Hide and Seek Harry On The Move Again. Claims New Address

Adios, Harry. We hardly knew ye.

Not to be outdone by fellow 4th District Supervisor campaign carpetbagger and multiple address occupier Lorri Galloway, Harry Sidhu has pulled up stakes again and abandoned his address at the beautiful Calabria Apartments, #106. The Registrar of Voters verbally confirmed the switcheroo this morning.

Let's hope Harry got the Manager's Move-in Special

Was it the proximity to the bowling alley or the pool hall? Was it the complete lack of landscaping? Or was it just the sheer impossibility as the residence for a rich man like Sidhu, whose carpetbagging was getting a lot of attention anyway. It sure was a great image and just the sort of thing to burst a political bubble.

Some of Harry’s campaign blog monkeys have been hinting recently that Harry was now living in a house he owns in the 4th District – a lot more plausible than the Calabria, to be sure, but in no way mitigating the fact that¬† HARRY SIDHU IS A CARPETBAGGER! Whether or not Harry will even pretend to live in his new home for the next four months is an excellent question, the answer to which we will no doubt be pursuing diligently.

So far I have moved this many times in 2010!

Ah, well. Thus endeth Harry’s flirtation with the common man. Wonder if he ever even got to meet his neighbors.

10 Replies to “Hide and Seek Harry On The Move Again. Claims New Address”

  1. This just keeps getting funnier. Why would Harry try so hard to screw with his residence when everyone knows where he lives and that home is not in the district? I mean, if it’s all a lie anyway either people care or they dont. Harry obviously thinks it matters or he wouldn’t participate in this foolish game.

    Harry, you are missing the point. You live in the 3rd district and based on your holiday party invite you are proud of that. None of this hide the pea under the walnut stuff is going to change the fact you are not a resident of the 4th. Leave us alone.

  2. The only thing missing from this story is a hilarious You Tube of Jon Fleischman showing up at Harry’s palatial estate in the 3rd district on Christmas morning.

  3. Bartlett, I dont think Christmas is a big day for Sikhs. Maybe Fleischman could swing by March 1st for Hola Mohalla.

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