The other day FFFF received this image from an anonymous Friend. What it means and why it was sent is anybody’s guess, but it looks pretty funny, so I share it forthwith.

I guess you provide your own caption.

10 Replies to “What?”

    1. So why do you guys have such a hard-on for Joe it’s so obvious every time someone mentions his name you come unglued.

  1. Two fat cat (bet they’re even wearing spats) out of town developers hawking (good pun huh?) identical turkey projects when they come upon each other whilst surveying the same potential plot of yet unbuilt (or ripe for tear down) land.

  2. Unpublished comment left by me for the censoring Flat Earthers Barry Leviathan and Joe Embryo:

    If the Earth is flat where does the sun go at night? And what accounts for the motion of the planets? And how come I can see the moons of Jupiter orbiting it – obviously a spherical object just like the Earth?

    And NASA is run by Lucifer by the USGS isn’t? Shall we ask the mapmakers at the USGS why lines of longitude taper to nothing at the North Pole?

    Didn’t think so.

    So many questions and not one intelligent answer.

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