Coming Up For Air

In FFFF’s early days, this blog noted how the Fullerton Observer and its “editor” Sharon Kennedy would bend over backwards to avoid printing anything that might embarrass City officialdom. In the years after that blog post, the Observer remained true to form. It continually went to bat for the bureaucrats in increasingly shameful ways, even when it violated the tenets of the Yellowing Observer’s own professed liberalism. The culmination, perhaps, was the Observer’s series of misdirections and avoidances in the wake of the Kelly Thomas murder in 2011.

It’s dark in here.

But wait. One of our Friends just noticed that the front page of the latest Observer includes an unexpected headline. The article seems to acknowledge the recent claims of corruption in city hall as asserted by the OC DA investigator Abraham Santos.

The piece discusses the facts of the claims against Dan Hughes and Joe Felz without the insertion of Kennedy’s usual dismissive editorial remarks. How could this happen? Is Kennedy turning over a new leaf?

No. This is the work of the Observer’s new co-editor, Jesse La Tour. How he managed to slip this honest piece of work past Kennedy, we may never know.

9 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. just a guy

    Kennedy is getting old and print newspapers are almost worthless. The writing is on the wall. I think she’s in the process of turning over the paper to the next generation of liberals.

  2. D. Johnson

    I’m going to start reading the Observer again now that someone with principles is behind the helm. Go Jessee, go!

  3. Fullerton Lover

    Why is the Fullerton Observer allowed to be distributed inside of the U.S. Post Office, while other local papers like the O.C. Weekly, are relegated to the newsracks on the sidewalk in front?

    Seems like there should be parity for the press.

    1. streets of Fullerton

      If you want Adult only newspapers you can get them at the smoke shop across the street.

      1. Fullerton Lover

        You missed my point.

        Newspapers or circulars of ANY sort are not supposed to be distributed inside of a U.S. Post Office.

    2. James Cameron

      The Observer is not the press. It is an amateur hour production that follows no journalistic ethics. Therefore it must be receiving special dispensation from the USPS as a mentally challenged operation.


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