Orange County Republican Party Endorses Greg Sebourn

This press release just came over from the Greg Sebourn campaign:

With a 2/3 margin, the Orange County Republican Party’s Central Committee voted to give Greg Sebourn the Party’s endorsement. The vote came after a 5-0 recommendation from the Endorsement Committee just two weeks ago.

“The Orange County Republican Party stood up and spoke. Clearly they want to further advance the Party’s platform which speaks of limited government, lower taxes, and the power of the entrepreneur,” says endorsed council candidate Greg Sebourn. “The Party has recognized that being a Republican In Name Only, or RINO, does nothing to advance the conservative movement. RINOs are what have turned off so many good conservatives from the Republican Party.”

The endorsement comes just days after Sebourn received endorsements from the California Republican Assembly (Fullerton), the North Orange County Conservative Coalition, and the Fullerton Tea Party. Greg Sebourn is also endorsed by Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, Assemblyman Chris Norby, and Supervisor Shawn Nelson.

Greg Sebourn has distinguished himself from the other 4-year candidates with his promises to not take the City’s pension and medical benefits, to close down the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency, and reform the City’s broken and unfunded pension system.

If you would like to meet Greg Sebourn, please attend the grand opening of his new campaign headquarters, Tuesday, September 28, 5:30PM, at 511 S. Harbor Blvd. , Fullerton 92832 . The headquarters is being shared by Assemblyman Chris Norby, Bruce Whitaker (candidate for the 2-year seat), and Chris Thompson (candidate for the Fullerton School Board) all of whom will be on hand to speak with.

More information about Greg can be found on the campaign website at

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18 thoughts on “Orange County Republican Party Endorses Greg Sebourn

      1. I went to City Hall last night to hear the 6 candidates that were there, and Mr. Sebourn was notable for his absence. I need to know where he stands besides “conservative”.
        Maybe he thinks that since he got the endorsement of the Republican Party, North Orange County Conservative Coalition and Fullerton Tea party he didn’t need to? He’s wrong. We care about a lot of things that a party platform does not address.
        That’s nice he’s having an open house, but I’d rather see him in a forum as was presented last night. I hope to at one of those coming up.

        1. Amy
          Christian said, “There are several more forums and public meet-and-greets like with the Chamber of Commerce and NUFF for the public to ask questions of all of the candidates.”

          Maybe you should call him or email him. These guys all want votes so they will talk to people who call them.

          And why didn’t a woman or two run?

  1. Let me guess, the only candidates worthy of any votes are Sebourn, Whitaker, Levinson and in the school board Thompson. Shocker!

  2. As I read stories like this it actually just shocks me to realize how completely extremely sick I am of the PHONY Republican Party, of which I have been a member for a very long time. The pathetic phrase “Conservative Orange County Republican” literally makes me gag.

    PHONY guys like Bankhead and Jones, who voted for expansion and continuation of the BIG GOVERNMENT THEFT perpetrated by the pathetic corrupting “Redevelopment Agency” and the PHONY puppet-master, Ed Royce, putting forward and endorsing those same pathetic candidates, makes me want to campaign AGAINST any-all incumbents (even in this State where the opposition are Obama-Communists)!

  3. Rain, you are right. Maybe Royce could use a shakedown…or is it a smack down. Ah hell, maybe both.

    Gilligan, the shocker will come later when you catch a whiff of Big Mac “I’m packin heat and wearin my police vest to forums” McKinley and Don “the Dodo Bird” Bankhead.

    Now, go find Skipper and Ginger.

  4. He also distinguished himself by not appearing at the League of Women Voters candidate forum at city hall last night. Maybe it was unavoidable, but it’s too bad we didn’t have the opportunity to hear what he had to say. Sounds like he could have supplied some alternatives to redevelopment shell game.

  5. There are several more forums and public meet-and-greets like with the Chamber of Commerce and NUFF for the public to ask questions of all of the candidates.

    1. I don’t know that but I do know that I will not cast a vote for any candidate that associates with this group and I know I’m not alone with that thought. You must be very concerned of Roland Chi with all the negative hit pieces against him. By the way who owns the headquarter property for all your boys running?

  6. I’m sure you’ll be posting Pat McKinley’s endorsement by the OC Republican party too, right? I mean, he was also endorsed and intellectual honesty would dictate that you mention………..

    Wait, I apologize. I didn’t realize what blog I was on. Clearly none of that here!

    1. The only positive thing posted will be for the candidates that share the same headquarters on S. Harbor. They’re are bloggers and/or former bloggers of this site or personal friends. Lots of credibility here.

  7. Just got a Robo-Call from Norby asking me to vote for Sebourn. Greg you should have seperated yourself from him. His attachment will not benefit you. I saw that you want to have 1 unpaid volunteer fire/police for every 2 full time position……what dream world do you live in where you will have that many qualified people willing to work for free? I noticed you graduated from a police academy but found a new career path while testing to get hired……….right! No wonder you line up with the 4Fers.

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