God-Awful Godfrey Making A Comeback?

Comin' out of retirement!

Word on Commonwealth Avenue is that former Council member Peter Godfrey is contemplating a return to the ring of elected politics in Fullerton. True? I don’t know, but I do know that the Establishment Repuglicans need to start lining up some plausible ‘pugs to go for the new openings, and the usual Dick Ackerman/Ed Royce RINO tribe¬† is almost exhausted.

For those who don’t remember Peter Godfrey’s hollow, staff-stooge tenure on the council in the mid-90s, we noted his presence, here, to cheerlead for Fullerton’s Redevelopment expansion. That alone should suffice to present an adequate political character profile of Our Man Godfrey.

Also of note is the fact that he was nominated for a 2009 Fringie Award in the category of Scariest Ghost of Fullerton Past. He might well have have won, too, if not for the horrifying appearance of his old pal, Linda LeQuire (shudder).

Well, we knew the ‘Pugs had to come up with somebody, no matter how cadaverous, but Godfrey? Yikes.

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