17 Replies to “With A Little Help From Our Friends”

  1. Nelson hasn’t changed a thing, he just gets free passes here. I also think that Admin is about 25 different bloggers on this not-so legitimate site to make it look like there are more than what there are. Smoke and mirrors.

  2. *two sorry I forgot when some who isn’t liked by this blog types anything, spelling and grammer are held to the highest esteem, of course it doesn’t apply to supporters, just like standards and ethics dont apply to candidates this blog supports.

    1. “two sorry”

      Hey you invented a new language there. In Harry Sidhu’s world of illiterate incomprehensibility that might just catch on! Well done little man!

  3. If that is Tony and Jo-Jo in the picture then Jo-jo would be the bottom guy and would be turned around the other way.

    1. “compton,” it is “you are” or “you’re,” not “your” which is a possessive pronoun, not the conjugation of a verb.

      Of course you can just type “ur” into ur phone and we will all understand: Jesus ur ignorant.

  4. Too funny! Regardless of whether you like or dislike the contributors to this blog, the bashing can be quite entertaining. A picture speaks a thousand words and this one was very well done. Why bother with pants at all? LOL

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