Important 4th District Election Report

4 may not be your lucky number

In a stunning reversal of fortune, 4th District Supervisorial candidate Lorri Galloway has leaped back in front of now 4th place holder Art Brown by two dozen votes.

“We told you this would happen,” exulted campaign front man Dan Chmielewski. “Third place is great. 4th place would be a disaster. This really proves that Galloway lives in the district and that her heart lies here. I can’t tell you how proud we are of Lorri. This is all about relevance. I gave Lorri two hundred dollars and I am very relevant.

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  1. Chameliewski is always relishing the irrelevant. Nelson’s hair color, Lorri Galloway’s candidacy, Pedroza’s domains. None of it matters.

    1. True enough. Dan’s always yakkin’ it up on the importance of “reasoned debate” but it never takes him long to start up on the personal stuff with people he doesn’t like.

  2. She dropped $100,000 for two dozen votes. That’s $4,000 per vote, which makes her an even worse investment than Harry Sidhu.

  3. “I am not going to answer that question”

    Lorri Galloway in a candidate forum for the 4th district held in Fullerton.

  4. Tell me again what 3rd place gets you? Oh yeah, the same thing 4th place gets you. Unemployed.

    1. Technically that makes her the “#1 DEMOCRATIC FRONT-RUNNER.”

      I’m looking forward to another one of her email blasts.

  5. 2nd and 3rd both carry the same prize: an ignominious return to the Anaheim City Council.

    Actually, Sidhu’s got it even worse than Lorri. He still has to run in the fall; and that’s going to be expensive and fruitless.

  6. Sidhu better check his brake lines every time he gets into a car between now and November. That’s all I’m saying.

    1. As a result of this comment by “Dan Chimichanga” it appears that Dan Chmielewski or one of the other losers called the Anaheim PD and falsely accused me of making this comment. Wrong again Danny Boy.

      First you stalk me at work and now you make false allegations to the police. You need help. In fact your whole blog is in need of psychiatric evaluation. Please see a professional about your issues and take the unhinged Claudio with you.

      1. Naw, that was more likely inspired by John Lewis & Co. via Sidhu – who called Anaheim PD. The comment was clearly a joke – and aimed at Galloway.

        1. I doubt that Lewis and Co. have my name at the top of their list to file false police reports about. This has “Stalker” Chmielewski written all over it.

          He probably tired of harassing my employer and is trying a different plan of attack. The guy is disturbed.

  7. The trouble with guys like Dan is they don’t stand for anything.

    They get Lap bands instead of dieting, they sue instead of arguing they points. They live in other counties, but want to comment on mine. He likes to pretend he is in tune to Downtown Santa Ana but he lives in……….IRVINE.

    This guy is about as genuine as Matt “JUBAL” Cunningham.

    They are total fakers huding behind an internet site.

  8. May this be a lesson for big-mouthed, small-brained, political wannabes everywhere. Better stay in your own backyard before you get your ass handed to you.

  9. We all have to remember that Danny “pussy-boi” Ch-meow-lewinski aka the polish peasucker is the main cheerleader for this ignorant nit wit……Months ago I had written here that the voters of Anaheim should be ashamed of having put in office this ignorant fool and that it was up to the broader electorate of the 4th SD not to make the same mistake that Anaheim voters made. I even stated that Democrats should vote for anyone but Galloway if they could not stomach a vote for Nelson.

    What pussyboy fails to comprehend is that the 4th SD electorate has spoken. It has rejected Lorri Galloway outright. The electorate has looked at her history of bankruptcy filings as portrayed here and on other blog sites; it has weighed her competancy in running her not for profit sham (we can go into the multiple years of tax records that illustrate her managerial incompetance-we wont since the election is over); and it has weighed in on her shilling for Taormina and protecting his business interests.

    In plain english, Galloway was clearly rejected in favor of a more experienced and competant candidate. The election is over. In all liklihood, we will see Galloway make a feeble attempt to displace Nelson this fall (what is
    Ch-meow-lewinski’s favorite statement? That Galloway is the leading Democratic candidate in the 4th SD)–yeah Danny Boy, we know how far being the leading candidate got an incompetant boob like Galloway.

    What is nice is that Galloway is through. Let the voters of Anaheim have the favor of dealing with this nitwit for the last 2 years of her term. What most dont know is that the other members of Anaheim city council have a high a disregard for Galloway as many readers of 4F do. It is an open secret not very well kept regarding the general disdain that Galloway is held in by the other members of the Anaheim City Council.

    Galloway: whether 3rd place or 4th place-the result is the same… over

  10. Should be fun in Anaheim for the next two years. Both Lorri and Harish will be scrambling to find the next elected office–and no doubt they will both run against each other for it. Got to stay famous for doing nothing somehow.

    Dog catcher maybe?

    1. I agree. I know Harish had made promises to the party et al that he wouldn’t run against Cavecche, I am sure that means nothing…typical Harish.

  11. Tony – you know this whole campaign just
    sucks. But it’s over and Lorri can read those Dick and Jane books for the kids at EliHome.

    1. Is that you projecting again Danny boy?

      Paranoid? I guess I just imagined Investigator Michael Fernandez of the Anaheim PD’s Special Operations/Criminal Intelligence Detail showing up at my front door with his partner last night.

      Tony Bushala must’ve imagined that the same officer called him and showed up at his business too.

      Sure “stalker” I’m paranoid. That’s why you spend your time harassing me and filing false police reports. Get help and do it quick. You are truly one sick in the head puppy.

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