Another Reason to Be Glad You Don’t Live in the Bible Belt

Okay, this isn’t about Fullerton, per se, although I have no doubt that there are a few Fullertonian authoritarian Republicans who would subscribe to the ravings of this brain-dead cracker fucktard:

Even up here in dog heaven I thank my lucky stars I didn’t live in Orlando, Florida, and y’all know my life in Fullerton was no bed of roses.

Do yourselves a favor. Next time you run into one of these moronic “neo-con” assholes, make sure to slap ’em up alongside their empty melons. And remember 9/11 by listening to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

NAZIs burn books. Free men and women and canines celebrate freedom.

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  1. The pastor isn’t a Neo-Con, just a dumbass. Neo-Cons cynically wield the culture war to their own favor, but aren’t typically holy rollers themselves…

    1. Yeah, but for the neo-con, the anti-Islam thing really is really nurtured with religious fervor.

      True that pastor is just a bigot and if he didn’t have Muslims he’d be ragging against the uppity niggahs. But he’s really just the uneducated side of the same coin.

      I lift my leg on all of them.

  2. He’s trying to create a publicity event to sell some of his own books. Who needs him when we have our very own Wiley Drake right here in OC?

  3. “People like that should be out on the street, shouting and hollering with a cardboard sign and selling pencils from a cup.”. Christopher Hitchens

  4. He’s in the same fetid pool with Fred Phelps and Laurie Cardoza-Moore. All of them bigots. At least here, we have the opportunity to excoriate them in print or online and have counter protests.

  5. While I don’t agree with his reasoning for performing this act. I must be willing to support his right to do it.

    I’m more concerned with the fact that the “free press” is setting this situation up to fail. Someone will in all likelihood perish as a result of this burning. Had the press not grabbed hold of this story no one would really know about it and this act would have gone on to a small crowd.

    Consider this, now that this is a national story, when someone does perish as a result, the Press can then point the finger at anyone who is a Christian. Unfortunately the uneducated will presume that all who believe Christ is the Son of God will be lumped into this individuals inciteful belief system, which is in fact not true.

    To whit, for those of you who disagree with the concept of Christianity I support your right to disagree, and for that matter fight for your ability to remain in disagreement.

    However there is a caveat here, take a look at what the Press is doing, there will indeed be backlash toward Christians, soon enough that back lash may land on any who disagree with the principals of freedom. That should shudder all freedom loving individuals.

  6. Jefferson, I don’t think it helps to blame the media. The news industry pays its bills by covering whatever the public is interested in. Obviously this ridiculous side show generated quite a buzz.

  7. Oh, bullshit Jefferson Thomas.
    Sure, he has the right to burn whatever he damned well pleases. He can even burn the American flag, the bible, his divorce papers, and his birth certificate if he wants. NO ONE including my hard right military & veteran friends are arguing this point. They’re also not arguing the point that the Imam in NYC has the right to build the mosque wherever he damned well pleases.

    They’re just saying for the sake of decency to both –don’t do it and you’re an asshole if you do.

    You can’t blame the MSM for this one. This story was caught by bloggers, facebookers and tweeters. The MSM is hardwired into SN these days, and literally, the followed it. Can you blame them? I don’t think so. If you look at the sheer number of people blogging, tweeting and facebooking this fool (and others) it outweighs the coverage the MSM is giving it.

    Bible belt, schmible belt. Believe me Orange County is more bible belt than a lot of you are willing to acknowledge.

  8. OMG…

    I am not going to get any work done! ANOTHER liberal whack job blog!

    I think it is kinda of stupid to burn the book!

    I think he should have created a web site that describes all the lovely things done to women and children in muslim countries all over this world!
    Document and feature all the hangings, stoning and burning of women and children. The beheadings of the like of poor Danny Pearl kinda gives you a sense that this religion is more like a terrorist group with a few good guys just trying to pray to their indoctrinated prophet!

    No need to burn the book at all!

    1. You need to learn the difference between liberal and civil libertarian.

      Actually, there appears to be a lot you need to learn. Let’s hope it’s not too late – but somehow I get the feeling that it is.

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