Big Downtown Developer (Me) Finishes Historic Project

After many years, and many splinters, my brother George and I recently finished our latest project.

For those that bought into the anti-recall propaganda that I’m some sort big-time developer, well here you go: I moved a 375 sq.ft. house about 200 feet and restored it!

To read more about my big downtown development project please read the article by The OC Weekly’s Brandon Ferguson, here.

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  1. To accomplish such a project, Fullerton architect Frank LLoyd Crane, Mr. Redevelopment Galvan and lobbyst Ackerman must have been commissioned. Additionally, extensive Redevelopment money must have been spent.
    Or else, talent, passion and private money really works!

  2. Clear violation of the Redevelopment Agency Agreement. Subsection 2345-3411.29998-dirt for a garden-not allowed-must eat GMO produce from Wal Mart.

    1. I join you in hoping that someday after his demise, someone moves Tony’s house 200′, just for the hell of it. That must have been what you meant, right?

    1. Envy, jealousy and gluttony are alive and well here in Fullerton; some say it’s everywhere you are,,,we all know who’s who. 😉

  3. One of the things that a majority of people don’t realize about Tony Bushala is that he isn’t a developer per se, he’s truly a preservationist of this town and the buildings within them that we’ve all grown to love.

    How can you not respect that?

    My only personal regret, is that Tony wasn’t around to save Leo Fender’s original workshop, which was originally located in downtown Fullerton.

  4. Wow…the Ackerman/Jones/Bankhead/McKinley forces are insecure, evidenced by lame comments.
    Hey Administrator, isn’t it hard to have a “battle of wits with unarmed opponents!”

    1. There afraid he’s going to subdivide the building into condos and corner the market in that area

  5. Maybe you should name after one of Fullertons finest, Village Flory or Meyer, or Armstrong, or Wilson, or Clesceri, or Keller, or Sellers, or wait a couple of months and dedicate to the recall. Seems appropriate considering the buildings’ past history of demise.

  6. Amazing what crawls out of the gutter when:
    A) Facts come out to show just cause to recall the three heads on the chopping block.
    B) More and more “steppin’ on their own weenies” occur by these three and their supporters.
    C) Anything comes out to disprove the picture the anti recaller try to paint of Tony.

    Tony, way to go, my friend. I’d like to hear details next time we’re able to get together.

    Proud to call you my friend.

  7. admin :
    Erin, it’s now a small house and we added 200 sq. ft. to it.

    Tony, you and George did a fine job restoring the house. Congratulations!

  8. Richard’s barber shop, one of the last original pre redevelopement shops on harbor just closed its Doors. The decor was always the same for as long as I can remember. Two asian girls where scraping his sign off the window where it appears a nail salon may open. I don’t know why it closed and have never met MR. Richard Garcia but it feels like the end of an era.

  9. Tony,

    This really is cool stuff. Not sure if it’s just timing to show something you did on your own or not, but either way it’s nice when people do cool restorations of property that would otherwise be long gone.


  10. Houses of the early era in fullerton where moved around and had similar building materials.A large house that used to be on Harbor north of Chapman was moved north 4 blocks on Brookdale.

    If you live in a house that was built before 1940 you can see a picture of it photographed from the 1978 Architectural Building Survey, taken by the city of Fullerton to document every building in Fullerton built before 1940.

  11. The second photographic project will add 200 historic photographs to the library catalog that were taken in Fullerton in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These photographs were designated “Centennial Collection” just type in keyword like “train depot.”

  12. Such a massive number of comments regarding a high quality privately funded project demonstrates the community’s hunger for the post government Redevelopment era.

  13. I am tired of hearing all the negativism about Tony. I don’t know him but it’s obvious the old boy network has it out for him only because what he wants done in the city doesn’t line their coffers.

  14. But Tony, how were you able to pull this off without owning 3/5ths of the council? I don’t understand?

  15. I remember several years ago when the RDA was flexing their muscles, many of the old “plantation” houses that were on property they wanted to condemn and take by eminent domain were labeled as “cracker boxes”.
    This may have been part of the multi-$million fiasco to move the McDonalds closer to Fullerton College. or before??
    The mind is a wonderful thing to lose!

