Doc Jones Brings Ashes to the Christmas Tree?

Always a memorable quotation in every box. That’s the Doc Hee Haw product line. And ya never know what’s going to pop out.

Here is his ‘poneness wringing hands (or finger wiggling?!) about the heart-breaking budget cuts. You wouldn’t think you were dealing with  a conservative, here, would you? Actually he sounds a Hell of a lot like a big gummint Dem; which is basically what he is.

A real conservative would relish taking the opportunity to cut back inflated salaries, bloated pensions, and silly services that are always “popular” with somebody or other. But no. I really believe him when he says how terrible it is to cut the budget.

And here is one of the basic conflicts we at FFFF have with our local Republican leaders who keep backing RINO nitwits like Jones simply because they are registered as Republicans.

Anyway go ahead and enjoy.

5 Replies to “Doc Jones Brings Ashes to the Christmas Tree?”

  1. Maybe he meant putting a lump of coal in the stocking?

    Finger wiggling? Jebus this guy is an embarrassment. At least he didn’t pop his cork.

  2. Right you are jag. Notice his number one concern is “taking” money away from employees. Not a single mention of the taxpayers.

    What a tool.

  3. Maybe it means “I don’t know how ro balance a budget, so I tried to expand a
    redevelopment area and the state took the money anyway.”

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