Santa Ana Goon Enlisted to Attack Shawn Nelson

The Tom Daly For Supervisor campaign being operated out of the back of the Mauve County blog offices enlisted an unlikely stooge today in an attack on Fullerton’s Shawn Nelson.

The individual’s name is Thomas Anthony Gordon (pictured, below), a participant in the byzantine and highly bitter world of Santa Ana politics. We had to do some digging to find out who this individual even was, and why he has all of a sudden taken an interest in the 4th Supervisorial District election.

When you get beyond the personal appearance issues things really start to get unattractive...

The gist of Gordo’s post is that Nelson is a defense attorney, and because Nelson works to get his clients acquitted he is “soft on crime”  and hence unfit to be a Supervisor. Some logic, huh?

This attack really isn’t too surprising. Daly’s campaign manager Chris Jones kept popping up here recently (until we busted him) using aliases trying to say the same thing. And it’s been obvious for a long time that Mauve County was just a vehicle for political promoter and Repuglican John Lewis who has been setting up the Democrat Daly as a lobbying target for years. But who orchestrated this little Valentine? It’s not very likely that Lewis, or Jones even know this Gordon character.

Aha! I think I’ve got it.  The Mauve editor Matthew J. Cunningham is a prize pupil of Lewis and, of course a backroom Daly supporter. He’s been over here a lot lately commenting anonymously, too. It seems quite plausible that Cunningham stirred up Gordon, probably with the fact that their mutual enemy Art Pedroza has an ad for Nelson on his blog. What an idea! The stooge can do the dirty work and Cunningham can (try to) keep his hands clean.

Just call me up and I won't explain everything.

Sound sort of weird. Of course it is. But the mission of Mauve County is now clear. Promote the career politician Daly, and attack Nelson.

For a blog that keeps pretending to be right-of-center it’s pretty sad that they evidently will be working against the only true conservative in the race. And all so that John Lewis can make money lobbying his boy Tom Daly in the County Hall of Administration. Repuglicanism at its worst.

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  1. So funny how they brag about being such “staunch Republicans” over there, but then they instantly shill for the Lewis money machine–even though Shawn Nelson is clearly the REAL Republican here. Tom isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he’s a Democrat…a Democratic Matt. Where’s your loyalty now guy?!

    Just goes to show you they will take the money and post the blogs for the Ret FAT Cat Sen Lewis.

    You are so easily swayed Matt et al. Whimps!

  2. It’s now clear: Colony Rabble dishes the dirt on Sidhu and Galloway (actually plenty of dirt to go around) and promote Daly.

    Looks like it’s this goon’s job to go after Nelson. But really, why? Just because he hates Art Pedroza? The answer, of course, is yes. And Dumbo here gave it away by referencing Pedroza in his attack on Nelson.

    What a bunch of losers.

    1. Shadow, honey, it’s not quite that simple. Not even chucklehead is stupid enough to go out on a limb on an issue he knows/cares nothing about.

      Lewis, through Cunningham (or maybe even directly) has promised this idiot something.

  3. ‘Tommy Boy” Gordon has probably taken a shine to old Tom Daly because, much like Gordon’s mentor Mexican hater Debbie McEwen, he fought to keep a Latino based supermarket out of his city.

    Gordon’s hero/mentor McEwen actively opposed Gonzalez Northgate Market in Santa Ana because “the product base would attract the wrong type of people into her neighborhood”.

    Daly opposed Gigante Market in Anaheim for much the same reasons.

  4. I started working for a high school friend and former San Diego district attorney my first year in law school at our firm and we have had a criminal defense department since before I got there. Although criminal defense it is not my focus of practice, my name is on the door.

    If I am fortunate enough to win this race I will have the County Counsels office,Public Defenders office and the District Attorneys office as county departments. Certainly a different scale but generally the same idea. Having a Public Defenders office does not reflect in any way the Supervisors various view on crime or punishment thereof.

    I am committed to winning for the people of the 4th District and if the Norby/Ackerman race is any indication, it will get a lot uglier before all is said and done

    I will be putting forth my positions on a number of relevant issues to the County, the 4th district specifically along with issues of more general scope. People can judge for themselves who is in this to serve and who will stand up to protect them, the taxpayers. Maybe this site will even be willing to publish some of these views.

  5. I’m still not keen on Shawn because he stood up a constituent for an ¡Ask a Mexican! YouTube question, but even I have to wonder why I’ve seen next-to-no (if any) comments on the only Republican in the race over at Red County, and a lot of love for the Dem Tom Daly–and I say this as a Daly fan!

    1. Gustavo, you may not know that Red (Mauve) County is a front for John Lewis via Cunningham. And Lewis has been banking for years on getting the Democrat Daly into Norby’s seat.

      Cynthia Ward was enlisted to talk up Daly and talk down Sidhu and Galloway. She is not “right of center” at all – which of course is her business; but it shows how hypocritical the repuglicans at that site really are.

  6. Sean: As someone who covered the Gigante fiasco, I can tell you that Gigante’s games of lies and the race card was one of the most-successful shams pulled last decade. How in-demand was a Latino supermarket in Anaheim? So much that Gigante no longer exists.

    Tony: Of course I know about John Lewis’ games—I read ustedes all the time! Still, I’m amazed that Red County ain’t for Shawn…

  7. I have friends that works at the Clerk-Recorder office. They tell me that Tom Daly is always hiding in the back office with his dumb ass pet Renee Ramirez. The department MORALE is terrible and people hate coming to work.

    Also I was told that Renee Ramirez has been going around asking staff if they are on her side for the election. I think this violates and imtimidate people at work.

    Someone needs to interview some of the staff and file a complaint.

    Tom Daly is a pig always flirting with some of the young girls and they all feel so uncomfortable when he asked them to meet him in his office.

    They told me that they are afraid to file a sexual harassment complaint because they don’t want Tom Daly to treat them like shit or fired them.

    Tom Daly you are a DISGRACE and a BIG WASTE OF TAXPAYERS MONEY. I hope you lose your upcoming election whatever office you decide to run for and please take your unqualified assitant Renee Ramirez with you.

    Renee Ramirez you will lose your election because you are a fake and a back stabbing liar.

    Renee Ramirez a few of your staff in accounting told me that when Darlene Bloom was there, she asked you to do the Budget and Business plan and you told her you didn’t know how to do it.

    She had to bring in a Manager to do your job and she assigned you to be in charge of the Clerk functions. Stop lying to the people especially when you are running for election.

    The truth will come out soon about your lies and qualifications!!!!!!

    1. I have friends at that department too and they say the EXACT same thing. They are all way to scared to anything about who they are for since Renee is always around poking her nose in everything. Nobody’s allowed to be for Hugh or anyone else.

      I also hear they are trying to obtain proof of this to protect themselves.

  8. Gerbil’s plastic surgeon could probably use a good defense attorney, those cheek implants look like they’re ready to pop.

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