Rodent Emerges From Hole

Those guys punched a big hole in my credibility!

I was just informed that in a Red County post my old punching bag Matthew J. Cunningham wrote a post about some jackoffs down in Mission Viejo. Why he cares about that is his own business, but in this post he threw out this precious and completely gratuitous nugget:

I realize that sounds juvenile and stupid, but that’s how these types think (kind of like how a Fullerton council candidate disliked by a gadfly faction there had a hole punched in his truck’s gas tank).

Okay, we gotta cut this piece of shit some slack. After all, we were the ones that pulled back the rancid curtain and exposed to OC Republicans the fact that their wordsmith was wordsmithing hard for $200 an hour on behalf of meathead Rob Reiner’s tax-and-redistribute, whole-village rearing Children and Families Commission.

And of course we nailed him for supporting the stillborn supervisorial campaign of Democrat and serial miscreant, Tom Daly.

Still, insinuating that FFFF had something to do with Kevlar Cueball’s gas tank puncture is pure chickenshit. And of course it is couched in all the craven wordsmithing words that will keep you out of court and maybe even avoid serious physical rebuke.

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  1. is all the cussing really needed on a website that is trying to promote itself as legitimate?

    oh yeah i forgot, you’re tony bushala’s butt buddy and deserve

    1. Hey, it’s one of Little Billy Turner’s illiterate college buddies mindlessly playing with his phone again.

      Consider this: in a year or two, after you’ve wasted your sixth year “higher education,” somebody is going to expect you get a job and pay your own bills.

      1. Of course he’s right he agrees with you. You guys (guy) are the only one who knows what is good for Fullerton.

  2. I just don’t get this. This guy writes for a conservative blog but he makes his living working for one of those children first commissions?

    Who cares what he thinks? Why pass this along?

  3. “Joe and I have the same mindset.”

    Lol! That’s cuz you and Joe are the same person!

    Bushala shits on people from behind fake names and he calls someone else “chickenshit”? Pot meet kettle!

  4. Whaah! You can dish it out but you can’t taste your own medicine? Don’t get moist, little man. You too can grow up to be as big a douchebag as Cunningham one day.

    1. The only crime I’ve ever accused anybody of committing was Hairball Sidhu – for perjury – which he did do. I caught him red-handed.

      I’ve also accused the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency for illegal findings of blight. I don’t believe that’s a crime.

      I’ve asked the AG to follow up on a Legislative Counsel opinion that found Curt Pringle and Richard Katz have conflicts of interest on the CHSR Board. Despite Cunningham’s claim that I accused his patron saint of a crime, I did not.

      Please sharpen your comprehension skills before you type anymore.

  5. Cunningham is a tool! He only cares about who has the money and how can he steal it! He probably punctured the gas tank just so he’d have something to write about! Tony might be crazy but not crazy enough to take on the “Super Truck!”

    1. According to CARRD (Californians Advocating Responsible Rail Design)

      “The law is crystal clear. There are only three requirements to be in violation of the law:
      1. Both of the offices must be public offices with more than advisory powers.
      2. There must be even the potential for ANY type of conflict between the duties of the offices.
      3. There must be no exemption in state law that allows someone to serve in both positions.
      Curt Pringle and Richard Katz meet all three requirements and are in violation of the law.”

      So Tony is not alone in saying it.

  6. Ya know, I do not always agree with Matt (Ok it nearly never happens)but calling another human being a piece of shit is not what I need to read. Just when i think Fullerton is covering some good work you guys slip back into this kind of frat boy mentality, and I have to go away again. Work with the thinking members of OC, do the hard hitting investigative stuff you guys are so good at, and leave the juvenile name calling in the men’s room where it belongs. Please?

  7. Admin, what makes you think that “gadfly faction” was referring to FFFF? Assumption or a previously used reference?

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