem is the officers are drones and often don’t know the big story, they do what they’re told. Same as military, shoot first then ask questions. Something really bad is taking place, QUESTION AUTHORITY since it often lies…

  34. By the way MEDIA is afraid of judges who write them letters as the letters already written by legal con players. Thus they often side with high paid sponsors who have the judges in their pockets. Big cities will contact media and threaten them to not run stories. YES ask yourself WHY is this not on every major news channel?

  35. I just finished watching the video posted where Bill Carrol is interviewing David Borsari. It seems to me that, not only does this definitely constitute a criminal case of perjury for all the false testimony, but that, had the officer in the first video been punished (either criminally or administratively for his actions on THIS case, he would not have been mentioned as one of ‘The Fullerton Six’, and that in itself shows that when criminals (who are cops in this case) aren’t punished, they get more and more brazen! I think that some of the blame in one of the many tragedies in this case should be aimed @ the DA..If the D.A’s office had decided to prosecute the officers, maybe the events of July 5th wouldn’t have occurred!
    Having said that, I want to recount two different situations: I once had a friend who was in a very similar situation, where another friend of ours was being wrongly arrested and assaulted, my friend started asking why his friend was being arrested and, after being threatened himself, he was arrested for “Conduct Against a Police Officer” (I know..you’re thinking ‘WHAT!?”) a misdemeanor, when he went to trial with his lawyer, the judge said that the officer simply made ‘a clerical error’ since no such crime existed, and that it was a case of Disorderly Conduct, which they then threw out!
    Secondly, once when I was being questioned about an arrest warrant I had for unpaid fines which I subsequently proved I didn’t have), another friend of mine who knows the law well, questioned the officer, he was told ‘Shut up, or your going to jail’. Of course he didn’t, telling the officer that there was no crime in asking a question, and that he couldn’t be arrested for it, he WAS arrested for it, again, “Disorderly Conduct” and spent two years and a ridiculous amount of money fighting it, and in the end, it was upheld, as the presiding judge told him, basically that D.O (Disorderly Conduct) is a blanket charge and the legal language is too vague to ever prove a case against it. He was right, it seems ANYTHING the police want to arrest you for (@ least in the state I live in) they call it “Disorderly Conduct”..because it is a catch all, so to speak, and it is, basically, again, here @ least, anytime you p-ss off a cop, for whatever reason, as simple as telling them that you won’t stop recording, or asking questions.
    The lawmakers need to realize that the arrogance and stupidity of a lot of officers almost DEMAND clearer language in the definition of a charge if the defendant is expected a clear and fair trial, if you read the court dockets here, nearly every defendant has that charge tacked on to his/her original charge.

  36. Excellent post @Jack, part of the problem is police work with judges and DA so they rely on each other. Which is a huge conflict of interest. Same as the problem we have lawyers running the bar. You can’t have the fox guard the hen house because if you do chickens are going to go missing. We have a mob, we call it a city, government but its the mob. People in nice suits who smile alot, lie, influence and are mostly in office to make money. Perjury which I understand is a felony is ignored by most courts. IGNORED, even if proven beyond doubt. One of the biggest scams I witnessed having become a victim myself is judges who turn their heads to crime, perjury, abuse and violation to our constitutional rights. This goes on right before your eyes, problem is the court rooms are not video taped and the public does not see this take place. Even court reporters will change what is put into records, leave out statements and what is said. Remember our courts are run by lawyers, not always the most honest people. Now consider Grant Goodman an honest lawyer and the fact that he spoke up, what did the Foxes do”I mean the bar”?http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/attorney-grant-goodman-suspended-without-a-hearing without ANY hearing they suspended him for speaking up. So as the police do “threaten you to shut up or else” then you become sucked into a legal system where you are forced to hire a lawyer and pay fees in the thousands. Where is the freedom in getting justice at $500 an hour?

  37. That is Kenton Hampton slapping away the cell phone in that video footage. And is that Jay Cicinelli saying “Go Home or go to Jail?”

  38. Sadly what is taking place in London http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/8688715/London-riots-world-reacts-to-citys-hungry-mutiny.html is similar to the angry happening here. There is GREAT INJUSTICE going on. Media does not carry these stories the way they should WHY? Its propaganda and manipulation on a bigger scale, Fullerton is one city, small compared to Los Angeles but on a whole a good example OF A PROBLEM. That runs deep, up the chain of command. Your tax dollars are used to kill, pay legal fees of dishonest cops, paid them vacation pay for months maybe years for doing what MURDER?

    1. from rate my cop more disgusting fullerton cop news
      go to

      @ rate my cop.com


      Jeffery Welte is an undercover cop. I told Welte, “Go yourself with something sharp.” His partner, Warren RIvas, arrested me for threaten a PO; Obstructing a PO; and resisting arrest. Welte watched as Rivas beat me up and sexually assaulted me. Welte lied under oath at my trial. The cops lied so much; The judge dismissed the case.

  39. @Fullerton Citizen You hit the nail on the head, the problem is JUDGES are siding with criminal acts instead of honest justice. A. It will cost you thousands of dollars to plead you case, lawyers win if you lose. B. The judge almost ALWAYS does the unthinkable and sides with who they work with on a daily basis. Sort of like you trying to be objective with your own children “you can’t”. Judges are suppose to be fair. Then when the police get away with it they get even more brazen knowing the law “judges” are behind them NOT YOU THE TAX payer. This has to be changed

  40. Just heard the press conference of Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney
    saying he has NOT seen any evidence of intentional killing in this case….

    The photograph taken of Kelly Thomas comatose in the hospital says more than words.

    Had to read the mission statement from him.

    This is from the OC DA’s site:

    Have replaced the word GANG…… with POLICE

    Interesting read out loud with the change….

    The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to improving the lives of Orange County residents by making our community a safe place to live and work. As the District Attorney, I am committed to seeing that justice is realized by providing the highest standard of legal representation for the public and for crime victims.

    Our prosecution efforts serve our community in numerous ways. The prosecution of POLICE crime helps preserve the quality of life that our residents deserve. Stern sentences for violent POLICE criminals help our society feel free from the fear of becoming a victim of POLICE intimidation or violence. The prosecution of economic and environmental crimes allows commerce to flourish and citizens to know that our precious surroundings and resources are protected.

    Successful prosecution of criminal cases relies on effective investigative and prosecutorial practices as well as the cooperation of victims and witnesses to the criminal action. I encourage all Orange County residents to support our efforts to combat criminal activity.

  41. I’ll refrain form doing business in Fullerton until this is all sorted out. I am sure I’m not alone in my concerns.

  42. Lying bully goons!!
    Isn’t this what the Gestapo did to the German citizen’s?
    Google: No Torture On My Watch–George Washington

  43. The real problem is the OC District Attorney, Rackackaus! He has only filed criminal charges ONE time during his tenure, against law enforcement officers for misconduct. The OC Grand Jury never indicts!! The State Attorney General does nothing!! The Department of Justice in DC doesn’t do jack!!—FOLKS what is the solution???

  44. Anyone get the feeling that there are 2 classes here. One class that has all the rights and another that has none? Note the difference in how a shooting case is treated where a man recently shot and killed a San Diego policeman. Now note how Kelly Thomas and his investigation are treated when he is dead.

    When all else fails and no one trusts each other think about this

    Force everyone involved to take a polygraph test. Note the US government mandatory polygraph tests, should be mandatory for all government or civil service (including all politicians, mayors, etc). Just as we want to ensure police who we give weapons to are OK we need to ensure those who control them have polygraph tests as well.


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