Transportation Boondoggles Belie Sidhu’s Self-applied Stick-on Labels

It's all about #1, baby!

“Tough-minded advocate for streamlined efficient government.”

That’s how 4th District Supervisor candidate Harry Sidhu describes himself in that dopey Fullerton News Tribune ad he bought last week. We also read that Sidhu claims to have “fought to eliminate excessive and wasteful government spending.”

No examples, of course, to support the statements; evidently we are expected to accept Harry’s word for it.

But let’s make a quick visit to Sidhu’s campaign webiste. Under the “Transportation” issue heading we discover stuff all dressed up to look like an accomplishment that in reality gives the lie to Harry’s claim to be anything but an irresponsible public spendthrift.

Turns out Sidhu is a big cheerleader for the California High Speed Rail scam, a boondoggle on which hundreds of millions have already been squandered in “studies,” and with a gargantuan $50 billion price tag that ridership will never pay for. And of course he beats the drum for the jaw-droppingly expensive ARTIC plan in Anaheim, presumably hoping that if you build the southern terminus of the HSR a choo choo will have to show up sooner or later. A trip to the ARTIC website “benefits” page makes things crystal clear: $180,000,000 (yes, Friends you read that right) for a make-work government jobs program – mostly paid for with Measure M funds that everybody in the County has to pay through sales tax. Hardly the behavior of a fiscal conservative, is it?

Our Friends in Anaheim tell us that Sidhu is all gung-ho for this titanic fiasco to grease his relationship with outgoing Mayor Curt Pringle, who is neck deep in the HSR rip-off and who is looking for a soft place to land.

Pringle on his knees again...

Pringle, not coincidentally, is supporting Sidhu’s carpetbagging run for Supervisor (he supported Ackerwoman, too) and has been raising money for him. Symbiosis. And we get stuck holding the empty sack. Typical.

Sidhu is “tough-minded” about one thing: perpetually running for political office. On matters involving our tax dollars he’s about as tough as a mildewed marshmallow.

3 Replies to “Transportation Boondoggles Belie Sidhu’s Self-applied Stick-on Labels”

  1. Good post, Joe. I went to the Sidhu website the other day, too.

    There is not a single, solitary County-related topic on it. Just complete, generic drivel. I almost feel sorry for harry’s “team” that has to try to pass of Sidhu as having some substance.

    No issues, phony residence, supports massive government waste. That’s three strikes.

    1. Pea, don’t waste your sympathy on those people. If they had any integrity they would just tell Hide-and-Seek to quit running.

      But no! There’s a buck to be had, and Harry has lots of ’em, apparently. They will keep bleeding this assclown until there are no offices left to run for.

      So for now they will pretend to craft the proverbial silk purse out of the pig’s ear and when they fail, they’ll just spin poor ol’ Harry around and face him in the direction of the next political office that presents itself.

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