So Why Did Rackauckas Endorse Roland Chi After Criminally Charging Him?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The charges leveled by the OC DA Tony Rackauckas against Roland Chi were as long as your arm, and stemmed from the tsunami of flagrant and persistent health code violations at a Garden Grove market. The case appears to have finally culminated in a plea agreement reached last April.

The dining experience was not world class...

An alert Friend calling him/herself Vic Tayback noticed that our hapless DA, just a few short months later, has lent his name to the Chi Fullerton Council campaign as an endorser! Wow, that’s setting the bar pretty low, even for Rackauckas, and of course not only makes you wonder what T-Rack’s endorsement is worth, but also to contemplate the composition of the man’s moral fiber – if any exists.

Jesus, it's not like he actually killed anybody...

Rack has been criticized in the past for his inability or unwillingness to pursue political corruption in OC – like Harry  Siduh’s blatant perjury. Now it appears he is willing to endorse just about any kind of misfeasance.

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20 thoughts on “So Why Did Rackauckas Endorse Roland Chi After Criminally Charging Him?

  1. Maybe he thought it was the “ROLAND chi” on the Fullerton campaigns signs, and not Roland Chi the supermarket owner from Garden Grove.

  2. Rackauckas endeavored to become the focal point for ALL of the false “lawsuits” lodged against Toyota – you remember, for those “mysterious acceleration problems.”

    That action by Rackauckas was the “government employee lawyer” equivalent of ambulance chaser activity by the frauds and creeps of VP candidate John Edwards’ ilk.

    I was astonished to learn that there were something like 1,800 “mysterious acceleration” liability lawsuits filed against Toyota. ALL of the Plaintiffs (aka the LIARS) claimed that their Toyota cars suddenly just accelerated “on their own” to terrific speeds and “caused” those Plaintiffs to get into car accidents (with “injuries” and trauma? perhaps).

    But then (AMAZINGLY – i.e. that a government agency would actually investigate and document anything accurately) the NTSB (Nat’l Traffic Safety Board – or some other similar agency) reviewed ALL 1,800 incidents, but with the aid of the fact that Toyota had built into their cars an electronic RECORDER of the data about the operation of their vehicles.

    The NTSB (or whomever?) “discovered” that all but two or three cases were crystal clearly the result of the Plaintiff vehicle operator stepping hard onto the accelerator until he ran his car into his “accident” – and into his lawyer’s office to sue Toyota for the dangerous “defect.”

    Toyota settled the ONE meritorious law suit yesterday.

    The phony hopeful headline grabbing Prosecuting DA (i.e. whomever “won” that distinctiion over phony Rackauckas) must have been as disappointed as were the 1,799 other phony Plaintiffs.

    Does Rackauckas come up for re-election again sometime? Perhaps we can dump him too.

  3. I just looked this up on the OC Courts website ( The case number is 10CM01058

    It shows that all charges against Roland Chi were dismissed. The others involved, Jon Sik Chi and Bruce Bermjin Song and each pled guilty to one count of “Failure to properly maintain a food facility.”

    Perhaps charges against Roland we and were dropped because he wasn’t involved. I doubt T-Rack would have endorsed Roland if he was responsible for everything that going on at the market.

    1. I don’t see much of an issue here as it relates to Roland. You are not going to agree with me.

      I don’t think that the charges would have been dropped if he was responsible for the problem.

      Your highlighted sentence is the only reference to Roland in the entire document you posted. The rest of it is littered with references to to others.

      At worst, this shows a lack of judgment on his part for trusting that the others would clean up the problem. I doubt the charges would have been dropped if that statement alone was enough for Roland to take ownership of the problem.

      I’d like to see this campaign start focusing on real issues – don’t sink to Art Pedroza’s level by focusing on side issues that aren’t relevant o the campaign.

      1. Side issue? A candidate’s willful involvement in a cut-and-dry case of criminal neglect is absolutely germane to his ability to serve on a city council.

      2. A side issue? You must be joking. The chowder head is pitching himself as some sort of businessman – monkey business.

        Say good night, Roland.

  4. Without joining your anti-Chi jihad (you’re probably right about him but I don’t have time to check it out) this is comically illustrative of T-Rack.

    What sort of crimes or misdemeanors ARE serious to this guy and his gang? He is, as I’ve said for some time, “as good as no DA.”

  5. What would a “DA Todd Spitzer” would have done in this case?

    It is time to DUMP T-Rack NOW! Recall…NOW! Draw up the papers and march to the 10th floor of the DA’s office!

  6. So Roland the businessman doesn’t actually run his own business? Hard to believe.

    Roland, it’s your responsibility, your mistake. Own it.

  7. Can you really not see the situation? Dad owns the business, Roland is in place probably to deal with the English speaking part of the business.
    Health Dept calls him and says “This needs to be taken care of.”
    Roland says “Of course! I’ll make sure it’s done.”
    Calls dad: “Hey you need to do this and this at the store.”

    Then, when dad doesn’t take care of it (for whatever reason, maybe he thinks it isn’t important, maybe he doesn’t have $ for it) EVERYBODY involved is named in the court docs.

    I usually enjoy the exchange of ideas that goes on here, FFFF stapling this thing solely on Chi as if he is pouring radiactive sewage into the water supply is just goofy as hell and way out of proportion.

  8. Local, there will be plenty of time for us to go over the details carefully so you can get the entire picture. In the end, you’ll see that the DA specifically warned Roland after nearly a dozen visits that he would be charged with a crime if his business did not stop its health violations, which were making people sick.

    He apparently did not take any of the warnings seriously and neither did his father.

    Your insinuation that Roland was a mere translator is laughable given the excessive warnings and documentation.

  9. Maybe the Chi’s figured they were above the law, you know with friends in high places like Corona and T-Rak they could flip the health dept. the bird and nothing would happen, jus’a thought.

  10. I hear you Travis-I’m mostly peeved at stuff like comment 18. The idea that just ANYone who gave dough to Carona etc could expect some sort of special treatment is ludicrous-lots of people supported Carona because they thought he was a good guy for the job, probably because he didn’t campaign on a platform of “I’ll give special favors to all contributors.”
    Jeez you guys–everything is not a conspiracy just because a few people are shitbags.

  11. Registrar of Voters is such a wonderful place. They keep all those nasty records that show the trail from one person to another. Like the link below that shows Roland Chi’s donation to TR accumulates to max of $1,400 (page 65 of 112),

    And then on page 73, Jong Chi also gave a max of $1,500 so the Chi family has given TR $2,900…..hhhhmmmm. And even more on page 74!,%202005-June%2030,%202005.pdf

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