Quick, get clear of the impending collapse…

Remember Fullerton First? It’s the feel-good facebook fraud created by one Gretchen Cox, and populated by the usual suspects – whose mission is to run interference for the scamology perpetrated by the likes of our former DUI city manager, Joe Felz, the cops who let him go, and lobbyist-councilperson Jennifer Fitzgerald and her campaign contributors – like the construction manager Griffin Structures that “oversaw” the Hillcrest Stairs to Nowhere ripoff. You might recall that the egregious Fitzgerald is also a proud, flag-waving member of Fullerton First. Well, that sure figures.

Here’s a fun reminder of how the folks of Fullerton First deal with the embarrassment of expensive Fullerton government failure. The strategy is to bury legitimate criticism in double talk and obfuscation.

“Fhern” Alvarez brings up the serious problem of the manifest shoddy workmanship on the Hillcrest steps. Notice how Ms. Cox immediately concocts a made-up “report” that allegedly addresses “point by point every construction concern.” Somehow the worst example of a public works f-up is transformed into a “well-done” project where the contractor went “above and beyond contract and safety requirements” – an outright lie.

When Alvarez persists, Cox hilariously tells her (or him) that people might have rolled down the hill anyway before the $1.6 million steps were built and suggests that somehow child safety on these rickety contraptions is a matter of individual responsibility!

Fortunately, Alvarez will not be dissuaded by the bullshit. And so Fhern, FFFF salutes you.

Gretchen Gregory Cox Fhern- I was writing a response to your comment and accidentally deleted it when some wierd thing popped up. My apologies and please feel free to repost it. In the meantime, there is a report that goes point by point thru every construction concern that has been raised since the steps opened in May. It is actually a well done project where the builder went above and beyond the contract and safety requirements at no additional cost to the city- and came in under budget. Just so you know.
· July 8 at 12:46pm

Fhern Alvarez No worries. But I have been there numerous times and there are spots where the boards are cracking and areas where if a kid is left unattended they can fall down a hill. Doesn’t matter if it’s under budget. In the long run it will cost more.
· July 8 at 3:50pm

Gretchen Gregory Cox People could have fallen down that hill long before the stairs went in. At some point when are individuals responsible for not paying attention? Should the city fence off every inch to prevent that- I don’t mean that to be sarcastic…. just asking what people think would work best.
· July 8 at 4:03pm

Fhern Alvarez Gretchen Gregory Cox it is a city project and people now a days are only looking for an easy way to make money. Just saying
· July 8 at 4:05pm

Peggy Jarman Ciley Really 😳
· July 8 at 9:23pm

Kim Wolfe The exposed wires I saw in a photo by the stairs really concerned me
· July 11 at 9:09pm

Fhern Alvarez Kim Wolfe not just the wires, the big gaps left unblocked, concrete cracking, boards cracking and the danger for splinters. Oh well very poor job in general


13 Replies to “Fhern”

  1. Came in under budget? Most likely because the goobers in City Hall overestimated that pile of fire wood.

    But to declare that the this project was well done is absolutely disgraceful.

  2. Cox is a tool.
    The stairs will not see Sweet 16.
    The city’s budget is not balanced.
    The sky is not falling and the earth is not flat.

  3. Wow, it makes you wonder what sort of diseased mind can look at a pile of crap and call it chocolate pudding, all in the name of protecting the incompetent clowns in City hall who made us pay for this monstrosity (no Sebourn, nobody really ever thought you were serious about getting our money back – that would take courage).

    Then you realize this woman is best buds with Flory and Fitzgerald, and the mystery is solved. Their motives are different but the strategy is the same.

  4. She also promised Alvarez that she was going to find out why the elevator booddoggle is dead in the water. Well you go Gretch, can’t wait for the next series of lies.

    1. Fhern also brought up the Poison Park. She didn’t buy Cox’s lame-o “it was contaminated” bullshit, rightly pointing out that you can’t build a cabana in Fullerton without soils testing. So how did millions get wasted on a park that has been closed for over 14 years with ZERO accountability?


      She’s touching all the bases. I predict her tenure at Fullerton First will soon be over.

  5. Dear Ms. Cox,

    Please produce that “point-by-point report” and publish it on your page so I can obliterate it. I dare you.

    – Fullerton Engineer

  6. Lol, I sure hope she produces answers. I will keep pushing her to give me what we want 😉 And no I’m not a Ms

    1. Fhern?

      So far the “answers” have been nonsense. I can’t wait to hear Gretch’s take on the idiot elevators and the Poison Park.

  7. So where is this “report” that give FitzFloryCox’s idiot steps a clean bill of health – despite the scores of problems visible to the naked eye?

    A forensic audit of all Fullerton construction projects is needed. Of course we’ll never get it so along as Whiter and Sebourn are satisfied with doing nothing but showing up to collect their $800 per month.

    Just wait until Griffin Structures gets done bungling the bridge to Nowhere.

  8. Does Whitaker understand that this list of sideways projects in Fullerton makes him look really bad? You would think that at a practical level he would understand that demanding accountability would make him look good – even if he really didn’t care about it.

    1. Staying on top of this stuff would require way too much effort. it’s easier to jus spin yarns about liberal conspiracies than to do the job you were elected to do. It’s more fun just to play mayor.

      1. Bruce is working behind the scenes to get your concerns addressed. Any day now those stairs will be safe and your $1.6 million will be returned.

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