Get Run Over, Get Paid

Remember David Tovar, the bike rider guy who got rammed from behind by an unmarked Fullerton police vehicle? In case you don’t, here’s an interview from 2012:

Tovar later filed a civil rights suit against the city of Fullerton, claiming that officer Bryan Bybee intentionally used the vehicle as a deadly weapon.

The city predictably responded by denying all claims.

Well, we went spelunking through settlement agreements approved by City Hall and discovered that the taxpayers up coughed up $20,000 to David Tovar for one of our cops chasing, and crashing into him.


8 Replies to “Get Run Over, Get Paid”

  1. Too bad The Tovester is all tatted up. He could have gotten ten times that amount. His lawyer didn’t want to put him in front of a white, OC jury.

  2. Ex Fullerton Police Chief Hughes motto ” traumatize the tatted guests with the parking lot tram” proudly hangs on Hughes office wall at Disneyland.

  3. I was there watching the afftermath of this incident that night watching from across the street. I was pulled over later that night by officer Warner and Martinez.
    They claimed when I asked why I was pulled over that it was because I crossed the street at the stop light without a light. I was riding a scooter at the time.Maritnez kicked my scooter down the sidewalk. They patted me down thinking I was wearing a body camera and stated sompthing tothe affect …. when I make my complaint. Also stated they would keep my information on file for the rest of my life. Left me there bewilered why I had been pulled over. I figured later it was because I was watching this incident onharbor after it happened that night. Warner is still on the streets. Martinez was a real bully and has retired since. My gut instinct is that this man desreves more than an appology for what happened.

  4. Bybee is a piece of shit and is an “outcast” lateral from LASD. He only got hired bcuz his father worked at FPD.

  5. THIS guys family contacted me after it happened and we advised them to make this video before his bruising diminished and get it on record. Also that they should submit it FFFF, but I advised it could mean more negative attention from the police. despite the risk they wanted tho to get out. What i was told was that its not uncommon for the gang unit to do something like this if they see someone they put away, back on the streets. The cops know that the person is on parole, they also know that any police contact can be a violation. So they regard it as a freebie. The gang unit gets their half chub from beating someone, and the victim wont dare report it. It’s Jill good fun for thugs with no accountability. Well this one took place post Kelly thomas, and for a while there people felt a bit more bold. Good for Mr. Tovar. I’m glad they had to pay out something. It should have been a 100k. Perhaps Tovar being brave enough to risk a violation, and speak out, translated to a few less beatings for other parolees from the worst gang on town …FPD.

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