  16. Nice to see Erin on TV tonight. I understand TV adds like 100lbs to your appearance. Love that porn star look Ron is going for. The guys at the frat play a drinking game when that skinny blonde tweekers chick talks. Whenever she sez “you guys, or really” we drink. Love the show you guys are great!

    1. A few words to add to the game
      You don’t work for me!
      Steppn on your own weenie!
      I love fullerton!
      Justice for Kelly!

  17. SAE :
    Nice to see Erin on TV tonight. I understand TV adds like 100lbs to your appearance. Love that porn star look Ron is going for. The guys at the frat play a drinking game when that skinny blonde tweekers chick talks. Whenever she sez “you guys, or really” we drink. Love the show you guys are great!

    Pass 2nd grade spelling much? Didn’t think so. The money shot is waiting for you SAE…jackass (although I might be in on that drinking game lol).

  18. There seems to be a break-down in communications in Fullerton. I just read Gregs’ blog about the sex molester in the vicinity of Las Palmas/Flintridge.
    Shown was a FPD alert on these incidents. The question is: who the hell did they alert?
    At least put a static on Channel Three.

  19. Even though my dad committed suicide at the age of 90, I was the first child born in Fullerton. True story!

  20. Awesome! This is going look great in the hood next to my other “relocated” houses! FTT members love to live in historic buildings!

  21. According to my estimation, this Schumacher building is perhaps the oldest functioning building in Fullerton.


  22. Congrats Tony and George on successful completion of a very worthwhile project. The article does your effort justice. Where is the building located now? I surfed around on Google Maps and couldn’t find it.

    Surely by now the Three Blind Lice must have completed many similar projects given their many years of dedication to the city. I’ve been looking, but so far have found only mountains of stucco-coated craaaaap.

    1. Steve, thanks for the encouraging words. My family and I are fortunate to have the opportunity to preserve and restore some of Fullertons history. Here’s a partial list of projects we’ve completed in downtown Fullerton:

      The Elephant Packing House – 1924 (National Register)
      The Ice House – 1902 (Local Register)
      The Byrum Residence – 1924
      The Santa Fe Depot – 1929 (National Register)
      The First Mutual Savings & Loan Bld. – 1933 (Local Register)
      The Schumacher – 1889 (what now appears to be the oldest functioning building in Fullerton).
      The Cooke House – 1915 (Significant structure)

      And before I forget, The Schumacher is located at 122.5 E. Truslow Ave., just behind yet another beauty whos name escapes my memory.

      Now come to think about it, the Recallees might be right; I am a downtown developer of a sort.

      1. None of the 3 clowns pocket developers hold a candle to the Bushala’s. What a classy family and I’m proud to know you.

  23. vw type 53a :…and some look more stoned than others lol.

    Those of us, that were, have liscences, and dont have small children at home,can you say the same?

  24. SAE :
    Nice to see Erin on TV tonight. I understand TV adds like 100lbs to your appearance. Love that porn star look Ron is going for. The guys at the frat play a drinking game when that skinny blonde tweekers chick talks. Whenever she sez “you guys, or really” we drink. Love the show you guys are great!

    You know when scared animals are cornered they defecate all over themselves. Boy George and you guys would make a great MTV reality show. The greek moniker reminds me of sewer nights down on the peninsula. Back in those days we would drink to good things and good times. I digress. We have now a new breed of the brotherhood that sports black uniforms and lusts after shiny skulls, blood and the demonic. You get your cowardly kicks off of mocking courageous women who would be ashamed to be your mothers. Come on down to microphone some Tuesdays and tell your stories. Get on camera and we can analyze the craters on your mugs. We can have our own drinking game and name them all. I will bring the jagermeister bearing the symbol of your deity.

  25. Speaking of moving something 200′ didn’t Bankhead want to move the McDonald’s 200′ and wasn’t that going to cost $6,000,000?

  26. Spunky :A few words to add to the gameRidiculous!You don’t work for me!Steppn on your own weenie!evil!I love fullerton!Justice for Kelly!

    Your killing me larry!!!!!!

  27. HAY TONY: you know that picturesque house on the southwest corner of Wilshire and Malden. I think it’s a law office now? I want it. Use some of your Armenian pull and buy it and give it to me. I WANT IT!!!

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