The End May Be Near for Rusty Kennedy’s Human Relations Commisssion

An evanescent smile?

Talk about a hold over from a different era. No, not Rusty Kennedy (above), but the OC Human Relations Commission that has given him employment for Lo these many years.

But the final curtain may be about to ring down upon a typical 1970s “feel good” venture –¬† a government operation that has no specific metrics for performance and no objective criteria for success. In other words, a typical lefty government program.

At their preliminary budget hearing on Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors broke 2-1-1 on whether to keep this dinosaur around any more. Nguyen and Campbell who seem to want to cater to the unquestioning liberal vote want to keep this dinosaur; Campbell, whose adherents describe as conservative, was actually moved to tears by the very though of it. John Moorlach voted no. Pat Bates abstained for reasons that only Bates could possible explain.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Which means that when he votes on June 29, Shawn Nelson’s first budget decision may well involve pulling the plug on the comatose patient. Well, we say do it. Do Not Resuscitate!

16 Replies to “The End May Be Near for Rusty Kennedy’s Human Relations Commisssion”

  1. Campbell is a bleeding heart liberal. Nguyen is just trying to get re-elected in a district with a lot of Dems.

  2. Everyone should watch this link of yesterday’s BOS meeting here:

    Around 2:00:00 Supervisor Bates makes her case, then around 2:07:00 Supervisor Campbell starts rambling, then gets teary and talks about Anaheim Hills fires.

    Well, if the HRC is going to lose $300K in funding, then get the $$ from the Unions who managed to dumped $1 Million to get Harry elected and it backfired.

    Besides, those folks in Anaheim Hills are in high risk zone and generally live in a comfortable lifestyle.

    Try asking some down the hills looking for work and decent housing.

    Campbell and Nguyen are pathetic…more importantly both are Republicans and it was embarassing to watch!

    Cut the funding…save taxpayers money and those clawing on government money can find funds from other sources.

    Give me a BREAK…I am sick and tired of those weasel moderate and liberal Republicans like Campbell and Nguyen.

    Just can’t wait until Nelson gets seated, then the cuts will be painful in other departments!

  3. “a government operation that has no specific metrics for performance and no objective criteria for success. In other words, a typical lefty government program.”

    Or Afghanistan.

    Anyway, time to put this one down. I hope Nelson comes out swinging and along with Moorlach, whose recent form hasn’t been that impressive, start to turn the joint around.

    1. Precisely. Which is why Bush and his neocon clowns were actually big government cheerleaders.

  4. Rusty Kennedy’s OCHR commission is a warm fuzzy dinosaur spawned by one of our worst presidents , President Carter who like a good little engineer established good little social engineering tools like the orange county human relations commission to tweak and tighten our society into the image of good little socialist democrats.
    We are in a Greater Depression and it is galling that our precious tax dollars are diverted from worthwhile government infrastructures to subsidize an agency whose biggest accomplishment is teaching sixth graders how to be polite to one another with its grotesquely juvenile “walk in my shoes” program. Rusty Kennedy pulls down a six figure salary not for his contributions to society but due to politicians fearing being called racist if they don’t continue to pay protection money to this man and his contrived commission. I hope Shawn Nelson mans up to this petty tyrant and his bully the politicians agency by slamming the hammer down on rusty kennedy and his do nothing but steal from the tax payer agency.

    1. The OCHR was created during the Nixon administration. This is one of the few government programs in OC that has ever actually done any good!

  5. It is easy to tear down, but not so easy to build. I see a string of such negative, knee jerk, nattering nabobs of negativism about the Commission here.
    In reality, this bipartisan Commission is supported by nearly every police chief and public safety official in Orange County for a reason.
    It makes a difference.

    1. Bipartisan? Sure RINOs and feel good about themselves Dems. The same collection of wankers that supports DARE year after dismal year, and will pitch your money down their rathole with a weepy abandon.

      Adios, Rusty. Time to get a real job.

    2. This Commission can’t point to a single, concrete accomplishment. Much like Pam Keller’s Collaborative, it’s all about feelings and not about measuring success for failure by any objective criteria.

      The Desert Rat has hit that nail squarely on the head.

    3. Tear down?

      Tear down what, pray tell? A rusty old organization that exists merely so a hand full of people can feel better about themselves?

      Rudy: good analogy with DARE. No pre-set standards for analyzing performance.

  6. Gustavo, teasing out all other variables not related to the OCHRC, that may have contributed to better appreciation of diversity within our county and decrease in hate crimes(improved economy, better access to education), can you pinpoint at least five or six direct correlations between OCHRC’s actions and increased multi-cultural harmony and decrease in racial hate crimes. this should not be hard to do since OCHRC has existed since the early 1970’s. Please, don’t throw at me warm, fuzzy programs sponsored by the OCHRC. Instead show me statistical evidence. I hope this long funded tax supported agency has responsibly assessed its success by collecting relevant data and analyzing it to determine its own value to our county.

  7. “Campbell was actually moved to tears”

    The fact that Campbell cares so much about this should be a big RED FLAG. I would not be surprised if Jerbal and the rest of the miscreants are making a quick buck of this commission as well.

  8. Gustavo, we are both wrong, social engineering with block grants willy-nilly thrown at communities started with the Johnson “bread and bombs” administration and why am I not surprised at this fact? The Nixon adm. took equality to the extreme by giving all cities block grants. For example, Beverly Hills received a block grant (tax dollars) from the Nixon adm. which it used to build a tennis court. The saying you can never be too rich or too thin or have too many tennis courts applies here. Dear, sweet, little provincial liberal OC took its block grant money to form warm fuzzy social agency called the Orange county Human Relations commission and stuffed it with its own peculiar breed of animal. The real issue is we, the tax payers, no longer want to involuntarily support Rusty Kennedy’s agency that threatens to scream racist at anyone who doesn’t endorse and support them in their efforts to only pad their wallets and those of their family and friends, right rosemary and danny

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