Millie’s Mansion

We here at FFFF like to remind our Friends of the sorts of ways our public resources are spent, and we have shown our readers the lifestyle enjoyed by the Presidents of CSUF. (now Fullerton City Councilman) Greg Sebourn documented this dolce vita away back in 2010. Then it was the incompetent old fool, Milton Gordon livin’ large on our dime

Recently we have been introduced to the mind of Ms. Mildred Garcia, current President of CSUF and champion of the downtrodden minorities everywhere. Her record in support of “diversity” is no doubt impeccable and she will surely find a place waiting for her in a properly diverse Heaven. In the meantime there’s that old saying about doing well by doing good.

Forget The Punchy Professor, Mil.’ Next time just hit ’em with your wallet.

President Garcia pulls in a tidy $450,000 per year courtesy of the taxpayers, and not only that, she, as befits her office, gets to live on a palatial estate – the old Chapman “El Dorado Ranch.” Here’s a shot not from the famous FFFF Spook Drone.

Tennis anyone?

Of course the apologists for the social justice crusader will argue that the estate is needed to host fancy parties for all those high roller, big donors.

The caviar and champagne are on ice, come on in. Oh, wait, not you!

It would be interesting to see how Ms. Garcia characterizes her estate living on her income tax forms, but something tells me that this type of quotidian annoyance is taken care of by the taxpayers, including utilities, landscaping and painting that tennis court.

Of course that’s the real point of this post – not Garcia’s tired, old diversity screed pitched at 35,000 gullible kids, half of whom enter her university as unable to read a coherent sentence as Garcia is to construct one.  The real point is to remember next time you hear someone boohooing about the underfunded CSU system to point the boohooer in the direction of Millie’s Mansion.

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  1. The public “higher education” system in California is shot through with bloated administration costs. UC is bad. CSU is awful. And the worst offender is the ridiculous JC system that comically top-heavy with useless and exorbitantly paid administrators.

  2. You make diversity sound like a crime. And what’s your problem with downtrodden minorities?

    Comes off as racist.

          1. Why are they still working 4 days per week? thiught that was suppose to be a temporary fix when the gas prices were up around $5.00/gallon.

            1. It was a temorary fix when AQMD handed out some sort of mandate or other back in the 90s. The mandate was dropped. The benefit remained.

    1. Downtrodden minorities deserve a shot at a good education. Instead they get bombarded with trite bullshit from Mildred’s ivory tower. And the money that’s supposed to pay for their schooling goes to pay for bloated educrats who don’t educate anything.

  3. I love that picture of the party at the mansion – taken from the outside on a typical Fullerton crumbling asphalt street. You couldn’t get a better image of the two worlds of reality.

  4. How come it’s not okay for her to have a nice big home? Isn’t that the American dream? I sense that there’s some envy out there it may be clouding your judgement. Miss Garcia has done great things for the University and it is one of the largest in the state and boasts an excellent graduation rate that serves have been already Community extremely well. Weren’t most of our parents dreamers at one point or another in their life?

    1. The American dream is not living in a giant home paid for by taxpayers. It’s not hers.

      We literally had a war about this.

  5. The house is part of the package if you don’t like it change the system.
    Speaking of tax returns………….
    How about your exalted leader ?

    1. How glib. When people try the Democrats are only too happy to change the rules, viz. The Case of Alfred A. Newman.

  6. I have to take exception to referring to President Milton Gordon who was president when I worked at CSUF as a bumbling old fool. Allowing for things I cannot know, I always found him to be a gentleman and a scholar and nothing got past him. When he walked into the room, you knew it before you even saw him. To my knowledge, he was fair, treated all with respect, and while he lived at the Ranch, didn’t make the kind of lavish improvements his successor has.
    While I left before Mildred Garcia came, I have not heard one good thing about her from the employees I still know that are still there. Most left within a short time when she arrived.

    1. Amy, I saw Milton him address the CSU Board a year or so before he retired. He was beyond clueless. He was an embarrassment to everyone, especially those of us not making $300,000 a year. Maybe I caught him on a bad day?

      I have no doubt that his successor is even worse. It’s a race to the bottom. Millie is an educrat. She has no academic accomplishment on her resume except a BA. Everything else is BS. I really think CSU needed a Latino name on the doorplate, and it didn’t matter that she had no doctorate – even a fake one.

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