Sidhu Abandons Campaign Headquarters

All that’s left is a chair, a box, and a bag of trash.

Okay, to be accurate we’re not sure that this wasn’t the only stuff that was ever in Hide and Seek’s humming Fullerton HQ – the one from which hundreds of  mythical “volunteers” were to fan out, spreading the Sidhu gospel of “job, job, jobs.”

Either way, the forlorn space is a perfect metaphor for the completely hollow Sidhu campaign. And apparently Fightin’ Harry wants even more self-inflicted abuse.

Well, bring it on, boys.

10 Replies to “Sidhu Abandons Campaign Headquarters”

    1. Yup. Billy’s going to use the drywall to sheetrock his dad’s basement – presto, new bachelor pad.

  1. According to sources within Sidhu’s camp, the HQ was simply a place with a phone and Fullerton address for Billy. It seemed like a good idea before the giant Nelson thumping he got.

  2. Just like we all knew, Harry would pack up his things, his dictionary, and head back to Anaheim Hills…back to the Yorba mansion. We knew you didn’t belong here either Harry.

  3. How the hell did SIdhu’s campaign get an occupancy permit? No drywall? no ceiling? Did the Building Department just look the other way? Oh I get it, Nelson stopped their retroactive pension spike scheme. Payback time from vindictive City staffers. Par for the course.

  4. Who cares, it was the unions rent money anyway. Harish does’nt care about anybody but Harish.

  5. Actually, it looks just like his digs at the Calabria Apartments. Perhaps he just fancies minimalist decor?

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