Pacific Strategies – The Facebook Gold Mine

More fun stuff from one of OCs repuglican welfare state spongers, Matthew J. Cunningham. $4,200 in 8 days, to be precise. And ten references to Facebook updates.

Link to full invoice

Funny how stuff kids do for free can be mined by a well-connected political operative for big bucks. Well it’s big bucks when you charge 200 clams per hour and have no competition.

I ran the table at the Children and Families Commission. Nobody seemed to notice.

What’s really startling is that the Children and Families Commission kiducrats are willing to pay somebody that exorbitant rate for a “social network” medium “work” that will have a completely negligible effect. Not negligible, you say? Prove it says I.

Oh, yeah. Be sure to reflect upon Mr. Conservative Republican’s daily billing totals and note the inevitable “account management,” whatever the hell that is. Who knew being a kiducrat payed so well?

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  1. Looks like November 2009 was another banner month for Pacific Strategies – even during the persistent recession.

    Well done, little rodent.

  2. Party of my job is to post my company’s blogs on Facebook at work. It takes no more than 10 seconds.

    If anyone tried to bill me for that, I’d laugh in their face.

    1. Agreed. It probably took him longer to fill out the invoice than it did to Facebook that crap.

  3. Quotations “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force.
    Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

    – George Washington

    Thats Jubals own intro on Facebook.

    Hurry up and checkout what a fucking hypocrite he is before he locks it down. Oh yeah, what A DUMB ASS TOO. Why would you write this stuff knowing what you are doing??

    Don Corleone would have him shot!

    I just saw on OJB that his old lady’s is even worse.


  4. Unfortunately, it is useless people like Cunningham and his Democrat counter-parts who like to enter politics. Where else can useless people with no talent, imagination, scruples and ability find power and influence and be overpaid for doing very little for society. Fullerton city council member Pam Keller who draws down a teacher’s salary and a salary from The fullerton Collaborative is a glorified party planner with her Faces of Fullerton.
    Cunningham and Keller don’t represent the people’s interests, they are the end result of voter apathy.

  5. $4,280.00 in 10 days!!! SCORE! I guess those poor little kids really don’t need that much money anyway. It’s more important that Campbell’s boy Jerbilito can rake in $13,000 a month visiting all his furry friends on Facebook.

  6. I bet Jubal does NOT show up tomorrow.

    Remember the commission meets Wednesday at 9:00 AM.

    Let’s see what this pussy does in the face of adversity.

  7. I counted the posts the Commission has from November 9-19. There are 14. That equates to $306.00 a post on average. Does anyone review the billings over there?

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