Young Kim Wants to Be Your Supervisor

No there, there…

The other day our old Friend, The Desert Rat, wrote a post about a Bruce Whitaker vs. Jennifer Fitzgerald county supervisor contest in 2018. Our commenter Fullerton Rag pointed out the presence of Young Kim, recently failed State Assembly incumbent. Sure enough, looks like this Ed Royce (R- Chickenhawk Coop) acolyte is running. And she is wasting no time – the primary election is still 16 months away.


Grab it and greedily consume it as fast as you can…

This means that our lobbyist-councilcreature Jennifer Fitzgerald, another of Ed Royce’s political progeny is most likely out, voluntarily or otherwise. We’ll have to wait on that.

Meantime we have the spectacle of another unqualified Republican pursuing the “Asian female” formula at the County level. Kim knows as little about county government as she did about running the State of California, although in politics ignorance about governance is no longer held as any sort of impediment.


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  1. Norby fared well in the OCBE race. His name is still familiar with voters. Hopefully they can get past his personal problems that haunt him. You can bet the big boys are gonna run a Latina to enter the race. This is shaping up to be interesting for sure.

  2. This is making me hungry for popcorn.

    Club Royce had a bad year locally. Ling Ling, Kim, Bennet take the loss. Fitzgerald loses her council majority. Heartburn all around.

    1. The Little Corporal probably found out he wasn’t on anybody’s short list and isn’t going anywhere. hence the quasi-backtracking.

    2. Let’s suppose Fitzgerald is recalled. Then her political carreer ends right away, no matter how much money backs her up.

        1. Good point and I thought about Flory too as I was typing. I’m convinced a recall is too good ammunition for her opponents competing for a higher office.

                1. He didn’t just run for sheriff – he ran for sheriff as the reform candidate. Got 45% of the countywide vote too, on a shoestring campaign budget. Just to give a little perspective on how awful Brad Gates was back in the day.

  3. Asian female formula? Kim’s parents are from Korea. Any statistics on Kim’s ‘Asian’ support outside the Korean community? A lot of non Korean Asians see Koreans running for office as having a narrow agenda of helping the Korean community and their status in that community. They are very leary of Korean Asian candidates.

  4. I would love to know why that Fitzgerald family photo was posed for, taken and then published. What purpose could it possibly serve for humanity?

    1. The light was suddenly turned on and they got caught scarfing the popcorn at the Discovery Center “Popcorn Explosion” interactive display that cost $38 per kid.

    2. Too much pop corn in one take Reminds me of Flory’s pic swallowing a hotdog. The pic almost won a 2016 award from FFFF

    1. Fitzgerald will always welcome the opportunity to have the picture taken with Royce and mingle with him at fundraiser dinners. The advantage of running as the blessed republican or democratic guarantees the candidate a good number of “default ” votes from those who, -not having any clue on local politics and candidates-, self describe themselves as republicans or democrats. Another advantage is the availability of an established organizational structure and know-how

    2. Yes, Royce is punishing her for trying and failing to carry Larry Bennett across the finish line. Poor judgement. Anyone can see that Larry is a loser.

      1. You know, that has the ring of truth to it – except that it’s hard to see anybody investing much confidence in Sad Sack in the first place.

  5. was registered on November 28, 2016, a few days she conceded her Assembly race. I guess it didn’t take her long to start scheming again.

  6. Young Kim is the creation of her husband “Charles,” who is playing chicken with Ed Royce. He believed that if he got his wife in the race soon enough he could keep other Republican contenders out. That could be why Fitzgerald is pissed off all the time – there’s no need to even pretend to be working for the citizenry anymore.

    1. Ha! Maybe Fitzy will just let her natural instincts lose and re-register as a Jordan Brandman-type Democrat.

  7. Young 0 Kim:
    – owns a house in Cerritos, but rents an apartment in Fullerton.
    – Young and her husband Charles foisted Julie Sa upon the Fullerton voters all the while Ms. Sa lived in in Chino Hills.
    – Young 0 has many suits and as far as anyone can tell – – they’re all empty.
    – Young 0 likes to smile
    – Young 0’s voting record in Sacto looks more like scared sheep gone wild.
    – currently, there are 3 Asian Americans on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. If, by way of default Young 0 manages to get elected would make it 4 Asian Americans representing 3.1 million people of all races in a County with an entire Asian population of barely 17%.
    – Mystic predicts Young 0 Kim a goes down in the 9th.

    1. “– currently, there are 3 Asian Americans on the Orange County Board of Supervisors”

      Yeah, and at least one of them lives in their actual district.

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