Sunday Afternoon Pilfery

So what do you do on Sunday afternoon after church and you don’t give a damn about pro football?

I know! Let’s go steal some campaign signs!

Let’s hope this was not the message of Sunday’s sermon!

An alert Friend snapped this image of a respectable-looking, necktied gentleman who was taking down “Bad Chi” signs on Euclid and Malvern. Here’s what our Friend told us:

“This Chi supporter was removing Bad Chi signs Sunday afternoon.
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect”

Yikes! White collar, solid shirt! That 80s look ain’t workin’ for ya, brotha’.

Can anybody identify this lawbreaker? We are now giving odds that this guy is not related to Roland Chi in some way. And the odds are starting at 100-1.

16 Replies to “Sunday Afternoon Pilfery”

  1. Bluetooth and a suit… sign-stealing has become a serious profession.

    Roland Chi, what the hell is wrong with you and your friends?

  2. The police union heads must have given Chi a green light to remove the NO McKinley signs and they (camp Chi) took that to mean they have a green light to remove BAD Chi signs too, but in broad daylight with people stopped at a red light, WTF?..

  3. I think you’re on to something here, Red light.

    What kind of person thinks it’s ok to steal signs in broad daylight? The answer: someone who’s been endorsed by the police union and is teamed up with the former police chief.

    It’s sort of like how his family had given lots of money to Rackauckas, while he was participating in one of the DA’s “community outreach” programs, and so he thought he could ignore the dozen-or-so inquiries from the health department while he was poisoning his customers.

    I’m starting to think that Roland is living in some sort of pay-to-play criminal fantasyland, except it never works out and HE KEEPS GETTING BUSTED.

  4. Yep. I see a pattern.

    Buy the DA
    Sell out to the police union
    Make a deal with the ex-chief
    Buy some votes

    He’s a businessman!

  5. You’d think that the Chi campaign, with all of their resources, would have gone to a judge to get an injunction against putting up the “poison” signs if they weren’t accurate, then sued FFFF for damages. That’s only if they could convince a judge that the signs were libelous. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, someone has decided that they have the unilateral right to take the signs down themselves. Why hasn’t Chi called the media to complain about the signs? All they have done is to try to keep the story quiet.

  6. Haven’t you guys ever heard of the Korean Mafia? First south central LA, then Garden Grove, now Fullerton. They are noting but lawless gangsters parading as good Christians. Their goal is to dominate Koreans in Fullerton. The Korean community is scared but culturally they just go along with it. They hide behind suits and align themselves with status quo types like McKinley. They don’t give a damn about the community. They are purely out for themselves. Any city that would elect those types are doomed.

  7. I love the product placement.
    “Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone with Nextel Direct Connect”
    Is the site sponsored yet? I’d love to advertise my Fullerton Based Business here and help stop the bad Chi and other boondoggles!

    1. We don’t advertise. That was a freebie we tossed Research in Motion’s way in the hopes that they might invite us to their hospitality suite (wink wink) at the next appropriate convention in the Greater LA Area.

  8. He shouldn’t have stopped taking signs down–I can’t see oncoming traffic with all those signs in the way (covering up a “don’t post banners” sign).

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