Against All Odds

Here’s Fullerton Council candidate Jesse La Tour, standing on the corner of Chapman and Harbor yesterday pitching his handmade campaign for Fullerton City Council. Click and enjoy.

Well, that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me: a guy having fun standing up for himself. His ideas? Debatable. But you’ve gotta love the stripped down simplicity of the whole thing: no IEs, no union or repuglican support. This guy would be a hundred times better than the empty sack Bankhead or the hollow log McKinley.

So here’s to you JLT! Thanks for the effort.

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  1. It’s sorta sad if you think about it. Were it not for our government’s largess and willingness to expand into all sorts of areas where it does not belong, candidates like La Tour would have a shot at winning despite the lack of funding.

    Instead he is forced to compete with candidates who are financed by all sorts of financial interests in various local schemes. The only way to reduce the cost of campaigning is to reduce the power and influence of the government itself.

  2. Although I disagree with Jesse on several issues, I have MORE respect for him as a person than any other candidate I can remember.

    I think it takes more guts to stand alone on a street corner, holding a sign, than to stand alone on an issue before the City Council. He wouldn’t be afraid to oppose the status quo. That, my friends, is refreshing.

    If Jesse isn’t elected today, I hope he runs again.

    1. Yes, you might. But not over the pension whores Bankhead and McKinley that your union is completely in bed with.

    1. People obviously saw that a guy making more off pension than he ever earned in salary working for the government is wrong and rejected McKinley.

      As for Nelson, it appears that there are two dudes that work for the police union, Sidhu’s family and campaign staff and Curt Pringle that care about the later issue. Nice try though.

  3. I think if Jesse shaved that bread of his he could be the next Bankhead. Someone I hate but have to respect for being on City Council for so long.

  4. Although Jesse lost, his campaign has nothing to be ashamed of. I think he said he was spending $1000 on the campaign.

    That comes to $0.29 per vote for the 3446 votes he received. Hell, he kicked everybody’s ass in this department. Roland Chi spent AT LEAST $6.39 per vote based on the spending reported to the OC Register.

    So, Jesse, a job well done.

  5. Cost per vote is retarded it all comes down to who wins. Bankhead spent next to nothing too and he won. I hope Jesse shaves becomes more conservative and trys again.

    1. Perhaps you missed my point. Jesse proved he knows how to do more with less. And he’s willing to go about it alone.

      Wouldn’t it be a refreshing change if he could bring those skills to the City Council?

  6. Who cares about the way he looks, all that matters are the issues he stands for and what he could do for our city.

    1. It’s just the way it is. I like Jesse a lot. I would have voted for him too but he seemed a lttle stuck on art. Hopefully he runs again in two years and has a clearer picture…no pun intended.

    1. Fullerton is tagger central and getting worse. It’s hightime the PD step up and nail these little bastards!

  7. Thanks M. Frank I’m going to put Graffiti hot line on my cell phone speed dial — Call in when I see graffiti

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