Fish This: Fullerton Bars Need More Drunks

Naw, I done that myself…

You can’t make this stuff up.

At the last Fullerton City Council Meeting, a posse of local bar owners demanded that the city council allow them to stuff more drunken twenty somethings into their bars.  They went so far as to claim their businesses were suffering because Fullerton’s FIRE CODE prevented them from making as much money as their peers in neighboring cities.

The response from our elected city council?

Absolutely.  More drunks.  And it was unanimous.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  You’ve been to downtown Fullerton on a Friday night.  You’ve seen young ladies puking on the sidewalk outside of the Tuscany Club at 9pm.  You’ve seen young men getting into brawls behind Joe’s at 10:30.  And you’ve seen the rivers of piss and vomit trickling into the parking lot behind Matador early in the morning.  It all just glistens in the moonlight.

And of course a grand night out in historic downtown Fullerton wouldn’t be complete without a stabbing outside of the Continental Room, shootings on Santa Fe, and the drunk driving, more drunk driving, inevitably more drunk driving, and . . . did we say the drunk driving?

But hey, we need more drunks!  According to Fullerton Bar owners (and I’m not making this up):

Under the current situation, if coming to historic downtown becomes a negative experience for patrons because they can’t get into restaurants and bars and they are uncomfortable with the crowded streets, sidewalks, and parking lots; they may go to other cities that offer a more positive experience.  As a result, if business owners income’s (sic) decrease to where they are not profitable, some will have to close.

Wait, some of the 50 odd bars in downtown Fullerton will have to close if we keep the FIRE CODE as it is?

GOOD!  And don’t the the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Because let’s be honest.  More people in bars means one thing: MORE DRUNKS.

Instead of caving into the Bar owners who profit on littering our streets and alleys with vomit and excrement each weekend, perhaps our city council should finally take a small step to restore civility.

Let’s not amend the fire code to allow for more drunks drinking.  Let’s keep it exactly how it is and how about we shut down any bar that exceeds its occupancy limit down for a month.  Fullerton’s current practice allows a bar caught breaking the law to reopen on the same night.

Betcha didn’t know that.

What do you think  Fullerton?  Do you want more drunks?  Let your city council know how you feel about their vote, 5-0, to give you more of this, this, and this.

But hey, we’re just a bunch of malcontents.  Maybe more of this, this, and this is exactly what you want.

Congratulations Fullerton Bar Owners.  You went fishing for a handout and caught the means to finally bring some order to the shit show that is Saturday night.

9 Replies to “Fish This: Fullerton Bars Need More Drunks”

  1. These are two different issues . Regardless of the proplem of alchohol in the downtown the building code is a safety code and should not be used as a means to indirectly regulating the problems of drunken mayhem unless that be part of the issue contributing to saftey in the bar. How much tax does it take to discourage smokers from buying another pack. The right road leads to the right place. Its best to tackle the problems directly.

    1. But if you need to drive a nail and all you have is a rock, you use a rock, right?

      In any case the cowardly imbeciles on the council are completely bought and paid for by Germ Popoff and Florentine and Co. They won’t enforce the ban on amplified music, and they refuse to even address the mayhem. That’s because the cop department/union (that is always making a big display about their DUI arrests) is in cahoots with the bar owners, too: more mayhem, more OT, and more fun head-banging for types like Bybee.

  2. Again, Fullerton city council does what is worst for the good people of Fullerton. Allowing more patrons into downtown Fullerton( the equivalent of the Wild West saloons) allows more drunk drivers, more drunks getting into fights(some lethal), sets the stage for a horrific fire where many people needlessly die due to overcrowding in one of Fullerton’s downtown bars, and turns downtown Fullerton into a mindless, savage place driving away decent patrons. And if I can foresee these four scenarios by the time Imread the last sentence of above article, why can’t the “pillars” of Fullerton, our city council see it?

  3. From one of your links:

    “Anyone with information was urged to contact Fullerton Detective Barry Coffman at 714-738-5361.”


  4. The council and the police are not interested in dealing with the complaints about the downtown Fullerton bars. The council members enjoy the bar owners’ campaign contributions and the cops use the bars to get more funding.

    Nothing will change unless you change the council.

  5. “Nothing will change unless you change the council.”

    Fullerton history has not provided any sort of useful paradigm. 2012 ans 1994 both ended in failure.

  6. It appears that the convenience store on Lemon & Commonwealth which closed is now slated to be yet another alchohol establishment which will bring the overcrowded bar traffic down Commonwealth through the housing district.

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