Greenhut: Pension Reform Must Happen at a Local Level

Author Steven Greenhut delivers a dismal report for those looking for pension reform to come out of the state legislature: It ain’t gonna happen. Cities and schools must save themselves.

But we are still the masters of our fate. If we move quickly, there are things that can be done to prevent this financial disaster from passing on to our children, although they will require unconventional courage, wisdom and action.  So who’s going to step up to the plate and rescue Fullerton?

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15 thoughts on “Greenhut: Pension Reform Must Happen at a Local Level

  1. Mr. Greenhut provides important valuable service by refocusing us back to our own hometown(s).

    It is only “impossible” to do the right thing until you set your mind to in fact do it!

    And local government is just a photcopier and a fax machine away from “national” government.

    Fullerton led California in kicking out three stupid deaf local City Councilmembers, when they passed an ILLEGAL Sales Tax.

    Bruce Whitaker LED THE WAY in that superb success, REPEALING that illegal tax and removing the lousey politicians who illegally voted it into place.

    That is how we get the right things done, locally, Statewide and nationally, by electing excellent, honest, intelligent, hard-working, private business-experienced people like Bruce Whitaker to our City Council.


  2. public servants have morphed into Guts the butler, the servant who consumed more of his employers food than his employers. the problem is outrageous pensions, the cure is trimming government at all levels resulting in less public servants. how many government agencies acutally serve the people? reform will not occur within government, it will take voter outrage from both the private and public sector to reduce government bloat and Obama’s proliferation of government sponsored enterprises that suck the life out of private enterprise. greenhut is a hero for his efforts to expose and stop the bankrupting of our nation by greedy persons.

  3. “So who’s going to step up to the plate and rescue Fullerton?”

    Don Bankhead?

    Marty Burbank?

    Pat C. McKinley?

    Dr. HeeHaw?

    Aaron B. Gregg?

    Roland Pt. Chi?

    Fullerton is a RINO Valhalla. Yikes, we are screwed.

        1. Are you including Nelson? I seem to remember him being on the council the last 8 years and when he left weren’t we in the worst shape ever?

        2. Duh, I wasn’t talking about pensions. How do you think our downtown area is going? Not enough bars to drain city resources every night. Let’s try and have a council member be a part owner of a bar or two to see how that works.

    1. That would be Councilman Whitaker to you, Bleed the Freak..

      BTW, whatever happened to your boy Sidhu? Oh yeah, fishing for quarters at the Santa Ana Zoo monkey fountain.

  4. Now Jo-Jo or Sippy, which do you prefer to be called? I haven’t commented on this website in a few days because I could tell your feelings were getting hurt and I’m sure your momma was running out of hot pockets to make you feel better, so I took a break. I guess now you’re trying to pay me back by calling me The Real John Adams. I wouldn’t even put myself in the same catagory as him since he is much smarter then me, quicker wit and he obviously hates you and this site more then I ever could.

    I actually get a kick from reading all your articles. Funny shit. Now go fix yourself a new batch of kool aid before the last batch you drank wears off. Oh and don’t forget to get momma to make you a hot pocket or some mac and cheese.

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