“Public Safety” Isn’t Done With Us Yet

Always look for the union label…

Another would-be County Supervisor has declared his 2018 candidacy for the 4th District. His name is Joe Kerr. He is a Democrat. He is also the former boss of the union that represented the Orange County Fire Authority. As such it was his sole responsibility to shove his hand as hard and as deep into the pockets of the taxpayers as possible to provide his members with spectacular pay and pensions, and to perpetuate a scam in which his members enriched themselves on a gamed overtime system.

Voters will not hear about that from Mr. Kerr, of course, even as he brings in “public safety” union bucks to grease his campaign, We will hear that Joe is Fire Hero and Deserves.

Will the voters go for this? I don’t know. Right now Fullerton is facing a massive fiscal drain due to the exploding pension costs of the cops and the “fire fighters.” Having one of the chief perpetrators of this meltdown trying to run for public office seems ill-timed.

Or maybe it’s all a some sort of a twisted joke.


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  1. Dan Chemicalewinski sure didn’t waste any time slobbering all over him.

    Will the Dems turn out in 2018? Are the candidates’ party memberships even on the ballot?

  2. This is the old formula that used to put retired cops and firemen on City Councils – idiots and buffoons like Don Bankhead and Pat McPension who were reliable votes for the unions. This is the strategy from the 80s and 90s that created the massive unfunded liabilities that are the foundation of the public employee pension bonanzas.

    It hasn’t been as prevalent of late, after the damage was done.

    At least now we have a Hero we can target.

  3. I have seen this dude, I feel they need to get a grip on these pensions, most of the budget goes to these prima donnas. He is so wealthy he can gets his lawn redone and it still looks like crap. Plus he loves adulation by placing flags etc on his lawn. With his pension he still lusts for more money by trying out for Supervisor. I have walked by his house he has all the man toys and thinks his sheet don’t stink, you try to say hello and has his nose in the air, the only time he says hi to people is when they kiss his bum about his displays.

    1. Isn’t the Joker Batman’s nemesis?

      Either way, Joe Kerr’s company was issued a cease and desist order in 2014 by Nevada.

  4. The discussion on union-lovin’ politicians isn’t complete without talking about how Shawn Nelson, the alleged conservative voted to give the Deputy Sheriff union a GARGANTUAN pay raise last fall with ZERO discussion. It was all worked out in secret and approved on the nod by Nelson and his pals.

    1. Very true. Of course Nelson was a complete disappointment for people who still had some faith. He turned out just as bad as Sidhu would have been. Worse, really because nobody expected anything from Hairball.

      The Republican politicians in OC sold us out to the public employees years ago just to get themselves elected and to stay that way. Whoever gets Nelson’s endorsement is going have some of the stink rub off.

      1. Nelson rolled over for the AOCDS because he wants to run for judge and has all sorts of nasty former defense clients in the Inland Empire he would rather not have advertised. He is infinitely selfish. Little doubt that his vote was sold for some sort of hands-off deal on the next election.

        It won’t work.

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