Sex sells.

Okay, now that I have your undivided attention, I’d like to share the contents of an e-mail we just got. It’s about  a store in downtown Fullerton called “The Naughty Teddy” that opened up in what used to be a pawn shop on Commonwealth.

The Fullerton Savage wrote a post about this back in April, and it seems that the Fullerton News Tribune’s intrepid Adam Townsend just got around to doing a piece about the issue that cites FFFF. Two months late. Not bad for the mainstream media.

Anyhow, here’s what the e-mail said:

Just read the article on the OC Register about the Downtown Fullerton store,The Naugthy Teddy and your opinion of it. That store is not trash, this Website is Trash. You need to get a grip. Its not their fault you are sexually repressed. I would not be suprised in a couple of years the people who run this site will be caught having a gay extra-marital affair or end up drunk at a ditch with a dildo up your ass, just like the countless of conservative politicians who preach to repress other people’s sexual freedoms. You make sick. Grow up.

Now if this individual had bothered to read the actual post he/she would be well aware that some of our posters and regs did not agree with the Savage; if they were familiar with our blog he/she would know that each of us is perfectly free to write about whatever we want and non of us speaks for any other FFFFsters.

As to whether any of us are sexually repressed, I can only speak for myself and say that my wife says no. I may indeed end up in a ditch, but I’m pretty sure my lower alimentary canal will be free of foreign objects.

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  1. this is terrible! A lingerie shop on Commonwealth. why can’t fullerton’s downtown attract decent business like an ACORN office funded by our tax dollars that aids pimps and prostitutes in buying low income housing for brothels.

    1. Poor guy is really having emotional problems.

      Medication and rest.

      I wonder if he read this post. FFFF didn’t target anyone.

  2. Get a grip! Just because you find the store “offensive,” don’t shove your supposed morality down other people’s throats. It’s a legitimate business. Don’t like it? Don’t shop there. The candidates you sponsor on this site are responsible for the proliferation of bars in the downtown area at the expense of legitimate business. Why? Because they make money. At least give another business catering to the 21 and over crowd a chance at making some money.

    1. Jesus, Sheila, can’t you read? If so, please read the post. “This site” didn’t write that post!

  3. Jesus, Joe, I didn’t say the site wrote the post. I am simply responding to the post. However, FFFFrs or whatever you call yourselves these days do sponsor candidates who are or were responsible for the proliferation of bars downtown. The dirty politics, hate and misinformation from you FFFFrs makes me want to vomit.

  4. “makes me want to vomit.”

    Go ahead. Purge yourself. You’ll feel a lot better.

    BTW, let’s hear one bit of “misinformation” from us.

    We do hate carpetbaggers, repuglicans, and staff stooges, it’s true.

  5. Geez—Who goes shopping for lingerie at 2:00 in the morning? That can’t be the only thing for sale there with those hours, I”ll bet you a thousand bucks …..maybe an industrial complex will let you run your business without the watchful eye of the city gazing upon your valued customers and you can sell anything you want , whenever you want, to whomever you want. This businessman is a true definition of whore….Also, there is nothing in the constitution protecting this “in your face” business plan-I would be very careful and keep a lookout for holes in the wall and ceiling near the “dressing rooms” because this creep is up to more than legitimate business……………

  6. Instead of slandering honest businesswomen running an honest, legitimate business by calling them creeps and whores, why don’t you go to the store at 2:00 am and see what goes on there at that hour. Then let’s see if you have the courage, the honesty and the integrity to tell everyone you were wrong and that you apologize to the owners of The Naughty Teddy. If you don’t, then shut the fuck up.

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