Joe Felz Got A New Job?

Editor’s note: This was originally composed on March 3, moments before Joe Felz was charged with DUI hit-and-run. As such, the Renick agreement may have gone bottoms up. If not, well that just makes it more fun.

A toast to all my good ideas…

I have it on pretty good authority that our former City Manager (and now accused criminal Wild Ride Joe Felz) is picking up a consulting gig for Renick Cadillac down on Orangethorpe and Euclid.

Now what possible use would ol’ StumbleJoe be to a car dealership?

The story goes that Renick would like to acquire the site occupied by the Grand Inn which is situated right between the dealership and the asphalt lot on the corner of Euclid and Hill Avenue where Renick parks its spare Subarus. Looks like the idea may be to get the cops to start dishonestly documenting alleged bad activity at the motel. If you can harass the motel, the owner might have a lot more incentive to sell out.

Just so Renick can park its cars without having to drive out on Euclid. Really?

I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this source may have it wrong. That maybe Renick is not planning on expanding at all, at least not for the long term; but that rather we are seeing a lot assemblage in order to build a future penitentiary-like apartment block.

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  1. Renick’s employment of the city and the police to put its neighbor out of business is one of the most despicable abuses of government power that I have seen in the last few years.

    It’s not surprising that the disgraced Joe Felz would try to move forward with this lucrative plan. The cops play along for those nice political donations to union candidates like Fitzgerald.

    The whole thing is just dirty.

      1. Joe, you were right.

        But Joe, it’s weird of you to pretend to be anonymous and then post videos of yourself.

  2. God has a job for Felz too, to complete the deal to sell the Hunt Branch Library to GMI.

    Joe left his job at the city far too soon with so much underhanded deal making left to be done. But with opportunities like these, it’s almost like he never left.

    1. He is about as far removed as McSatan at this point. Both know all the tricks of the trade. Why do you think the FPD is still as corrupt as it is today? Felz has fallen into the trap he and his ilk had set for the serfs. That is what happens to the proud.

  3. This is a huge conflict of interest. A few months ago he was trying to prosecute this business. Now he’s trying to facilitate a crash and burn buyout?

    Joe is a damn slime ball.

    1. Joe was spotted at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters a few weeks ago. He’s still trying to make his deals happen. Gotta stay busy.

  4. I heard StumbleJoe was at the City Clerk’s office picking up candidacy paperwork for Bud Chaffee’s wife.

    What’s with that?

  5. Joe Felz and his pal Danny Hughes will be attending the Grand Inn hearing on April 24 and 25. 9:00 am in the city council chambers. Don’t forget to show up.

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